Treatment of Catalan History in Cinema

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Llista de films i documentals sobre Història catalana i cinema. Inclou: a) Gènere històric; b) Biografies de catalans; c) Adaptacions d'obres literàries catalanes; d) Documentals amb mirada històrica sobre Catalunya; e) Sèries sobre Història de Catalunya

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1. Barcelona en tranvía (1908)

8 min | Documentary, Short

Ricardo de Baños takes the viewer through some of the most important streets of Barcelona. A city tour filmed inside of a tram presenting not only the place, one of Spain's most famous ... See full summary »

Director: Ricardo de Baños

Votes: 61

Recorregut en tramvia per la ciutat de Barcelona a començament del segle XX Gènere: Reportatge Tractament: Documentalista

Recorregut visual per la ciutat de Barcelona en 1912. Gènere: Reportatge Tractament: Descriptiu informatiu

Adaptació de "El cafè de la Marina" obra literària de Josep Maria de Sagarra. Gènere: Adaptació cinematogràfica Tractament: Recreació dramatitzada Idiomes: Una versió en català i una versió en espanyol. Probablement la primera pel·lícula rodada en llengua catalana.

Gènere: Reportatge Tractament: Descriptiu informatiu Època: 1900-1930

Gènere: Tractament: Època:

Gènere: Tractament: Època:

12. Aurora de esperanza (1937)

60 min | Drama

When returning from holidays with his family, a worker is fired. After a hard search of work, Juan feels disappointed and acquires a certain social restlessness. His wife, Marta, is forced ... See full summary »

Director: Antonio Sau Olite | Stars: Félix de Pomés, Enriqueta Soler, Román González 'Chispita', Ana María Campoy

Votes: 49

14. Mariona Rebull (1947)

110 min | Drama

Barcelona: the late nineteenth century. The textile businessman Joaquín Rius falls in love with a young woman named Mariona Rebull. Happiness seems to fill the life of married Rius, until ... See full summary »

Director: José Luis Sáenz de Heredia | Stars: José María Seoane, Blanca de Silos, Sara Montiel, Tomás Blanco

Votes: 30

15. El tambor del Bruch (1948)

95 min

1808. When Napoléon's Armée crosses the Pirinées to invade Spain, the Catalan people are prompt to resist. With much smaller forces, the legend goes that a drummer boy's strategy would be decisive to win the battle at Montserrat mountains.

Director: Ignacio F. Iquino | Stars: Ana Mariscal, Carlos Agostí, José Nieto, Juan de Landa

Votes: 10

16. Nada (1947)

76 min | Drama

Barcelona, in the forties. Young Andrea comes to town to start college in the midst of an oppressive environment and extreme poverty. She's staying at her aunt Angustias, along with other ... See full summary »

Director: Edgar Neville | Stars: Conchita Montes, Fosco Giachetti, María Denis, María Cañete

Votes: 92

17. Vida en sombras (1949)

90 min | Drama

His director's only film, Vida en Sombras tells the story of a man who from his childhood falls in love with cinema and grows to be a director and cameraman. While struggling to make ... See full summary »

Director: Lorenzo Llobet Gracia | Stars: Fernando Fernán Gómez, María Dolores Pradera, Isabel de Pomés, Fernando Sancho

Votes: 214

19. Don Juan de Serrallonga (1949)

90 min | Drama

After the assassination of his father, noble Juan de Serrallonga embraces a life of cruel banditry.

Director: Ricardo Gascón | Stars: Amedeo Nazzari, María Asquerino, José Nieto, Félix de Pomés

Votes: 33

20. El señor Esteve (1950)

108 min

Barcelona, 1860. Mr. Esteve, owner of a prosperous haberdashery and proud of his son Ramón, attends the christening of his grandson. Twenty years later, Ramón passes away and Mr. Esteve ... See full summary »

Director: Edgar Neville | Stars: Alberto Romea, Carmen de Lucio, Manuel Dicenta, Carlos Muñoz

Votes: 20

21. The Evil Forest (1951)

Passed | 79 min | Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Film freely inspired on old poems and legends about the Holy Grail and on the opera by Richard Wagner.

Directors: Daniel Mangrané, Carlos Serrano de Osma | Stars: José Tuset, Victoriano González, Félix de Pomés, Jesús Varela

Votes: 22

23. Tierra baja (1951)

90 min | Drama, Romance

A poor shepherd is convinced to marry a beautiful woman. This is a Maquiavellian plan schemed by the woman's fiancé and her father.

Director: Miguel Zacarías | Stars: Zully Moreno, Pedro Armendáriz, Luis Aldás, Gustavo Rivero

Votes: 14

24. Hay un camino a la derecha (1953)

96 min | Drama

Miguel, a quick-tempered sailor, is fired from his job and hardly finds another one to support his family as a harbor depot watchman. Unsatisfied, he will plan a robbery.

Director: Francisco Rovira Beleta | Stars: Francisco Rabal, Julia Martínez, Carlos Otero, Manolo García

Votes: 38

25. Los ases buscan la paz (1955)

Drama, Sport

Football player Kubala is pressed by Hungarian agents to become a spy. He will finally find a home in Barcelona.

Director: Arturo Ruiz Castillo | Stars: Ladislao Kubala, Irán Eory, Mariano Asquerino, Antonio Ozores

Votes: 25

26. Lowlands (1954)

99 min | Drama, Romance, Musical

Set in the early part of 20th century Europe. There lived a dancer who becomes the romantic bone of contention between a humble shepherd and an imperious marquis.

Director: Leni Riefenstahl | Stars: Bernhard Minetti, Leni Riefenstahl, Aribert Wäscher, Karl Skraup

Votes: 360

29. Otros tiempos (1959)

96 min

Short documentary made of archive images of 50 years of life in Spain.

Director: Carlos Fernández Cuenca

38. El acero libertario (1937)

9 min | Documentary, War, Short

Short film from the series "Tiempos nuevos". It's related to the making of weapons during the Spanish Civil War.

Director: Ramón de Baños

39. Cataluña mártir (1938)

25 min | Documentary, War, Short

Report produced by Laya Films (production company belonging to the Propaganda Commissioner of the Republican Generalitat) on material and human damages caused by the bombing that German and... See full summary »

Director: J. Marsillach

41. Por tierras catalanas (1955)

10 min | Documentary, Short, History

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Director: Alberto Reig | Star: Matías Prats

43. No Time for Ecstasy (1961)

99 min | Drama, War

A young man Michel, of Ukrainian origin, after fleeing the Red Army, he commits to Perpignan in the International Brigades fighting Franco.

Director: Jean-Jacques Vierne | Stars: Peter van Eyck, Daliah Lavi, Roland Lesaffre, Helmo Kindermann

Votes: 13

44. La frontière (1961)

18 min | Short

An emigrant talks about the country he has had to leave. He recalls his childhood memories without once identifying his native country, yet it is clear he is referring to Spain.

Directors: Jean Cayrol, Claude Durand | Star: Laurent Terzieff

45. La spada del Cid (1962)

86 min | Drama, History

Film based on the homonymous poem and other documents from the epoque.

Director: Miguel Iglesias | Stars: Chantal Deberg, Roland Carey, Sandro Moretti, Daniela Bianchi

Votes: 69

47. Los tarantos (1963)

83 min | Drama, Romance

A boy and a girl from two rival Gypsy families fall in love.

Director: Francisco Rovira Beleta | Stars: Carmen Amaya, Sara Lezana, Daniel Martín, Antonio Gades

Votes: 263

48. Behold a Pale Horse (1964)

Approved | 118 min | Drama, War

Famous Spanish bandit Artiguez returns to his native Spanish village after 20 years in French exile but Spanish cop Vinolas is setting a trap for him.

Director: Fred Zinnemann | Stars: Gregory Peck, Anthony Quinn, Omar Sharif, Raymond Pellegrin

Votes: 1,640

49. Casals Conducts: 1964 (1964)

20 min | Short

While at his workshop in Puerto Rico, Pablo Casals prepares to conduct a Bach suite for a concert performance.

Director: Larry Sturhahn | Star: Pau Casals

Votes: 8

50. María Rosa (1965)

97 min | Drama