2013 Cinefest

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1. Summer Daze (1932)

18 min | Short, Comedy

Karl's so lethargic and sleepy, he dozes off at his club, and nobody notices him for days. To give him some pep, George takes him and their wives camping in the Adirondacks, but Karl still ... See full summary »

Director: Albert Ray | Stars: George K. Arthur, Karl Dane, Aileen Cook, Marjorie Beebe

2. The Pursuit of Happiness (1934)

Approved | 75 min | Comedy, Romance

Lederer is a Hessian soldier who defects to the Americans during the Revolutionary War.He falls in love with a Yankee girl, but a thuggish local militiaman jealously makes things hard for him while he's a prisoner of war.

Director: Alexander Hall | Stars: Francis Lederer, Joan Bennett, Charles Ruggles, Mary Boland

Votes: 41

3. An Incompetent Hero (1914)

Short, Comedy

Fatty's flirting with neighbor Kennedy's wife, and he isn't happy about it. Al's a crook, Minta's a maid and Fatty gets caught in a chase through the house while Edgar's shooting at him.

Director: Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle | Stars: Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle, Edgar Kennedy, Lucille Ward, Minta Durfee

Votes: 7

4. A Busy Night (1916)

Short, Comedy

Perez plays all the parts in this tale of a lonely wife that invites a stranger into her flat while her hunter husband is away, only for him to return and chase the lover down the street, into a field, and onto a pier.

Director: Marcel Perez | Stars: Marcel Perez, Nilde Baracchi, Tom Murray

Votes: 9

5. Dough Nuts (1917)

Comedy, Short

West modifies the story from Chaplin's "Dough and Dynamite", with the emphasis on throwing and covering everyone with bread dough.

Director: Arvid E. Gillstrom | Stars: Oliver Hardy, Billy West, Ethel Marie Burton, Leo White

6. Outs and Ins (1916)

Short, Comedy

Musty works in an automat where the customers steal food using slugs and reaching through the vending doors. Musty smashes them over the head with a mallet, and dumps the bodies down a chute to what appears to be a sausage processor.

Director: Louis Myll | Stars: Harry Watson, Dan Crimmins, Della Connor, Maxfield Moree

Votes: 5

7. Under a Spell (1925)

Short, Comedy

When Neely is hypnotized to think he's a monkey, he goes on a freewheeling chase where he climbs things he wouldn't ordinarily and throws lots of things.

Director: Richard Smith | Stars: Neely Edwards, Bert Roach, Alice Howell

Votes: 11

8. Wild Beauty (1927)

65 min | Western

A soldier returns home from World War I with a beautiful black horse that he saved on the battlefield, and names Thunderhoof. He enters the horse in a local race, hoping to earn enough ... See full summary »

Director: Henry MacRae | Stars: Rex the Wonder Horse, Valerie, Hugh Allan, June Marlowe

Votes: 7

9. The Whip (1917)

80 min | Drama

The story of the training of a racehorse, the Whip, of the amnesiac nobleman who loves the horse, and of the villains who attempt to keep it from racing.

Director: Maurice Tourneur | Stars: Alma Hanlon, June Elvidge, Irving Cummings, Warren Cook

Votes: 26

10. Honeymoon Trio (1931)

10 min | Comedy, Short

As Al and Dorothy start their honeymoon, Al finds to his horror that Catlett is coming along, and takes the wheel of their car, putting Al in the rumble seat. He pushes Al around,until he can't stand it and resorts to violence.

Director: Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle | Stars: Walter Catlett, Al St. John, Dorothy Granger, Dennis O'Keefe

Votes: 11

11. Queenie of Hollywood (1931)

20 min | Short, Comedy

Three girls apply for maid jobs at a resort but are taken for royalty when a telegram about their dog Queenie is intercepted.Film producers vie to put them under contract but selling a ... See full summary »

Director: Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle | Stars: Virginia Brooks, Rita Flynn, Jeanne Farrin, Queenie the Dog

Votes: 5

12. My Boy (1921)

55 min | Comedy, Drama

An orphan escapes immigration officials at Ellis Island and goes to live with an old ship's master who can't find work and can't pay the rent.

Directors: Albert Austin, Victor Heerman | Stars: Mathilde Brundage, Claude Gillingwater, Jackie Coogan, Frank Hayes

Votes: 229

13. So Near, Yet So Far (1912)

17 min | Romance, Short

A very pretty girl, is always surrounded by many male admirers, much to the dismay of one very shy fellow, who never can get a chance to speak with her. One day the girl visits a friend in ... See full summary »

Director: D.W. Griffith | Stars: Walter Miller, Mary Pickford, L.M. Wells, Robert Harron

Votes: 74

14. The Foundling (1916)

Passed | Drama

Rich artist David King sends his infant daughter Molly to an orphanage, then years later regrets it and tries to find her. She's sent to slave at a boarding house,and the mistress of the orphanage passes her niece off as Molly.

Director: John B. O'Brien | Stars: Mary Pickford, Edward Martindel, Maggie Weston, Mildred Morris

Votes: 10

15. The Merry Monarch (1933)

58 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

A 1933 British Production based on the novel by Pierre Louys' "The Adventures of King Pausole", a fantasy based on a theme of King Solomon and his many wives. Good King Pausole (Emil ... See full summary »

Director: Alexis Granowsky | Stars: Emil Jannings, Sidney Fox, Josette Day, José Noguéro

Votes: 8

16. The Fuller Gush Man (1934)

20 min | Short, Comedy

Walter goes to his girlfriend's parents to ask their permission to marry her; but the family puts on an act and pretends to be totally loony.

Director: Al Boasberg | Stars: Walter Catlett, Al Boasberg, Billy Franey, Lew Kelly

17. Ladies of Leisure (1926)

57 min | Drama

Rich, spoiled Marian pressures Eric to marry her.Her brother is in love with her friend Mamie, but a scheming ex husband tries to blackmail her. Mamie is saved from suicide by Eric, who's in a compromising position when he brings her home.

Director: Tom Buckingham | Stars: Elaine Hammerstein, T. Roy Barnes, Robert Ellis, Gertrude Short

Votes: 15

18. Camp Meetin' (1936)

Approved | 17 min | Short, Comedy, Music

Members of the Hall Johnson Choir play members of a church congregation in the deep South in 1936. THey hold an open-air tent-and-camp meeting in order to raise the funds needed to send the... See full summary »

Director: Leslie Goodwins | Stars: Hall Johnson Choir, Matthew 'Stymie' Beard, Clinton Rosemond, Libby Taylor

19. The Ice Flood (1926)

Passed | 70 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

Jack De Quincy, an American graduate of Oxford, is still considered a wastrel playboy by his father, owner of a giant lumber company in the American northwest. To prove he is a man his ... See full summary »

Director: George B. Seitz | Stars: Kenneth Harlan, Viola Dana, Frank Hagney, Fred Kohler

Votes: 28

20. Zwei Herzen im Dreiviertel-Takt (1930)

96 min | Musical

Toni Hofer and brothers Vicki and Nicki Mahler are working on a new operetta. Toni's reputation with women equals his fame as composer, so they keep their sister Hedi away from him. Wanting... See full summary »

Director: Géza von Bolváry | Stars: Walter Janssen, Oskar Karlweis, Willi Forst, Gretl Theimer

Votes: 26

21. Sammy's Scandalous Scheme (1915)

Comedy, Short

Sammy can't get any attention from his girlfriend Dot because all she can think of is Charlie Chaplin. She sends Chaplin an enticing letter and Sammy a rejection, but the two get mixed up, ... See full summary »

Director: Gilbert P. Hamilton | Stars: Sammy Burns, Dot Farley, Dorothea Clarke, James Green

24. Three Women (1924)

83 min | Drama

A frivolous middle aged socialite is suddenly put upon to have her daughter live with her. Her conniving paramour dumps her for the daughter, leaving the young boyfriend crushed.

Director: Ernst Lubitsch | Stars: Pauline Frederick, May McAvoy, Marie Prevost, Lew Cody

Votes: 43

25. Come on Over (1922)

60 min | Comedy

Shane O'Mealia leaves Ireland, promising to send for his sweetheart, Moyna.In the mean time the son of the old lady she lives with, takes them back to America without telling Shane, who ... See full summary »

Director: Alfred E. Green | Stars: Colleen Moore, Ralph Graves, J. Farrell MacDonald, Kate Price

Votes: 15

26. It's a Frame-Up! (2013)

30 min | Short, Comedy

Those merry madcaps of mayhem, Biffle & Shooster, in the movie that sets comedy back 75 years--to when it was, y'know, actually funny. The less-than-legendary vaudeville team made 20 comedy... See full summary »

Director: Michael Schlesinger | Stars: Nick Santa Maria, Will Ryan, Andrew Parks, Alison Martin

Votes: 19

27. Why Bring That Up? (1929)

82 min | Comedy, Drama, Musical

George's partner in vaudeville quits their act, claiming that Betty has broken his heart. George then teams up with Charlie, a stranded trouper, and Irving becomes their manager. Later, in ... See full summary »

Director: George Abbott | Stars: Charles Mack, George Moran, Evelyn Brent, Harry Green

Votes: 10

28. The Smile Wins (1928)

20 min | Comedy, Family, Short

Farina's mother is very ill and the mortgage is due. He tries to take over her laundry business, but the kids just wreck the clothes. Joe takes pity and devises a scheme to make money: the gang builds their own oil well.

Director: Robert F. McGowan | Stars: Joe Cobb, Jackie Condon, Allen 'Farina' Hoskins, Jannie Hoskins

Votes: 12

29. The Quarterback (1926)

Passed | 80 min | Comedy, Drama, Sport

Elmer Stone, quarterback of the 1899 Colton College football team vows to remain a student until Colton beats its biggest rival, State University. Twenty-seven years later, Elmer is still ... See full summary »

Director: Fred C. Newmeyer | Stars: Richard Dix, Esther Ralston, Harry Beresford, David Butler

Votes: 10 | Gross: $0.27M

30. Sailors Beware! (1933)

18 min | Short, Comedy

A pair of sailors are on shore leave - skirt chasing and raising hell. They're targeted and pursued by a gang looking for a sailor with a winning lottery ticket. Mayhem ensues.

Director: Del Lord | Stars: Eugene Pallette, Walter Catlett, Dorothy Granger, Matt McHugh

32. Hurricane Hunters (1953)

10 min | Short

An overview of how approaching hurricanes are analyzed by the weather bureau, by sending Navy and Air Force flyers into the heart of the impending storm (in the years before satellites.)

Director: Justin Herman | Star: Ward Wilson

33. One Thrilling Night (1942)

Approved | 69 min | Comedy, Mystery

Horace Jackson (John Beal) and his bride, Millie ('Wanda McKay' qv)),check into a New York City hotel room for their one-night honeymoon before he reports for induction into the arm the ... See full summary »

Director: William Beaudine | Stars: John Beal, Wanda McKay, Warren Hymer, J. Farrell MacDonald

Votes: 117

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