FILM LIFE: War and Revolution | Chapter 15

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"War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength." - 1984 by George Orwell. __________

"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. This is not a way of life at all in any true sense. Under the clouds of war, it is humanity hanging on a cross of iron." - Dwight D. Eisenhower

The military-industrial complex. ___________

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1. Pearl Jam: Do the Evolution (1998 Video)

4 min | Animation, Short, Music

A music video for Pearl Jam's song 'Do the Evolution.

Directors: Kevin Altieri, Todd McFarlane | Stars: Jeff Ament, Stone Gossard, Jack Irons, Mike McCready

Votes: 138

War and Revolution

IMDb Watch Now External Link: 'Pearl Jam: Do the Evolution' YouTube Music Video. _____________

Causes of War

Wikipedia: Category: Causes of war. _________________________

The 8 Main Reasons for War

The 8 Main Reasons for War | Owlcation.

2. Art of War (2009 TV Movie)

91 min | Documentary, History, War

Documentary on the main principles of Sun Tzu's "Art of War" illustrated with examples from the Vietnam War (Demoralization), the Second World War (Invasion of Normandy), the American Civil War (Gettysburg) and Tzu's own battles.

Director: David Padrusch | Stars: James Lurie, James Wong, Toshishiro Obata, Andrew Amani

Votes: 127

WAR ________

Wikipedia: The Art of War.

Wikipedia: Sun Tzu. ________

Wikipedia: War.

Wikipedia: Outline of war.

Wikipedia: Timeline of wars.

Wikipedia: List of wars by death toll. ________

Wikipedia: Lists of battles.

Wikipedia: List of battles (alphabetical).

Wikipedia: List of battles by casualties. __________


Wikipedia: Revolution.

Wikipedia: List of revolutions and rebellions.

3. The Mind of a Leader II Based on Sun Tzu's 'The Art of War' (2011– )

247 min | Documentary

24 famous international top leaders and experts within business, politics, art, sports, organized crime, philanthropy and health care are united in a timeless and universal documentary ... See full summary »

Stars: Benjamin Holk Henriksen, Fredrik Lassenius, Bengt Baron, Franz Beckenbauer

4. Conquest (2002– )

30 min | Documentary, Action, History

Actor and fight director Peter Woodward explores various forms of competition throughout the ages, reenacting historic fights with the help of a stunt team. Episodes have focused on topics ... See full summary »

Stars: Al Gregg, Chris Torres, Peter Woodward, Derek Hagen

Votes: 77


Wikipedia: Conquest.

Wikipedia: Conquest (TV series).

5. Decisive Battles (2004– )

30 min | Documentary, Animation, History

Important battles of world history are explored and recreated with video game visuals.

Stars: Matthew Settle, Philip Sabin, Paul Cartledge, Victor Davis Hanson

Votes: 123

Decisive Battles

Wikipedia: Decisive Battles.

6. War and Civilization (1998– )

Documentary, War

This eight part series takes an in-depth look at history of warfare. Shot on location around the world, each episode examines various developments in evolution of armed conflict from ... See full summary »

Star: Walter Cronkite

Votes: 37

War, Armies, and Military History

Wikipedia: War. ______


Wikipedia: Army.

Wikipedia: List of armies by country. ______________

Military History

Wikipedia: Military history.

Wikipedia: Military history by country.

Wikipedia: List of militaries by country.

Wikipedia: List of countries by number of military and paramilitary personnel.

8. Ancient Inventions (1998– )
Episode: War and Conflict (1998)

51 min | Documentary, History

Ancient Inventions look at the development of the weapons in the ancient world including the boomerang, bow and arrow, armor, tank, Greek fire, and gunpowder.

Director: Daniel Percival | Star: Terry Jones

Votes: 10


Wikipedia: Weapon.

Wikipedia: History of weapons.

List of Premodern Combat Weapons

Wikipedia: List of premodern combat weapons.

9. Reclaiming the Blade (2009)

Not Rated | 90 min | Documentary

The Medieval and Renaissance blade, a profound and beautiful object handcrafted by master artisans of old. An object of great complexity, yet one with a singular use in mind- it is designed... See full summary »

Director: Daniel McNicoll | Stars: Viggo Mortensen, Karl Urban, John Rhys-Davies, Richard Taylor

Votes: 772

The Sword

Wikipedia: Sword.

Wikipedia: Types of swords.

Wikipedia: Classification of swords.

Wikipedia: Chronology of bladed weapons.

Wikipedia: Swordsmanship.

10. Tales of the Gun (1998– )

Documentary, Biography, History

Historical profiles of various small arms.

Stars: Roger McGrath, William Atwater, Joseph Berk, Ian Hogg

Votes: 119


Wikipedia: Gunpowder.

History of Gunpowder

Wikipedia: History of gunpowder.


Wikipedia: Firearm.

History of the Firearm

Wikipedia: History of the firearm.

11. Machinery Of War (2019)

50 min | Documentary

Through mechanization and industrialization, the methods used to settle conflicts have made the art of war more hi-tech, more expensive, and more devastating than ever before.

Star: Robert Lee

Military Technology

Wikipedia: Military technology.

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Wikipedia: Weapon of mass destruction.

Biological Warfare

Wikipedia: Biological warfare.

Wikipedia: Biological agent.

Chemical Warfare

Wikipedia: Chemical warfare.

Wikipedia: Chemical weapon.

Nuclear Warfare

Wikipedia: Nuclear warfare.

Wikipedia: Nuclear weapon.

Radiological Warfare

Wikipedia: Radiological warfare.

12. Sworn to Secrecy: Secrets of War (1998– )
Episode: Psychological Warfare

TV-PG | 51 min | Documentary, War

The soldiers who employ "Psy Ops" use every means available to destroy the will of the enemy to resist. This episode explores the secret tools and techniques of wartime "persuasion."

Stars: Paddock Jr. Alfred H., Charlton Heston, Christopher St. John, Philip M. Taylor

Psychological Warfare

Wikipedia: Psychological warfare.

14. Lost Civilizations (1995– )

40 min | Documentary

From the bloodletting of Maya kings and a pharaoh's last journey to the secret pleasures of a Roman empress.

Stars: Sam Waterston, Hans-Peter Bögel, Richard Neave, James Wright

Votes: 70

Wikipedia: Ancient history.

Wikipedia: Timeline of ancient history.

Wikipedia: Ancient warfare. _______________________________

Civilization, Empires & Monarchies

Wikipedia: Civilization.

Wikipedia: Cradle of civilization. ________

Wikipedia: List of ancient great powers.

Wikipedia: List of medieval great powers.

Wikipedia: List of modern great powers. ________

Wikipedia: List of empires.

Wikipedia: List of former monarchies.

Wikipedia: List of former sovereign states. ________

Wikipedia: List of sovereign states. __________________

Prehistoric Warfare

Wikipedia: Prehistoric warfare. ______________

Ancient Warfare

Wikipedia: Ancient warfare. _________________________

List of Wars That Began Before 1000 AD

Wikipedia: List of wars: before 1000.

15. Planet Egypt (2011– )

Documentary, History

Planet Egypt recounts the epic history of Ancient Egypt and its Pharaohs, from the pre-dynastic period through to the late dynasties. Each episode addresses one aspect of Egypt's enormous ... See full summary »

Stars: Kent Weeks, Günter Dreyer, Salima Ikram, Donald Redford

Votes: 67

Prehistoric Egypt | Cemetery 117: 12000 - 14000 BC

Wikipedia: Jebel Sahaba. ______________________

List of Conflicts in Egypt

Wikipedia: List of conflicts in Egypt. _____________________

Military of Ancient Egypt

Wikipedia: Military of ancient Egypt.

16. Somalia: The Forgotten Story (2016)

46 min | Documentary

The story of Somalia's decline from stability to chaos revealing the problems facing its people at home and abroad.

Directors: Mohamed Dawood, Omar Elkholy | Stars: Abukar Awale, Hussein Dualeh, Mohamed Hashi Elmi, Mary Harper

Votes: 11

[Conflicts in the Horn of Africa]: 17th Century BC

Wikipedia: Conflicts in the Horn of Africa. ________

Wikipedia: Somali Civil War.

Wikipedia: Somali Civil War (2006-2009).

Wikipedia: Somali Civil War (2009-present).

17. Decisive Battles (2004– )
Episode: Ramses II (2004)

Documentary, Animation, History

Battle of Kadesh, 1274 BCE.

Stars: Matthew Settle, Kenneth Kitchen, John Ray, Joyce Tyldesley

Votes: 9

[The Wars of Ramesses II]: 1279 - 1213 BC

Wikipedia: Ramesses II. ____________________

Campaigns and Battles

The Battle Against the Sherden Sea Pirates: 1278 BC

The First Syrian Campaign: 1276 - 1275 BC

The Second Syrian Campaign: 1274 BC

The Third Syrian Campaign: 1270 BC

Later Campaigns in Syria: 1270 - 1269 BC

Campaigns in Nubia: 1260 BC

Campaigns in Libya: 1250 BC

18. Battles BC (2009– )
Episode: Ramses: Raging Chariots (2009)

TV-PG | 45 min | Documentary, Action, History

This program explains the transformation of Ancient Egypt from a peaceful kingdom into a warring empire which leads to the Battle of Kadesh between the Egyptians under Ramses II and the ... See full summary »

Director: David Padrusch | Stars: Bryan McGowan, Ash McNair, Nevin Millan

Votes: 15

Second Syrian Campaign of Ramesses II | The Battle of Kadesh: 1274 BC

Wikipedia: Battle of Kadesh.

Wikipedia: Chariot.

19. In Search of the Trojan War (1985– )

360 min | Documentary

Over six hour-long programs, Michael Wood marshals the disparate strands of evidence to present as fully rounded a portrait as possible of both the historical and the legendary city of Troy... See full summary »

Stars: Michael Wood, John Chadwick, Peter Connolly, Colin Renfrew

Votes: 231

Greek Mythology | [The Trojan War]: Modern Dating: 1260 - 1180 BC

Wikipedia: Trojan War.

Wikipedia: Greek mythology.

20. Greek Gods and Goddesses: The Odyssey (2004 TV Movie)

Documentary, Action, Adventure

Through dramatic reconstructions, former Olympic athlete Jonathan Edwards takes a voyage back in time, following Odysseus (Ulysses) as he leads his men to fight in the Trojan War and their perilous journey home to Ithaca.

Director: Jean-Claude Bragard | Star: Jonathan Edwards

Votes: 12

Wikipedia: Odysseus (Ulysses).

21. Rome: The World's First Superpower (2014– )
Episode: Total War (2014)

44 min | Documentary, History

Larry looks at Rome's 300th birthday in 400BC, conquering it's nearest neighbours, the Estrucans. Larry looks at the attack Rome came under from the Gauls in the battle of Allia, that ... See full summary »

Director: David Starkey | Stars: Darius Arya, Larry Lamb, Richard Miles, Lynn Passi Pitcher

Votes: 12

[Roman Wars and Battles]: 753 BC - 476 AD

Wikipedia: List of Roman wars and battles.

The Roman-Etruscan Wars

Wikipedia: Roman-Etruscan Wars.

22. Rome: The World's First Superpower (2014– )

Documentary, History

Rome: The World's First Superpower follows award-winning actor Larry Lamb as he tells the story of Rome 3,000 years ago, an extraordinary people rose and conquered the known world. He looks... See full summary »

Stars: Larry Lamb, Darius Arya, Richard Miles, Christopher Smith

Votes: 59

Campaign History of the Roman Military

Wikipedia: Campaign history of the Roman military. _____________

Roman History

Wikipedia: History of Rome.

Wikipedia: Timeline of Roman history. ______________________

Military of Ancient Rome

Wikipedia: Military of ancient Rome.

Wikipedia: Military history of ancient Rome.

Wikipedia: Category: Military of ancient Rome.

Wikipedia: Strategy of the Roman military.

Wikipedia: Roman army.

Wikipedia: Roman infantry tactics.

Wikipedia: List of Roman army unit types.

Wikipedia: Category: Military units and formations of ancient Rome. ___________________________________

Wars and Battles of the Roman Republic

Wikipedia: Roman Republic.

Wikipedia: Category: Wars involving the Roman Republic.

Wikipedia: Category: Battles involving the Roman Republic.

Wikipedia: Category: Military units and formations of the Roman Republic. __________________________________

Wars and Battles of the Roman Empire

Wikipedia: Roman Empire.

Wikipedia: Category: Wars involving the Roman Empire.

Wikipedia: Category: Battles involving the Roman Empire.

Wikipedia: Category: Military units and formations of the Roman Empire. __________________________________

List of Emperors of the Roman Empire

Wikipedia: List of Roman emperors.

Gladiators of the Roman Republic and Roman Empire

Wikipedia: Gladiator.

25. Rise and Fall of the Spartans (2002– )

Documentary, History, War

The history of the great militaristic Ancient Greek city state.

Stars: Edward Herrmann, Travis Wojcik

Votes: 53

[Sparta & the Spartans]

Wikipedia: Sparta.

Wikipedia: Spartan army.

26. The Spartans (2004– )

175 min | Documentary, History

A history of the ancient Spartans, featuring historian Bettany Hughes as presenter and narrator.

Star: Bettany Hughes

Votes: 170

[Spartan Wars and Battles]: 743 - 195 BC

Wikipedia: Spartan army.

The Messenian Wars

Wikipedia: First Messenian War (743 - 724 BC).

Wikipedia: Second Messenian War (685 - 668 BC).

The Wars with Argos

Wikipedia: Battle of Hysiae (c.669 BC)

Wikipedia: Battle of Sepeia (494 BC).

The Greco-Persian War

Wikipedia: Greco-Persian Wars (499 - 449 BC).

The First Peloponnesian War

Wikipedia: First Peloponnesian War (460 - 445 BC).

The Peloponnesian War

Wikipedia: Peloponnesian War (431 - 404 BC).

The Corinthian War

Wikipedia: Corinthian War (395 - 387 BC).

The Boeotian War

Wikipedia: Boeotian War (378 - 371 BC).

The Cleomenean War

Wikipedia: Cleomenean War (229/228 - 222 BC).

The War Against Nabis

Wikipedia: War against Nabis (195 BC).

27. Decisive Battles (2004– )
Episode: Marathon (2004)

Documentary, Animation, History

Battle of Marathon, 490 BCE.

Stars: Matthew Settle, Richard Billows, Paul Cartledge, Steven Pressfield

Votes: 10

Spartan Wars | The Greco-Persian Wars: 499 - 449 BC

Wikipedia: Greco-Persian Wars.

Wikipedia: Category: Battles of the Greco-Persian Wars.

The Battle of Marathon: August/September, 490 BC

Wikipedia: Battle of Marathon.

28. History's Turning Points (1997–2002)
Episode: Battle of Salamis: 480 BC


At Salamis Bay the Greeks lead by Themistocles sink 200 Persian ships while losing only 40.

Spartan Wars | Greco-Persian Wars

Second Persian Invasion of Greece: 480 - 479 BC

Wikipedia: Second Persian invasion of Greece.

The Battle of Salamis: September, 480 BC

Wikipedia: Battle of Salamis.

Spartan Wars | First Peloponnesian War: 460 - 445 BC

Wikipedia: First Peloponnesian War.

Peloponnesian War 431 - 404 BC

Wikipedia: Peloponnesian War.

Wikipedia: History of the Peloponnesian War.

Wikipedia: Category: Battles of the Peloponnesian War.

30. Unearthed (2016– )
Episode: Treasures of the Terracotta Army (I) (2017)

TV-PG | 42 min | Documentary, History, Mystery

The Terracotta Army is one of China's greatest treasures, but there are still dark secrets surrounding this super-tomb. Newly discovered artifacts reveal the soldiers' supernatural enemy, ... See full summary »

Votes: 17

[Warring States Period - China]: 475 - 221 BC (Qin State Victory)

Wikipedia: Warring States period.

Qin Shi Huang - Founder of the Qin Dynasty and First Emperor of China

Wikipedia: Qin Shi Huang.

Wikipedia: Qin dynasty.

Terracotta Army

Wikipedia: Terracotta Army.

31. The Celts: Blood, Iron and Sacrifice (2015– )

60 min | Documentary

This three-part documentary discovers the origins and beliefs of the Celts in artifacts and human remains across Europe. What emerges is not a portrait of wild people on the western fringes... See full summary »

Stars: Alice Roberts, Neil Oliver, Mike Loades, Nigel Meeks

Votes: 140

[Roman-Gallic Wars]

Wikipedia: Roman-Gallic wars.

The Battle of the Allia: July 18, 390 BC

Wikipedia: Battle of the Allia. _________________________

The Celts and Celtic Warfare

Wikipedia: Celts.

Wikipedia: Celtic warfare.

Wikipedia: List of Celtic battles.

32. Ancient Assassins (2014–2016)
Episode: Sacred Band of Thebes (2016)

TV-PG | 43 min | Documentary

371 BC. Ancient Greek superpower the Spartan army, confronts the three hundred warriors of the Sacred Band of Thebes.

Star: Brett Jones

Votes: 7

[Post-Peloponnesian War] | The Battle of Leuctra: July 6, 371 BC

Wikipedia: Battle of Leuctra.

The Sacred Band of Thebes

Wikipedia: Sacred Band of Thebes.

33. In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great (1998)

240 min | Documentary, Biography

Documentary series retracing the journey of Alexander the Great across sixteen countries.

Star: Michael Wood

Votes: 387

[The Wars of Alexander the Great]: 336 - 323 BC

Wikipedia: Wars of Alexander the Great.

Wikipedia: Category: Battles of Alexander the Great.

Wikipedia: Alexander the Great.

34. The Great Commanders: Alexander the Great - The Battle of Issus (1993 TV Movie)

Not Rated | 45 min | Documentary, War

Details the battle of Issus and demonstrates Alexander the Great's might in military thinking, planning, ordering, commanding and fighting against an ardent and intelligent foe. This is, ... See full summary »

Votes: 18

Wars of Alexander the Great | The Battle of Issus: 333 BC

Wikipedia: Battle of Issus.

35. Decisive Battles (2004– )
Episode: Gaugamela (2004)

Documentary, Animation, History

Alexander's victory over Darius III of Persia at the Battle of Gaugamela, 331 BCE.

Stars: Matthew Settle, Richard Billows, Paul Cartledge, Steven Pressfield

Votes: 6

Wars of Alexander the Great | The Battle of Gaugamela: 331 BC

Wikipedia: Battle of Gaugamela.

36. Ancient Assassins (2014–2016)
Episode: Alexander the Great's Spidermen (2016)

TV-PG | 43 min | Documentary

Alexander the Great, one of history's most legendary warriors, is determined to outdo the legacy of his hero, Hercules. He plans an audacious attack on the barbarian tribes living in the ... See full summary »

Votes: 5

Wars of Alexander the Great | The Indian Campaign: 327 - 325 BC

Wikipedia: Indian campaign of Alexander the Great.

38. Legions of Rome: The Punic Wars (2001 Video)

50 min | Documentary, History, War

A true giant of military history, Hannibal forged his formidable reputation during the Punic Wars of the second century B.C. Famed for his incredible fifteen day journey across the Alps and... See full summary »

The First Punic War: 264 - 241 BC

Wikipedia: First Punic War.

Wikipedia: Category: Battles of the First Punic War. ________

Wikipedia: Second Punic War.

Wikipedia: Third Punic War.

39. Hannibal: The Man Who Hated Rome (2001 TV Movie)

75 min | Documentary

No shortlist of the greatest generals in history would be complete with out the name of Hannibal. This film shows why he was both feared and respected by his enemies. Hannibal's tactical ... See full summary »

Director: Patrick Fleming | Star: Kenneth Cranham

Votes: 30


Wikipedia: Hannibal.

40. The True Story of Hannibal (2005 TV Movie)

120 min | Documentary

One of history's greatest military leaders, at age nine Hannibal accompanied his father Hamilcar Barca on the Carthaginian expedition to conquer Spain. Before embarking, the boy vowed ... See full summary »

Director: Mark Hufnail | Stars: Ben Maccabee, Jeffrey Wright, Richard Wilkinson, Steve Chrissanthos

Votes: 55

The Second Punic War - The Hannibalic War: 218 - 201 BC

Wikipedia: Second Punic War.

Wikipedia: Hannibal's crossing of the Alps.

Wikipedia: Fabian strategy. __________________________________

List of Battles of the Second Punic War

Wikipedia: List of battles of the Second Punic War.

41. Decisive Battles (2004– )
Episode: Cannae (2004)

Documentary, Animation, History

Hannibal's victory at the Battle of Cannae, 216 BCE.

Stars: Matthew Settle, Adrian Goldsworthy, Barbara Graziosi, Victor Davis Hanson

Votes: 10

Second Punic War | The Battle of Cannae: August 2, 216 BC

Wikipedia: Battle of Cannae.

42. Time Commanders (2003–2016)
Episode: Battle of Zama 202 BC (2016)

Documentary, Action, History

A team of wrestlers and board game enthusiasts re-fight the battle of Zama in 202 BC between the Romans and Hann