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2. Chief Halftown (1951–1999)

30 min | Family

The CHIEF HALFTOWN SHOW was Philadelphia's longest running show for kids. The show first aired on WFIL in 1951 and then WPVI where it ran until 1999. The Chief would appear in full Indian ... See full summary »

Stars: Blaze Kelly Coyle, Larry Ferrari, Chief Traynor Ora Halftown, Michelle Krupa

Votes: 10

3. Romper Room and Friends (1953–1994)

60 min | Family

Children's program that was often franchised rather than syndicated (meaning, local television stations could use their own hostesses in lieu of national hosts if they chose). A typical ... See full summary »

Stars: Sally Claster Gelbard, Bruce Edward Hall, Molly McCloskey, Nancy Claster

Votes: 115

4. The Uncle Al Show (1950–1985)

55 min | Family

A local Cincinnati TV show that ran until 1985, the longest local show in TV history. Musician and artist Al Lewis hosted the show "The Corner Drug Store." He would draw pictures and play ... See full summary »

Stars: Al Lewis, Wanda Lewis

Votes: 10

5. Captain 11 (1955–1996)

30 min | Family

The children's television show was produced locally at KELO-TV in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. As Captain 11, Dave Dedrick introduced cartoons and interviewed children in the studio. The show also featured games and contests.

Stars: Dave Dedrick, Scott Tomjack

Votes: 5

6. Here's Geraldine (1957–1965)

30 min | Comedy

Here's Geraldine (1957) is a children's show that was a half-hour long. It debated on 22, April 1957. It was broadcast weekdays. Monday through Friday on WBKB-Channel 7. Here puppets were ... See full summary »

Stars: Rosemarie 'Bud' Stewart, Jim Stewart

7. Captain Sacto (1957–1963)

Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Captain Sacto was a 1950's and 60's childrens' show hosted by Harry Martin as Captain Sacto, for KCRA Channel 3 Sacramento, California (USA) showing such animated show like "Crusader Rabbit).

Star: Harry Martin

Votes: 10

8. WOW! (1980–1987)

Comedy, Family, Fantasy

A local children's show hosted by Dick Dyszel as "Captain 20", aired on WDCA-TV Channel 20, Washington D . C., between 1980 and April 1987.

Star: Richard Dyszel

9. Wonderama (1955–1987)


It was a children's variety show on every Sunday. It had a live children's audience and it was on Channel 5 in New York, which was WNEW, a local station before FOX. Sandy Becker was the ... See full summary »

Stars: Pat Meikle, Sonny Fox, Brianna Dotson, Corianna Dotson

Votes: 75

10. Baron and His Buddies (1962–1967)

Comedy, Fantasy, Horror

A hosted horror movie show with Mike Price as "Baron Daemon", screened on weekday afternoons, around 4:00-5:00pm on WNYS-TV Channel 9, Syracuse, New York from 1962 until 1967.

Stars: Mike Price, Dennis Calkins, Bill Eadie

11. Sense and Nonsense (1951–1954)

30 min | Game-Show

A game show in which children had to identify objects using their senses. Broadcast in New York City by DuMont flagship station WABD-TV.

Stars: Bob Kennedy, Peggy O'Hara

12. Fun Farm (1958–1960)

30 min | Animation, Adventure, Family

A hosted children's show with Mary Ellen screening on WSPD Channel 13 in Toledo, Ohio from 1952-1954, with the show continuing with a new host until 1960.

Stars: Mary Ellen, Dick Beach

13. Bozo's Big Top (1970–1974)

Animation, Comedy, Family

A hosted children's circus show with Tom Matzell as "Bozo" and Gene Sanocki as "Professor Tweetyfoofer" on WSMW-TV, Channel 27, in Worcester, Massachusetts between 1970-1974.

Stars: Tom Matzell, Gene Sanocki

14. Wonder House (1948)


Wonder House has the honor of being one of the first WGN programs to be in the line up of its first day of broadcasting on April 6, 1948. Wonder House, an hour long show, was kind of a "... See full summary »

Stars: Dick Baker, Art Nelson

15. Kids' Break (1980–1987)

Comedy, Family, Fantasy

A local children's show hosted by a big green puppet, Howard Huge. Howard hosted a series of short mini-programs. The show aired on WDCA-TV Channel 20, Washington D . C., between June 1980 and May 1987.

16. Bozo's Circus (1961–1980)


An iconic children's show on Chicago's WGN television station. Children would go home from school at noon to have lunch and watch the show! They had a terrific band and funny skits with ... See full summary »

Stars: Bob Bell, Roy Brown, Frazier Thomas, Marshall Brodien

Votes: 80

17. Bozo the Clown (III) (1959–1962)

30 min | Family

Bozo The Clown entertains kids.

Stars: Herbert L. Becker, Rae Sunshine Lee, Rickie Renish, Robert Renish

Votes: 20

20. Bozo's Circus (1971–1977)

Animation, Comedy, Family

A children's hosted circus show aired on WDCA-TV Channel 20, Washington D . C., Mondays to Fridays from 30 August 1971 to 19 August 1977, with host "Bozo, the World's Most Famous Clown" played by John Alexi and then Dick Dyszel.

Stars: John Alexi, Richard Dyszel

21. Bozo the Clown (I) (1959–1964)

Comedy, Family

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Star: Pinto Colvig

Votes: 33

23. The Bozo Super Sunday Show (1994–2001)

120 min | Family

Final incarnation of WGN-TV's popular children's program, which featured songs, skits, games, educational segments and other activities featuring Bozo the Clown as host.

Stars: Roy Brown, Michele Gregory, Joey D'Auria, Robin Eurich

Votes: 33

24. Bozo's Circus (1949– )

A TV circus in which Bozo the Clown is the emcee.

Star: Pinto Colvig

25. Bozo: The World's Most Famous Clown (1958–1962)

5 min | Animation, Comedy

Children's show. The adventures of Bozo the Clown.

Stars: Larry Harmon, Paul Frees, Penny Philips, Frank Nelson

Votes: 25

33. The Lorenzo Show (1962– )


Children's show about a tramp named Lorenzo.

Stars: Gerry Wheeler, Bud Smith

34. The Soupy Sales Show

30 min | Comedy, Family

Saturday morning comedy for all ages brought to you by comic Soupy Sales and his friends Black Tooth, White Fang and Pookie. Largely one-set production relied heavily on cuts to old film ... See full summary »

Stars: Soupy Sales, Clyde Adler, Frank Nastasi, Eugene Biscardi

35. The Shrimpenstein Show (1967)

Family, Horror

A hosted horror kids show from KHJ Channel 9, Los Angeles, California, USA screened from 1966-1967; with Gene Moss as Dr. Rudolph Von Schtick and Shrimpenstein voiced by Jim Thurman.

Votes: 6

36. The Wallace and Ladmo Show (1954–1989)

30 min | Comedy

"The Wallace and Ladmo Show", the longest-running same-cast kids' show in television history, featured sharply observed comedy skits that satired popular films, television shows and music ... See full summary »

Stars: Mike Condello, Cathy Dresbach, Harry Florian, Dan Horn

Votes: 82

37. Time for Beany (1949–1954)

15 min | Family

Time for Beany was an American television series, with puppets for characters, which aired locally in Los Angeles starting in 1949 and nationally (via kinescope) on the improvised Paramount... See full summary »

Stars: Daws Butler, Stan Freberg, Walker Edmiston, Joan Gardner

Votes: 47

38. Lew King Rangers (1951– )

30 min | Family

Lew King was an after school children's show. Skits, birthday parties, entertainment locally produced by a Phoenix station. Wayne Newton got his start singing on the program.

Stars: Teri Brown, Wayne Newton

Votes: 5

39. Al Alberts Showcase (1962–1994)


Al Alberts showcase was a local variety show, which, also, featured young performers, called "the teeny boppers." One of the most notable was a very young Joey Lawrence.

Stars: Blaze Kelly Coyle, Selina J. Taylor

40. Major Astro (1960–1973)

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Major Astro was a local afternoon children's television show in Wichita, Kansas, played by Tom Leahy, Jr. as "Major Astro".

Star: Tom Leahy

41. Billy Barty's Big Top (1963–1967)


Billy Barty's Big Top was a local children's variety series that appeared in the Southern California area. Barty hosted the show dressed as a ringmaster who entertained children in the audience.

Stars: Billy Barty, Dian Van Patten, Steven Solomon

Votes: 12

42. Major Astro (1985–1989)

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Major Astro was a local afternoon children's television show in Kansas, played by Tom Leahy as "Major Astro".

Star: Tom Leahy

44. Sam and Friends (1955–1961)

Not Rated | 5 min | Family

Early showcase of Jim Henson's puppet characters.

Stars: Jim Henson, Kermit the Frog, Jane Henson, Jerry Juhl

Votes: 124

45. Captain Z-Ro (1955– )

30 min | Sci-Fi

From his secret laboratory, Captain Z-Ro and his associates use their time machine, the ZX-99, to learn from the past and plan for the future.

Stars: Roy Steffens, Bruce Haynes, Jack Cahill, Richard Glyer

Votes: 38

46. Boomtown (1956–1974)

Family, Western

Boomtown was a children's television show that ran, on WBZ Channel 4 in Boston, for eighteen years. The host was Rex Trailer. It featured songs, rope tricks, cartoons and a weekly "wanted ... See full summary »

Stars: Brina, Bill O'Brien, Terrence Currier, Richard Kilbride

Votes: 15

50. Captain Video and His Cartoon Rangers (1956– )

30 min | Action, Animation, Family

Captain Video, late of the expansive and immensely popular TV science-fiction series "Captain Video and His Video Rangers", addressed the audience from his secret mountain headquarters to ... See full summary »

Star: Al Hodge

Votes: 5

51. Garfield Goose and Friends (1952–1976)


One of the best children's shows ever. Garfield Goose was the self proclaimed "King of the United States." His front man, Frazier Thomas would translate whatever any of the hand puppets "... See full summary »

Star: Frazier Thomas

Votes: 44