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Very hard to find,

Looking for them,

Limited to 200, no particular order.

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5. City of Wax (1934)

Not Rated | 9 min | Documentary, Short

Osacr-winning Live Action Short film about bees.

Directors: Horace Woodard, Stacy Woodard | Star: Gayne Whitman

Votes: 20

7. What, No Men? (1935)

21 min | Comedy, Musical, Short

A bill collector and a policeman are captured by a group of mad scientists and taken to an all-female Indian tribe for study.

Director: Ralph Staub | Stars: El Brendel, Wini Shaw, Phil Regan, Billy Bletcher

Votes: 40

9. Oh, My Nerves (1935)

Approved | 18 min | Comedy, Short

Monty's nerves are shot, so he decides to go on a nice, relaxing trip to the country. Unfortunately, his brother-in-law Tom brings along the rest of the family. Comic chaos ensues. "Oh, My ... See full summary »

Director: Del Lord | Stars: Monte Collins, Tom Kennedy, Ruth Hiatt, Elaine Waters

10. Popular Science (II) (1935)

Approved | 11 min | Short

Considers marvels of modern science: contact lenses, kitchen gadgets, bubble bath (with cheesecake), diatoms, Boulder Dam.

Director: Robert Carlisle | Star: Gayne Whitman

Votes: 6

11. La Fiesta de Santa Barbara (1935)

Approved | 19 min | Short, Comedy, Music

Hollywood stars participate in a Mexican-themed revue and festival in Santa Barbara. Andy Devine, the "World's Greatest Matador", engages in a bullfight with a dubious bovine supplied by ... See full summary »

Stars: Eduardo Durant's Rhumba Band, The Spanish Troubadors, Warner Baxter, Ralph Forbes

Votes: 244

12. Moscow Moods (1936)

11 min | Short, Music

Add a Plot

Director: Fred Waller | Star: Yasha Bunchuk

Votes: 6

13. Wanted -- A Master (1936)

Approved | 10 min | Short

A dog living in a junk yard finds out that all stray dogs will be exterminated by 3 o' clock that afternoon, so sets off to find a master before the deadline.

Directors: Arthur J. Ornitz, Gunther von Fritsch | Stars: Pete Smith, Horace B. Carpenter, Dave O'Brien

Votes: 98

16. The Public Pays (1936)

Approved | 19 min | Crime, Drama, Short

A protection racket preying on milk distribution is broken through the persistence of law enforcement and the courage of a local businessman.

Director: Errol Taggart | Stars: Richard Alexander, Barbara Bedford, Harry C. Bradley, Russ Clark

Votes: 143

17. Torture Money (1937)

Approved | 21 min | Short, Crime, Drama

Police go after a fraud operation that stages automobile accidents to collect insurance money.

Director: Harold S. Bucquet | Stars: Edwin Maxwell, George Lynn, Murray Alper, King Baggot

Votes: 109

18. Popular Science (I) (1937)

Approved | 10 min | Documentary, Short

Raising angora rabbits for wool; new marine navigation and safety technology; kitchen gadgets; developing new rose varieties.

Star: Gayne Whitman

19. Penny Wisdom (1937)

Approved | 10 min | Comedy, Short

A "Pete Smith Specialty" on cookery.

Director: David Miller | Stars: Prudence Penny, Harold Minjir, Gertrude Short, Pete Smith

Votes: 226

20. The Man Without a Country (1937)

Approved | 21 min | Drama, Short

In this classic story, US Army Lt. Philip Nolan is upset with his assignment to a remote outpost with no possibility for promotion. He intends to join Aaron Burr, who plans to form a new ... See full summary »

Director: Crane Wilbur | Stars: John Litel, Gloria Holden, Ted Osborne, Donald Brian

Votes: 128

21. A Night at the Movies (1937)

Passed | 10 min | Comedy, Short

A man and his wife have a less-than-enjoyable time at the movies.

Director: Roy Rowland | Stars: Robert Benchley, King Baggot, Jack Baxley, Sidney Bracey

Votes: 360

22. Should Wives Work? (1937)

20 min | Comedy, Short

Errol's wife goes back to work, despite his objections.

Director: Leslie Goodwins | Stars: Leon Errol, Vivien Oakland, Richard Lane, William Brisbane

Votes: 7

24. Children's Party (1938)

8 min | Documentary, Short

Director Joseph Cornell evokes the nostalgia of childhood by filming a children's party.

Director: Joseph Cornell

Votes: 192

26. The Great Heart (1938)

Approved | 11 min | Short, Biography

Carey Wilson tells the true story of the heroic sacrifice of Father Damien who suffered a living death in order to bring hope and God's comfort to the lepers confined on Molokai Island.

Director: David Miller | Stars: Carey Wilson, Tom Neal

Votes: 82

28. The Golden Madonna (1949)

Not Rated | 88 min | Drama

Patricia (Phyllis Calvert) throws away a painting members of her Italian village consider to be extremely lucky. She goes to great lengths in her attempts to locate it again and bring it back.

Directors: Luigi Carpentieri, Ladislao Vajda | Stars: Phyllis Calvert, Michael Rennie, Tullio Carminati, David Greene

Votes: 16

31. Screen Snapshots: Hollywood Goes to Mexico (1954)

11 min | Short

Broderick Crawford trails along with Ralph Staub in this edition of Screen Snapshots as they visit Latin-American players working in Hollywood, including actor Jorge Negrete who died ... See full summary »

Director: Ralph Staub | Stars: Cantinflas, María Cortés, Broderick Crawford, Dolores del Rio

35. Molokai, la isla maldita (1959)

104 min | Biography

Biography of the father Damian de Veuster, Belgium missionary of the Holy Heart order in an island of Hawaii.

Director: Luis Lucia | Stars: Javier Escrivá, Roberto Camardiel, Gérard Tichy, Marcela Yurfa

Votes: 49

36. Venus in Furs (1965)


A chess game under the bridge becomes a party in Hell.

Director: Piero Heliczer | Stars: John Cale, Piero Heliczer, Angus MacLise, Lou Reed

37. Pervyy uchitel (1965)

102 min | Drama

Soviet Union, near the Chinese border, 1923. A stranger has just come in this little country village. He is a teacher, sent by the Communist Party to teach the ignorant masses. But the ... See full summary »

Director: Andrey Konchalovskiy | Stars: Bolot Beyshenaliev, Natalya Arinbasarova, Idris Nogajbayev, Darkul Kuyukova

Votes: 414

39. The White Rose (1967)

7 min | Documentary, Short

Jay De Feo started painting THE WHITE ROSE in 1957. When the unfinished painting was removed eight years later it weighed over 2300 pounds.

Director: Bruce Conner | Star: Jay DeFeo

Votes: 150

41. What's So Bad About Feeling Good? (1968)

94 min | Comedy

A new infection that simply makes people feel happy is treated as a threat by the authorities while its "victims" work to spread it to others.

Director: George Seaton | Stars: George Peppard, Mary Tyler Moore, Don Stroud, Susan Saint James

Votes: 340

43. Prelude (1968)


A man meets his dream girl. When he can't win her over, he learns to appreciate his reality.

Director: John Astin | Stars: John Astin, Gabor Nagy, Mitch Persons, Victoria Shaw

Votes: 16

44. Robert Kennedy Remembered (1968)

30 min | Documentary, Short

Shown on all television networks simultaneously and at the Chicago Democratic National Convention in August of 1968, this moving film tribute to a man who had hoped to win the presidency ... See full summary »

Director: Charles Guggenheim | Stars: Richard Burton, Robert F. Kennedy

Votes: 36

46. Leo Beuerman (1969)

13 min | Documentary, Short

The life and legacy of Leo Beuerman. A disabled and disfigured man living in Lawrence in the 1950s and '60s.

Director: Gene Boomer

Votes: 25

47. An Impression of John Steinbeck: Writer (1969)

22 min | Documentary, Short

Short documentary film about the writer John Steinbeck.

Director: Donald Wrye | Stars: Henry Fonda, Peter Haskell

48. The Revolving Door (1969)

29 min | Documentary, Short

A documentary about the U.S. judicial system, explaining the types of cases tried in the lower court, showing the typical minor offenders and examining the inadequate jailing facilities.

Director: Lee R. Bobker

49. People Soup (1969)

G | 12 min | Short

The Arjun boys waste food.

Director: Alan Arkin | Stars: Adam Arkin, Matthew Arkin

Votes: 38

50. The Rehearsal (1969)

17 min | Short, Comedy