Best Guest Stars on Season 4 of "the X Files"

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The best guest-stars on season 4 of "the x-files" in order from greatest to least.

William B. Davis and Mitch Pileggi would be on the list, but they were credited as 'Also Starring' for this season.

1. Steven Williams

Actor | Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday

Steven Williams was born on January 7, 1949 in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. He is an actor and director, known for Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993), The Blues Brothers (1980) and The X-Files (1993).

Mr. X (1 episode)

2. Pruitt Taylor Vince

Actor | Identity

Vince first started to get noticed for his excellent performances at the start of his career in Shy People (1987) and Mississippi Burning (1988). In both these films he played something of a blathering redneck idiot, although there was a streak of pathos in both performances which made it ...

Gerry Schnauz (1 episode)

3. Chris Owens

Actor | RED

Chris Owens was born on September 7, 1961 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as Christopher Bradley Owens. He is an actor, known for RED (2010), The X-Files (1993) and The Incredible Hulk (2008). He has been married to Tara Parker since July 2001.

Young Cigarette Smoking Man (2 episodes)

4. Laurie Holden

Actress | Dragged Across Concrete

Laurie Holden is best known to audiences as Andrea in the hit AMC drama series The Walking Dead. However, Laurie's big acting break came much earlier in her career, starring with Vanessa Redgrave in the critically acclaimed TNT mini-series Young Catherine. Since that auspicious beginning, she has ...

Marita Covarrubias (5 episodes)

5. Nicholas Lea

Actor | Vertical Limit

Nicholas Lea was born on June 22, 1962 in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada. He is an actor and producer, known for Vertical Limit (2000), The X-Files (1993) and Chaos (2005).

Alex Krycek (2 episodes)

6. John Neville

Actor | The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

When he was in his early sixties, Terry Gilliam cast him in the title role of The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988). Although the film was a financial failure, his starring role in this major production, as well as his fine performance, led to an explosion in his career. He has since had ...

The Well-Manicured Man (2 episodes)

7. Rubén Blades

Actor | Once Upon a Time in Mexico

Rubén Blades was born on July 16, 1948 in Panama City, Panama as Rubén Blades Bellido de Luna. He is an actor, known for Once Upon a Time in Mexico (2003), The Counselor (2013) and Safe House (2012). He has been married to Luba Mason since 2006. He was previously married to Lisa Lebenzon.

Conrad Lozano (1 episode)

8. Bruce Harwood

Actor | The X Files

Bruce was born in North Vancouver but then moved to Prince Rupert. When he was in elementary school, his family moved to Vernon, British Columbia in the Okanagan Valley, where he lived until going to the University of British Columbia. He met Heather when they were in Junior High School together, ...

John Fitzgerald Byers (2 episodes)

9. Tom Braidwood

Actor | The X Files

Tom Braidwood was born on September 27, 1948 in British Columbia, Canada. He is an assistant director and actor, known for The X Files (1998), Da Vinci's Inquest (1998) and The X Files: I Want to Believe (2008).

Melvin Frohike (3 episodes)

10. Dean Haglund

Actor | The X Files

Dean Haglund was born on July 29, 1965 in Oak Bank, Manitoba, Canada. He is an actor, known for The X Files (1998), The X-Files Game (1998) and The X Files: Resist or Serve (2004).

Richard 'Ringo' Langly (2 episodes)

11. Darin Morgan

Producer | The X Files

Darin Morgan was born on September 2, 1948 in Santa Clara County, California, USA as Darin Keith Morgan. He is known for his work on The X-Files (1993), Millennium (1996) and Those Who Kill (2014).

Eddie Van Blundht (1 episode)

12. Brendan Beiser

Actor | The Boys

Brendan Beiser, a dual citizen(US/Canada), was born in Boston, Massachusetts and currently resides in Toronto,Canada. Prior to turning professional, he studied Theatre Performance and graduated with a BFA from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. He has worked alongside Chace Crawford, David ...

Agent Pendrell (5 episodes)

13. Bill Dow

Actor | Legends of the Fall

Bill Dow is an award-winning actor and director (and occasional writer) in theatre, film, and television, with scores of credits over a long and varied career. Currently appearing in two hit television series, Bill Dow is a versatile and sought after performer.

As Dr. Lee on Stargate SG-1 (1997), he...

Dr. Charles Burk (1 episode)

14. Brian Thompson

Actor | Joe Dirt

Brian Earl Thompson was born on August 28, 1959 in Ellensburg, Washington. Raised on the Columbia River in Longview, he learned the value of academics and athletics, as the son of two teachers and the second of six siblings. His interest in acting was first sparked during his senior year of high ...

Alien Bounty Hunter (1 episode)

15. David Lovgren

Actor | Rollercoaster

David Lovgren was born on November 4, 1969 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada as David Karl Lovgren. He is an actor, known for Rollercoaster (1999), Antitrust (2001) and Stargate SG-1 (1997).

Kurt Crawford (1 episode)

16. Stefan Arngrim

Actor | The A-Team

Stefan is also a very accomplished musician. He had a band called "The Knights of The Living Dead", in Los Angeles from 1986-1993. The band was offered several deals, and signed with Capitol Records. Unfortunately, the president of Capitol was fired the same week and the new president dropped all ...

The Prisoner (2 episodes)

17. Tucker Smallwood

Actor | Contact

Tucker Smallwood, the eldest son of an educator and diplomat, was a NBC television director before being drafted into the US Army in 1967. He was commissioned as an Infantry Officer and served as an OCS Tactical Officer at Fort Benning, before undergoing Vietnamese language training and jump school...

Sheriff Andy Taylor (1 episode)

18. Michael Massee

Actor | The Crow

Michael Massee was born on September 1, 1952 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA as Michael Groo Massee. He was an actor, known for The Crow (1994), The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) and The Amazing Spider-Man (2012). He was married to Ellen Sussdorf. He died on October 20, 2016 in Los Angeles, California,...

Vernon Ephesian (1 episode)

19. Kristen Cloke

Actress | Space: Above and Beyond

Kristen Cloke was born September 2 in Van Nuys, California. She attended California State University, Northridge. Her first feature film role was the female lead in Megaville (1990), opposite Billy Zane. She is best known from her role as Shane Vansen in the television series Space: Above and Beyond...

Melissa Rydell Ephesian (1 episode)

20. Matthew Walker

Actor | Alone in the Dark

Matthew Walker was born on April 11, 1942 in England. He is an actor, known for Alone in the Dark (2005), The Wicker Man (2006) and Little Women (1994).

Arlinsky (1 episode)

21. Roy Thinnes

Actor | Airport 1975

Roy was born on April 6, 1938, in Chicago, Illinois. During his formative years, he had wanted to become a doctor or football player - or, if one wants to believe his early press releases, both. He started in show business at a radio station, where he did everything: engineering, DJ shows, news and...

Jeremiah Smith (1 episode)

22. Vanessa Morley

Actress | The X Files

Vanessa Morley was born on August 9, 1986 in British Columbia, Canada. She is an actress, known for The X-Files (1993), Mobile Suit Gundam Seed (2002) and Masterminds (1997).

Young Samantha Mulder/Young Samantha Mulder Clone

(4 episodes)

23. Tom Noonan

Actor | Synecdoche, New York

Offbeat character actor Tom Noonan started off his career in various theater troupes that utilized his skills as a guitarist and composer. A graduate from Yale's acting school, he founded the Paradise Theatre in 1983, which was instrumental later in his growth as an artist. Gravitating toward film ...

John Lee Roche (1 episode)

24. Paul McCrane

Actor | ER

Paul McCrane was born on January 19, 1961 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA as Paul David McCrane. He is an actor and director, known for ER (1994), Fame (1980) and RoboCop (1987). He has been married to Dana McCrane since 1998. They have two children.

Leonard Betts (1 episode)

25. Gillian Barber

Actress | In Cold Blood

Gillian Barber was born on February 22, 1958 in Coventry, West Midlands, England. She is an actress, known for In Cold Blood (1996), Hamlet (2011) and The Man in the High Castle (2015).

Penny Northern (1 episode)

26. Lee de Broux

Actor | RoboCop

Lee de Broux was born on May 7, 1941 in La Mesa, California, USA as Leon Jay DeBroux. He is an actor, known for RoboCop (1987), Chinatown (1974) and Above the Law (1988).

Eddie Van Blundht Sr. (1 episode)

27. Robert Rossen

Writer | The Hustler

Robert Rossen was born on March 16, 1908 in New York City, New York, USA as Robert Rosen. He was a writer and director, known for The Hustler (1961), All the King's Men (1949) and Lilith (1964). He was married to Susan Siegal. He died on February 18, 1966 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA.

Dr. Alton Pugh (1 episode)

28. Sheila Larken

Actress | The X Files

Sheila Larken was born on February 24, 1944 in Brooklyn, New York, USA. She is an actress, known for The X-Files (1993), Police Story (1973) and The Virginian (1962). She has been married to R.W. Goodwin since September 30, 1978. They have two children.

Margaret Scully (2 episodes)

29. Charles Cioffi

Actor | Klute

Mr. Cioffi is a veteran television actor, who has appeared in a number of daytime serials. However, Mr. Cioffi will most likely be remembered most for his sinister portrayal of revenge-seeking Ernesto Toscano on NBC's hit soap Days of Our Lives (1965).

Section Chief Scott Blevins (1 episode)

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