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1. Panic! (1957– )
Episode: The Subway (1957)


While riding the subway late at night, a man sees 2 mobsters sitting next to a witness they have just murdered.

Director: Maurice Geraghty | Stars: Eduard Franz, Barbara Billingsley, John Doucette, Frank Richards

4. Coronado 9 (1960– )
Episode: The Day Chivalry Died (1960)

TV-PG | 30 min | Crime

Dan Adams steps in to save a marriage and a military career by interceding when the torch-carrying former lover of his friend's wife shows up determined to win back his lost love at any cost.

Director: William Witney | Stars: Rod Cameron, Patricia Medina, Robert Lowery, John Reach

Votes: 7

5. Richard Diamond, Private Detective (1957–1960)
Episode: Picture of Fear (1957)

30 min | Action, Crime, Drama

While on a fishing vacation, Diamond has a date with a beautiful woman who is being pursued by two mysterious hunters who she photographed earlier. They will stop at nothing to get the film, sensing danger Diamond offers his assistance.

Director: Oscar Rudolph | Stars: David Janssen, Judith Braun, James Nolan, George N. Neise

Votes: 24

6. Suspense (1949–1954)
Episode: The Kiss-Off (1953)

30 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Tom Walker, an ex-convict who was wrongly convicted and just released, holds up a tax office and leaves behind an obvious clue as to his identity. He gives the bag of money to his patient ... See full summary »

Director: Robert Mulligan | Stars: Jack Palance, Virginia Baker, Peter Hobbs, Victor Thorley

Votes: 12

8. Code 3 (1957– )
Episode: The Sniper (1957)

26 min | Crime, Drama

A sniper has been targeting and shooting women in the Los Angeles area, and so far has racked up seven victims. When the police investigate the sniper's latest shooting, they begin to ... See full summary »

Director: George Waggner | Stars: Richard Travis, Osa Massen, Ron Randell, Peter Adams

Votes: 12

9. State Trooper (1956– )
Episode: This One'll Kill Ya (1959)

30 min | Adventure, Crime, Drama

Blake investigates the murder of a woman found dead in her car in Reno. His prime suspect is the woman's ex-husband.

Director: Ray Nazarro | Stars: Rod Cameron, Robert Armstrong, Buddy Lester, Joey Forman

12. M Squad (1957–1960)
Episode: The Watchdog (1957)

Not Rated | 24 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

Lt. Ballinger and the squad are out to catch a burglar, but there's another pressing reason for his quick capture--he may have rabies.

Director: Robert Florey | Stars: Lee Marvin, Peggy Webber, Paul Newlan, Gail Kobe

Votes: 25

14. Philip Marlowe, Private Eye (1983–1986)
Episode: Nevada Gas (1983)

Action, Crime, Mystery

Mops Parisi is out of the joint and out for revenge. First on the list is his crooked lawyer, Hugo Candless, then the ex-cop who arrested him, one Philip Marlowe. It comes as a surprise ... See full summary »

Director: David Wickes | Stars: Powers Boothe, Kathryn Leigh Scott, John Terry, Billy Kearns

Votes: 28

15. Climax! (1954–1958)
Episode: An Error in Chemistry (1954)


A carnival huckster ingratiates himself with an elderly farmer and his naïve daughter; she soon falls for her new suitor and marries him, only to wind up dead shortly afterwards, the husband quick to confess.

Director: William H. Brown Jr. | Stars: William Lundigan, Edmond O'Brien, Lon Chaney Jr., Douglas Kennedy

Votes: 14

16. 77 Sunset Strip (1958–1964)
Episode: The Silent Caper (1960)

TV-PG | 47 min | Action, Crime, Drama

Stripper Jingle Bells, key witness in a mob trial, is kidnapped to keep her from testifying. Jeff spots her being held in an apartment, then identifies her when he finds one of her ... See full summary »

Director: George Waggner | Stars: Roger Smith, Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Louis Quinn, Dale Van Sickel

Votes: 43

18. Four Star Playhouse (1952–1956)
Episode: House for Sale (1953)

30 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

A woman visits an isolated house expecting to meet with the realtor. Instead, she encounters a murderer who's escaped from a mental hospital. When a couple drops in to tour the home, she ... See full summary »

Director: Jules Bricken | Stars: Ida Lupino, George Macready, Thomas Browne Henry, Helen Brown

Votes: 27

19. Brenner (1959– )

30 min | Crime, Drama

Roy is a hardened twenty year cop with the NYPD; his son Ernie is an idealistic rookie. Together they face and learn from their different views of life and work.

Stars: Edward Binns, James Broderick, Dick O'Neill, Walter Greaza

Votes: 29

20. T.H.E. Cat (1966–1967)
Episode: The Ring of Anasis (1966)

30 min | Adventure, Drama

Cat is hired to protect an antique collector who has been marked for death.

Director: Jacques Tourneur | Stars: Robert Loggia, William Daniels, Michele Carey, Ross Hagen

Votes: 6

21. Cavalcade of America (1952–1957)
Episode: The Frightened Witness (1957)

Not Rated | 30 min | Drama

Leaving his shop,a butcher witnesses a car run down a man on the street, but before he can give the police a description, he's threatened by a gangster.The victim was a crime investigator, ... See full summary »

Director: Anton Leader | Stars: Dan Duryea, Harold J. Stone, Barbara Billingsley, Herbert Rudley

Votes: 9

22. Philip Marlowe, Private Eye (1983–1986)

60 min | Action, Crime, Mystery

Private detective Philip Marlowe solves many crimes in Los Angeles during the 1930s.

Stars: Powers Boothe, Billy Kearns, Kathryn Leigh Scott, Ken Pogue

Votes: 326

23. Peter Gunn (1958–1961)

30 min | Action, Crime, Drama

The cases of a stylishly cool private detective.

Stars: Craig Stevens, Herschel Bernardi, Lola Albright, Bill Chadney

Votes: 939

24. Michael Shayne (1960–1961)

60 min | Crime, Drama

Michael Shayne is a private detective who solves crimes in Miami, Florida.

Stars: Richard Denning, Herbert Rudley, Jerry Paris, Patricia Donahue

Votes: 55

25. The Ford Television Theatre (1952–1957)
Episode: The Payoff (1956)

30 min | Comedy, Drama, Music

A private investigator is hired by a pretty blonde to collect an envelope at a boxing match and deliver it to her the next day. What's in the envelope causes some inconvenience.

Director: John Meredyth Lucas | Stars: Howard Duff, Janet Blair, Michael Fox, John Daheim

Votes: 18

26. General Electric Theater (1953–1962)
Episode: Into the Night (1955)

TV-G | 30 min | Comedy, Drama

A husband and wife are driving on a trip to Palm Springs. They stop for gas and are kidnapped by a pair of criminals, who have just killed a store clerk during a robbery. They plan to flee ... See full summary »

Director: Jacques Tourneur | Stars: Eddie Albert, Ruth Roman, Dane Clark, Robert Armstrong

Votes: 12

27. The David Niven Show (1959– )
Episode: The Vengeance (1959)

30 min | Drama

A small-town police officer acts as bait to recapture an escaped murderer he helped to convict several years ago.

Director: Don McDougall | Stars: Dan Duryea, Dorothy Green, Adam Williams, Robin Warga

28. Studio One in Hollywood (1948–1958)
Episode: Nightfall (1951)

60 min | Drama

The cops, his girlfriend and his gang members are wondering why Vanning won't leave his room, especially since he's sitting on $300,000.

Director: John Peyser | Stars: Betty Furness, Margaret Hayes, John McQuade, Herbert Rudley

29. 87th Precinct (1961–1962)

60 min | Drama, Crime

Manhattan's 87th precinct forms the backdrop for this grim and gritty police drama based on the long-running series of novels by Ed McBain. Storylines focus on neighborhood crime, and the ... See full summary »

Stars: Robert Lansing, Ron Harper, Gregory Walcott, Norman Fell

Votes: 106

30. The Third Man (1959–1965)
Episode: The Third Medallion (1959)

26 min | Crime, Drama

Harry searches for the only man who knows the location of a Free-French freighter that was sank in World War II with a half-billion dollars of gold in its hold. His only clue is the man carries a gold medallion.

Director: Paul Stanley | Stars: Michael Rennie, Jonathan Harris, Nehemiah Persoff, Werner Klemperer

Votes: 7

31. Dexter (2006–2013)

TV-MA | 53 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

By day, mild-mannered Dexter is a blood-spatter analyst for the Miami police. But at night, he is a serial killer who only targets other murderers.

Stars: Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, David Zayas, James Remar

Votes: 608,365

32. Studio One in Hollywood (1948–1958)
Episode: The Glass Key (1949)

60 min | Drama

When his boss, a corrupt politician, is accused of murder, a man hunts the real killer, avoiding amorous advances from his boss' fiancee and attacks from gangsters along the way.

Director: George Zachary | Stars: Donald Briggs, Lawrence Fletcher, Jean Carson, Betty Furness

34. Highway Patrol (1955–1959)
Episode: Prison Break (1955)

30 min | Action, Crime, Drama

A vicious, unpredictable prison escapee abandons his injured partner, ambushes a highway patrolman, and uses the patrolman's uniform and gun to hijack a school bus in a daring attempt to escape his pursuers.

Director: Herbert L. Strock | Stars: Broderick Crawford, Robert Stevenson, Fritz Ford, Harry Cody

Votes: 58

36. Hawaiian Eye (1959–1963)
Episode: Two Million Too Much (1963)

60 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

An armored car en route to the bank is robbed of two million dollars in cash; but the only people who knew the route beforehand were Tom Lopaka, Greg MacKenzie, and Mokie Richardson.

Director: Robert Sparr | Stars: Robert Conrad, Troy Donahue, Grant Williams, Connie Stevens

37. It's Dark Outside (1964–1965)
Episode: More Ways of Killing a Cat (1964)


A parcel bomb arrives for Detective Swift, it has a live detonator with a dummy explosive - the first of nine.

Director: Gerard Dynevor | Stars: William Mervyn, Keith Barron, Rex Boyd, Harry Carter

38. Dragnet (1951–1959)
Episode: The Big Rod (1954)

30 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

A pregnant woman is run down by teens out joyriding leaving Sgt Friday and his fellow officer Smith to track down those responsible. They find that kids are uncooperative, refusing to inform on their friends.

Director: Jack Webb | Stars: Jack Webb, Ben Alexander, Diane Jergens, Jimmy Ogg

Votes: 21

39. The New Breed (1961–1962)
Episode: Lady Killer (1961)

60 min | Drama

The Metropolitan Squad pursues a man who killed a housewife. The killer tricked the housewife to letting him in her house, making her believe he was a friend of her husband. The killer ... See full summary »

Director: Walter Grauman | Stars: Leslie Nielsen, Martin Balsam, Robert Redford, Anne Francis

Votes: 7

40. The New Breed (1961–1962)
Episode: The Deadlier Sex (1962)

60 min | Drama

Several women are suspects when the body of a notorious bank robber is discovered behind the wheel of his getaway car.

Director: Joseph Pevney | Stars: Leslie Nielsen, Judi Meredith, Betsy Jones-Moreland, James Doohan

42. The Whistler (1954– )
Episode: The Big Jump (1954)


In San Fransisco, a man legally dead, running from his past, is blackmailed by a crook who forces him to participate in crimes. He realizes that he's also on the lam, so he tries to ... See full summary »

Director: Will Jason | Stars: John Ireland, Tina Carver, Robert Osterloh, Harry Tyler

43. The Aquanauts (1960– )
Episode: The Double Adventure (1961)

60 min | Adventure

Ralph D'Amico is threatened with murder unless he continues to pay his father's blackmailer a thousand dollars a month. When he refuses to pay, two racketeers find a killer who looks ... See full summary »

Director: John Peyser | Stars: Ron Ely, Jeremy Slate, Peter Falk, Carroll O'Connor

44. The Debt (2003 TV Movie)

120 min | Crime, Thriller

An ex-robber reluctantly agrees to do one last job in order to protect his family.

Director: Jon Jones | Stars: Warren Clarke, Hugo Speer, Lee Williams, Orla Brady

Votes: 233

47. The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse (1953–1955)
Episode: The Ragged Stranger (1953)

30 min | Drama

A middle-aged man heading home talks a hitch-hiker into helping him regain his wife's affection. All the traveler has to do is come into the house and pretend to rob them, and the husband ... See full summary »

Director: Robert G. Walker | Stars: Michael Hall, Hayden Rorke, Joanne Davis, Natalie Schafer

48. The Restless Gun (1957–1959)

TV-PG | 30 min | Western

The adventures of Vint Bonner, a cowboy in the post Civil War era.

Stars: John Payne, Dan Blocker, Jeanne Bates, Stuart Randall

Votes: 149

49. Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre (1955–1958)
Episode: Prime Suspect (1958)

30 min | Drama

A police captain is assigned to track down an elusive schizophrenic terrorizing the blonde women of the town. During his investigation, the captain, who was unhappily married to a blonde ... See full summary »

Director: Allen H. Miner | Stars: Jane Wyman, William Bendix, Nita Talbot, Claude Akins

Votes: 5

50. The Law and Mr. Jones (1960–1962)
Episode: A Very Special Citizen (1961)

30 min | Drama