American omitted Musical Feature Films

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Titles deliberately omitted from my American Musical Feature Films list. Expanded to include TV movies, specials.

A few are tagged as Music/Musical, but I've watched them and would not consider them either.

Around 360 titles are singing-cowboy westerns made between 1930-1960. I didn't want to watch those as part of my sequential viewing of musicals, so I put them aside.

The majority, 1385+ titles, have "release" year 1998+, and too few votes for me to believe they were released in theatres across the country.

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1. Snow White (II) (1916)

116 min | Adventure, Family, Fantasy

"Mirror, mirror on the wall who's the fairest of them all?" The Wicked Queen knows that the looking glass will always answer, "you are." But one day, the magic mirror has something new to ... See full summary »

Director: Charles Weston | Stars: Aimee Ehrlich, Ruth Richie, Eleanor Assmus, Patsy Grace Lichtenburg

Votes: 29

3. Charros, gauchos y manolas (1930)

91 min | Fantasy, Musical

The magazine "Paintings of the People" initiates a contest to select the best watercolor painting of ethnic peoples and customs. A hungry bohemian painter invokes his muse to help him to ... See full summary »

Director: Xavier Cugat | Stars: Carmen Castillo, Delia Magaña, Samuel Pedraza, Carlos Gómez Don Chema

4. Young Man of Manhattan (1930)

Passed | 79 min | Comedy, Musical, Romance

Two flappers (Claudette Colbert and Ginger Rogers) try to get their newspaper reporter boyfriends to pay attention to them.

Director: Monta Bell | Stars: Claudette Colbert, Norman Foster, Ginger Rogers, Charles Ruggles

Votes: 113

5. Sons of the Saddle (1930)

Passed | 76 min | Musical, Western

Jim Brandon, foreman of the Wind River Ranch owned by Martin Stavnow is in love with "Ronnie", the owner's daughter. Jim is unaware that Harvey, a young cowhand that Jim protects like a ... See full summary »

Director: Harry Joe Brown | Stars: Ken Maynard, Doris Hill, Joseph W. Girard, Carroll Nye

8. Paramount op parade (1930)

112 min | Musical

Dutch-language version of Paramount on Parade (1930) produced and released by Paramount Pictures.

Director: Job Weening | Stars: Jean Arthur, Evelyn Brent, Nancy Carroll, Maurice Chevalier

10. Le petit café (1931)

85 min | Comedy, Musical, Romance

Le petit Cafè is the alternate, French language version of PLAYBOY OF PARIS.

Director: Ludwig Berger | Stars: Maurice Chevalier, Yvonne Vallée, Tania Fédor, André Berley

Votes: 12

13. Los presidiarios (1931)

62 min | Comedy, Musical

Spanish-language version of Pardon Us (1931).

Director: James Parrott | Stars: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Enrique Acosta, Bobby Burns

Votes: 53

14. L'opéra de quat'sous (1931)

104 min | Comedy, Crime, Musical

The Gangster Macheath secretly marries the daughter of beggar king Peachum. When Peachum finds out, he instructs the police chief Brown to arrest and hang Macheath. If not, all the beggars of Soho will disturb the upcoming coronation.

Director: Georg Wilhelm Pabst | Stars: Albert Préjean, Florelle, Gaston Modot, Margo Lion

Votes: 156

15. Sous les verrous (1931)

Comedy, Musical

French language version of Pardon us (1931) - currently thought to be a lost film.

Director: James Parrott | Stars: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Walter Long

Votes: 55

20. El último varon sobre la Tierra (1933)

Passed | 70 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Music

Ralph Martin, a playboy, must give up all his girlfriends when he becomes engaged to his beloved Dolores Winkle. Since he has stayed late at a goodbye dinner given by these other gals, he ... See full summary »

Director: James Tinling | Stars: Raul Roulien, Rosita Moreno, Mimi Aguglia, Carmen Rodríguez

Votes: 8

21. Esperáme (1933)

70 min | Drama, Musical

A drama of love about a rich girl and a singer who hides his real identity.

Director: Louis J. Gasnier | Stars: Carlos Gardel, Goyita Herrero, Lolita Benavente, Manuel París

Votes: 10

22. Melodía de arrabal (1933)

Passed | 94 min | Musical, Romance

Roberto Ramirez (Carlos Gardel) is a gambler who meets Alina (Imperio Argentina) and takes the decision to change his life.

Director: Louis J. Gasnier | Stars: Imperio Argentina, Carlos Gardel, Vicente Padula, Jaime Devesa

Votes: 35

25. La casa es seria (1933)


A creole singer tries to date with dancer, who tries to avoid him.

Director: Lucien Jaquelux | Stars: Carlos Gardel, Imperio Argentina, Lolita Benavente, Josita Hernán

Votes: 13

26. Kiss and Make-Up (1934)

Approved | 78 min | Comedy, Musical, Romance

Dr. Maurice Lamar is a noted plastic-surgeon who makes his rich clients beautiful, and also makes them. He makes Eve Caron, the wife of Marcel Caron, so satisfied with his skilled hands ... See full summary »

Director: Harlan Thompson | Stars: Cary Grant, Helen Mack, Genevieve Tobin, Edward Everett Horton

Votes: 481

27. Cuesta abajo (1934)

Approved | 74 min | Drama, Musical

Carlos Acosta (Carlos Gardel), tied to a flirty wife and in love with another girl, watches fate work out a solution that allows him to return to his real love after trips to Paris and New York City.

Director: Louis J. Gasnier | Stars: Carlos Gardel, Mona Maris, Vicente Padula, Anita Campillo

Votes: 51

28. Now and Forever (1934)

Passed | 81 min | Drama, Musical, Romance

A swindler and his girlfriend take in his young daughter, who has been living with the family of his deceased wife.

Director: Henry Hathaway | Stars: Gary Cooper, Carole Lombard, Shirley Temple, Guy Standing

Votes: 822

29. El tango en Broadway (1934)

85 min | Drama, Musical

A light-hearted comedy of errors including some beautiful songs by inimitable Carlos Gardel style.

Director: Louis J. Gasnier | Stars: Carlos Gardel, Trini Ramos, Blanca Vischer, Vicente Padula

Votes: 33

31. Our Little Girl (1935)

Approved | 65 min | Comedy, Drama, Family

Don Middleton is so caught up with his work he neglects his wife Elsa. Lonely Elsa begins to spend more time with Don's best friend and they become attracted to one another. Don and Elsa ... See full summary »

Director: John S. Robertson | Stars: Shirley Temple, Rosemary Ames, Joel McCrea, Lyle Talbot

Votes: 391

32. El día que me quieras (1935)

Approved | 82 min | Drama, Musical

Carlos Argüelles is the son of a wealthy man whose only interests in life are business and making money. While trying to succeed in show business he falls in love with a dancer and they elope to marry. But success is not easy to obtain.

Director: John Reinhardt | Stars: Carlos Gardel, Rosita Moreno, Tito Lusiardo, Manuel Peluffo

Votes: 114

33. Tango Bar (1935)

Approved | 62 min | Drama, Musical

Ricardo Fuentes (Carlos Gardel) leaves Buenos Aires after loosing in horse races to go to Barcelona, where he plans to open a tango bar, a new concept of tango dance show and dance saloon. ... See full summary »

Director: John Reinhardt | Stars: Carlos Gardel, Rosita Moreno, Enrique de Rosas, Tito Lusiardo

Votes: 80

34. Melody Trail (1935)

Approved | 62 min | Action, Comedy, Music

Gene goes after the badguys after they kidnap the baby he should have been babysitting.

Director: Joseph Kane | Stars: Gene Autry, Ann Rutherford, Smiley Burnette, Wade Boteler

Votes: 72