Brazilian underground films

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Brazilian underground films that are many times hard to find and i want to watch

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1. The Abyss (1977)

80 min | Drama

Man tries to decipher a manuscript about an ancient civilization and gets involved in strange situations.

Director: Rogério Sganzerla | Stars: Norma Bengell, José Mojica Marins, Wilson Grey, Jorge Loredo

Votes: 56

6. Titio Não É Sopa (1959)

80 min | Comedy, Musical

Millionaire arrives in Rio de Janeiro to monitor the construction of a retirement home he's sponsoring, but discovers his nephew is deviating the money, applying it in his own nightclub.

Directors: Euripides Ramos, Hélio Barroso | Stars: Procópio Ferreira, Eliana Macedo, Ronaldo Lupo, Herval Rossano

Votes: 9

7. Face to Face (1967)

72 min | Drama

The story of a civil servant who lives with his elderly mother. Falling in love with a corrupt politician's young and rich daughter, he abandons himself to crazy and violent situations.

Director: Júlio Bressane | Stars: Helena Ignez, Antero de Oliveira, Paulo Gracindo, Paulo Padilha

Votes: 46

8. O Cangaceiro Sanguinário (1969)

85 min | Action

After robbing and massacring a village, the head of a gang of bandits, Captain Jagunço, kidnaps Flô, Mayor Cisso's wife and tortures her.

Director: Oswaldo de Oliveira | Stars: Maurício do Valle, Guy Loup, Carlos Miranda, Joffre Soares

Votes: 7

11. Lúcia McCartney, Uma Garota de Programa (1971)

90 min | Drama

Lúcia (Adriana Prieto) is a girl who adores the Beatles, mainly Paul McCartney, of whom it takes the surname in honor. Orphan, she shares the apartment with her friend Magda (Márcia ... See full summary »

Director: David Neves | Stars: Adriana Prieto, Isabella, Albino Pinheiro, Paulo Villaça

Votes: 33

12. A Viúva Virgem (1972)

100 min | Comedy

In Minas Gerais, the powerful "colonel" Alexandrão gets married with the young and virgin Cristina and promotes a huge wedding party in his farm. He eats and drinks a lot along the day, and... See full summary »

Director: Pedro Carlos Rovai | Stars: Adriana Prieto, Jardel Filho, Carlos Imperial, Marcelo Marcello

Votes: 29

15. Banana Mecânica (1974)

97 min | Comedy

Dr. Ferrão, a famous psychoanalyst, uses his daily column on a newspaper to atract women to his practice.

Director: Braz Chediak | Stars: Pedro Aguinaga, Ângelo Antônio, Jotta Barroso, Henriqueta Brieba

Votes: 26

17. Gente que Transa (1974)

100 min | Comedy

Competing for the concession of a TV channel, one of the contenders throws an orgy to defeat the other candidate.

Director: Silvio de Abreu | Stars: Adriano Reys, Carlos Eduardo Dolabella, José Lewgoy, Renato Consorte

Votes: 6

21. O Roubo das Calcinhas (1975)

95 min | Comedy

Comedy divided into segments: ******Segment 1: "The Panties Theft": Four friends are broke for Christmas. Genaro has the idea of assaulting a brothel in Barra da Tijuca because he thinks ... See full summary »

Directors: Sindoval Aguiar, Braz Chediak | Stars: Felipe Carone, Fábio Sabag, Lady Francisco, Henriqueta Brieba

Votes: 9

22. Bacalhau (1975)

90 min | Comedy

"Jaws" spoof. The title means "Cod". A terrible monster threatens the beach season: the cod from Guinea. To catch the fish, local authorities count on the expertise of a Portuguese oceanographer, a fearless fisherman and baits made with Amália Rodrigues's records.

Director: Adriano Stuart | Stars: Hélio Souto, Dionísio Azevedo, Maurício do Valle, Adriano Stuart

Votes: 62

24. A Opção (1981)

87 min | Drama

The saga of rural women who decide to leave the countryside and get into prostitution. Their miserable lives are marked by fortuitous meetings with truck drivers, pimps, thieves and lunatics.

Director: Ozualdo Ribeiro Candeias | Stars: Carmem Angélica, Vilma Camargo, Nere de Passy, Jairo Ferreira

Votes: 40

25. Tensão no Rio (1982)

110 min | Crime, Thriller, Drama

During the President of Valdivia's official visit to Brazil, Minister of Energy dies in a terrorist action, and the President suffers a heart attack. A diplomat tries to minimize the ... See full summary »

Director: Gustavo Dahl | Stars: Eliana Araujo, Norma Bengell, Raul Cortez, Ivan Cândido

Votes: 24

29. Stelinha (1990)

112 min | Drama, Musical

A young rock singer meets his childhood heroine, a famous singer who is now wallowing in alcohol and sex.

Director: Miguel Faria Jr. | Stars: Ester Góes, Marcos Palmeira, André Barros, Bolão

Votes: 37

30. O Corpo (1991)

80 min | Comedy

Xavier, a pharmacist, lives peacefully in bigamy with his two women, Carmen and Beatriz, but the harmony breaks down when they find he has another lover, Monique, a nightclub dancer.

Director: José Antonio Garcia | Stars: Antônio Fagundes, Marieta Severo, Cláudia Jimenez, Sérgio Mamberti

Votes: 109

31. Capitalismo Selvagem (1993)

86 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

This is a comedy; a double satire of Brazilian soap operas and at the same time, about "savage capitalism" in 1990's Brazil where the Amazon jungle is exploited, while killing Indians and ... See full summary »

Director: André Klotzel | Stars: Cacique Apoena, Adilson Barros, Vanderlei Bernardino, Sônia Carneiro

Votes: 73

32. Entretempos (2012)

98 min | Documentary, Drama

The present documentary aims to reconstruct in a poetic way the collective trajectory of the members of the Association Paulo Freire, who built under a joint effort, in about ten years, ... See full summary »

Director: Henri Gervaiseau

36. A Vingança Dos Doze (1970)

93 min | Action, Adventure

The story of Charlemagne and the 12 Peers of France, transposed to Northeast Brazil, with Western elements.

Director: Marcos Farias | Stars: Maurício do Valle, Jorge Gomes, Rejane Medeiros, Samuka

Votes: 7

38. Gentle Costume (1975)

75 min | Drama

A portrait of the everyday life of a typical middle-class family in parallel with the fall of the "Estado Novo", the 48-year dictatorship led by Salazar. The daughters' conflicts and ... See full summary »

Director: Alberto Seixas Santos | Stars: Luís Santos, Dalila Rocha, Isabel de Castro, Sofia de Carvalho

Votes: 65

40. A Mulher do Próximo (1988)

84 min | Comedy, Romance

Two lovers meet again in strange circumstances, when she is a recent widow not particularly grieving, and he is a divorcée mourning his daughter. They reunite, only to break again - this time for good.

Director: José Fonseca e Costa | Stars: Carmen Dolores, Virgilio Teixeira, Mário Viegas, Fernanda Torres

Votes: 44

41. Rio Babilônia (1982)

115 min | Drama

Public relations man is invited to guide American millionaire during his stay in Rio de Janeiro. In this course, he gets involved in the most bizarre situations, from orgiastic mega-parties... See full summary »

Director: Neville de Almeida | Stars: Ovídio Abreu, Pedro Aguinaga, Tamur Aimara, Arminda Amorim

Votes: 238

42. O Vampiro de Copacabana (1976)

101 min | Comedy, Drama

Carlos and Suely are a normal couple. He has some extramarital adventures and she's a standard housewife. During a Carnival, when he goes out wearing a vampire costume, Suely decides to ... See full summary »

Director: Xavier de Oliveira | Stars: André Valli, Ângela Valério, Rossana Ghessa, Míriam Pires

Votes: 28

45. The Margin (1967)

96 min | Drama, Romance

About people who live by the margins or Rio Tietê, in São Paulo, Brazil.

Director: Ozualdo Ribeiro Candeias | Stars: Mário Benvenutti, Valeria Vidal, Bentinho, Lucy Rangel

Votes: 147

47. Paixão Perdida (1998)

91 min | Drama