British TV & Films 1993 Not Yet Released On DVD Region 2

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1. A Woman's Guide to Adultery (1993– )

149 min | Drama

The story of three women who are involved in adulterous affairs - and Rose, who believes that anyone who sleeps with another's husband is committing a crime against womanhood. Ah, but how ... See full summary »

Stars: Theresa Russell, Sean Bean, Amanda Donohoe, Adrian Dunbar

Votes: 125

3. As an Eilean (1993)

Drama, Comedy

The story, which is set in a small village on a remote Scottish Island, centres around the gifted Callum who is in his final year at school and preparing to go to University in Aberdeen on ... See full summary »

Director: Mike Alexander | Stars: Ken Hutchison, Wilma Kennedy, Donna Macleod, Iain MacLeod

Votes: 30

4. Bad Behaviour (1993)

R | 104 min | Comedy, Drama

The McAllister family house is the setting for Gerry and Ellie's grapples with work, children and how to get the bathroom fixed. Both have reached the stage where reason cannot be heard ... See full summary »

Director: Les Blair | Stars: Stephen Rea, Sinéad Cusack, Philip Jackson, Clare Higgins

Votes: 190 | Gross: $0.26M

5. Bonjour la Classe (1993– )


Laurence Didcott is a new teacher who joins the staff at the Mansion School at the start of the autumn term. The Mansion School has been ticking along nicely for the last 235 years until ... See full summary »

Stars: Nigel Planer, Polly Adams, Timothy Bateson, Victoria Carling

Votes: 10

6. Boys' Shorts: The New Queer Cinema (1993)

119 min

In these sexy, fun and darkly entertaining boys shorts, we see the hilarious terrors of gay childhood, an Internet hook-up with unexpected motivation and what happens when you hate musicals... See full summary »

Directors: Mark Christopher, Stephen Cummins, Laurie Lynd, Michael Mayson, Chris Newby, Marlon Riggs

Votes: 63

7. Brighton Belles (1993–1994)

30 min | Comedy

On her husband's demise, attractive Bridget suddenly finds she can't meet the financial demand of her Sussex country house in Brighton without his income. Her solution: take in lodgers. Two... See full summary »

Stars: Sheila Hancock, Wendy Craig, Sheila Gish, Jean Boht

Votes: 22

8. Century (1993)

R | 112 min | Drama, Romance

Paul Reisner, a young doctor, becomes a researcher in a prestigious medical institute. He feels he has a chance to be part of a movement of unending progress in science and civilization. ... See full summary »

Director: Stephen Poliakoff | Stars: Charles Dance, Clive Owen, Miranda Richardson, Robert Stephens

Votes: 276

9. Closing Numbers (1993)

94 min | Drama

Anna and Keith have been happily married for several years. But things turn sour as Anna, investigating her suspicions that Keith has been having an affair, learns that he is bisexual. Anna... See full summary »

Director: Stephen Whittaker | Stars: Tim Woodward, Jane Asher, Frank Mills, Hazel Douglas

Votes: 84

10. Coltrane in a Cadillac (1993– )

Robbie Coltrane drives from Los Angeles across the USA to New York in a '51 convertible Cadillac.

Stars: Robbie Coltrane, David Letterman, Justin Shelden

Votes: 12

14. Dark Blood (2012)

86 min | Thriller

Dealing with nuclear testing and its long-lasting deadly effects, the story portrays Boy, a young widower living in the desert on a nuclear testing site. Living as a hermit, he waits for ... See full summary »

Director: George Sluizer | Stars: River Phoenix, Judy Davis, Jonathan Pryce, Karen Black

Votes: 1,084

15. Dark Waters (1993)

R | 94 min | Horror, Mystery

A girl travels to an island, after the death of her father, to find out why the father funded a monestary on the island.

Director: Mariano Baino | Stars: Louise Salter, Venera Simmons, Mariya Kapnist, Lubov Snegur

Votes: 1,629

16. Dave Allen (1993–1994)

45 min | Comedy

Sit down comedy from Dave Allen that was filmed at the Mermaid Theatre in London. Dave Allen jokes about everyday life and his favourite topic, religion.

Star: Dave Allen

Votes: 41

18. Demob (1993– )

Comedy, Drama

Ian and Dick are two soldiers returning to peacetime Britain from WW2. They struggle to fit back into society, and get involved in various shady schemes.

Stars: Griff Rhys Jones, Martin Clunes, Amanda Redman, Samantha Womack

Votes: 57

19. Ethan Frome (1993)

PG | 99 min | Drama, Romance

A new pastor arrives in a stark Vermont village and is intrigued by crippled, misshapen Ethan Frome living on an isolated, hardscrabble farm with his sickly wife Zeena.

Director: John Madden | Stars: Liam Neeson, Patricia Arquette, Gil Rood, Tate Donovan

Votes: 1,912 | Gross: $0.30M

21. Fatal Inheritance (1993)

PG | 87 min | Action, Drama, Thriller

Jack Carnegie is an American 'heir-hunter', whose job it is to trace unknown family members who should rightly inherit unassigned fortunes. He arrives in Ireland to find the sole heir to a fortune.

Director: Gabrielle Beaumont | Stars: Jim Bartley, Corbin Bernsen, Barry Cassin, Kevin Davis

Votes: 34

23. Friends (1993)

105 min | Drama

Three female friends, at the end of the eighties, share a house in Johannesburg, South Africa. Each of them has her own way to live with apartheid. Thoko is a black teacher and practices ... See full summary »

Director: Elaine Proctor | Stars: Kerry Fox, Dambisa Kente, Michele Burgers, Marius Weyers

Votes: 92

24. Games World (1993– )

30 min | Game-Show

Games World is an entertainment video games show that was broadcast on Sky One each weekday from 1993-98. The overall concept of Games World was similar to GamesMaster.

Stars: Alex Verrey, David Walliams, Sarah Phillis, Diane Youdale Mayhew

Votes: 22

25. Harry (1993–1995)

50 min | Drama

Harry Salter is the ruthless owner of a news agency in Darlington who will resort to any under-hand means or exploit anyone in order to get a story that he can sell to a newspaper. He is ... See full summary »

Stars: Michael Elphick, Ian Bartholomew, Julie Graham, Tom Hollander

Votes: 34

26. Harry's Mad (1993– )

25 min | Adventure, Comedy, Crime

Young Harry Holdsworth inherits a superintelligent talking macaw named Madison. This leads to numerous adventures for Harry and his family but it also attracts villainous Terry Crumm who wants the parrot for himself.

Stars: Mike Walling, Jackie Lye, Anthony Asbury, Gareth Parrington

Votes: 18

27. Head Over Heels (1993– )

60 min | Comedy, Drama

Exploits of a group of girls at a 1950s finishing school.

Stars: Ann Bell, Kathy Kiera Clarke, Elena Ferrari, Sally Geoghegan

Votes: 35

28. Health and Efficiency (1993–1995)

30 min | Comedy

A BBC1 programme, sitcom that was originally broadcast from 30 December 1993 to 10 February 1995 for a total of 12 episodes over 2 series. Adventures in St James's General Hospital - ... See full summary »

Stars: Gary Olsen, Felicity Montagu, Roger Lloyd Pack, Deborah Norton

Votes: 8

29. Inside Victor Lewis-Smith (1993– )


This series takes a look inside the mind of comic author, prankster, and journalist Victor Lewis-Smith as he lies immobilized in a "comic coma" in a BBC hospital for distressed broadcasters... See full summary »

Stars: Victor Lewis-Smith, Nickolas Grace, Moya Brady, Annette Badland

Votes: 14

31. Little Buddha (1993)

PG | 123 min | Drama

After the death of Lama Dorje, Tibetan Buddhist monks find three children - one American and two Nepalese - who may be the rebirth of their great teacher.

Director: Bernardo Bertolucci | Stars: Keanu Reeves, Bridget Fonda, Ruocheng Ying, Chris Isaak

Votes: 14,737 | Gross: $4.86M

33. October 32nd (1993)

PG-13 | 115 min | Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Reincarnated Lady of the Lake and knight John Pope must stop evil immortal wizard Pendragon from obtaining Merlin's Sword in the Stone on Halloween in the present, which would create October 32nd and end time. Wizard Leong helps them.

Director: Paul Hunt | Stars: Nadia Cameron-Blakey, Rodney Wood, Richard Lynch, Peter Phelps

Votes: 178

34. Mi vida loca (1993)

R | 92 min | Crime, Drama

Mousie and Sad Girl are childhood best friends in a contemporary Los Angeles poor Hispanic neighborhood. But when Sad Girl becomes pregnant by Mousie's boyfriend, a drug dealer named ... See full summary »

Director: Allison Anders | Stars: Angel Aviles, Seidy Lopez, Jacob Vargas, Devine

Votes: 1,828 | Gross: $3.27M

35. Mr Don & Mr George (1993– )

30 min | Comedy

This eccentric British sitcom sees two friends Don and George living their somewhat unusual lives together in a somewhat unusual house

Stars: Moray Hunter, Jack Docherty, Jackie Morrison, Roger Blake

Votes: 44

37. Oasis (1993– )

Drama, Family

In South London, a group of children tries to run an inner city farm and create an oasis for themselves there.

Stars: Peter McNamara, Ray Armstrong, Sarah Carver, Daniel John

Votes: 12

41. Punchdrunk (1993– )

30 min | Comedy

Comedy series set in Glasgow's boxing world.

Stars: Diana Hardcastle, Bill Little, Jake D'Arcy, Reg Gutteridge

42. Ruby Cairo (1992)

PG-13 | 90 min | Mystery, Thriller

After her businessman husband dies suspiciously in a Mexican plane crash, his widow begins to investigate his labyrinthine financial dealings, not all of which are legal.

Director: Graeme Clifford | Stars: Andie MacDowell, Liam Neeson, Viggo Mortensen, Jack Thompson

Votes: 2,017 | Gross: $0.61M

43. Sankofa (1993)

125 min | Drama

A self-absorbed Black American fashion model on a photo shoot in Africa is spiritually transported back to a plantation in the West Indies where she experiences first-hand the physical and ... See full summary »

Director: Haile Gerima | Stars: Kofi Ghanaba, Oyafunmike Ogunlano, Alexandra Duah, Nick Medley

Votes: 494 | Gross: $2.69M

44. Silent Cries (1993)

120 min | Drama, War

In 1942, the Japanese occupied the island of Singapore. During the take-over, not only military soldiers were taken prisoner, but also innocent civilians, particularly women and children. ... See full summary »

Director: Anthony Page | Stars: Gena Rowlands, Annabeth Gish, Chloe Webb, Gail Strickland

Votes: 100

45. Strange Horizons (1992)

79 min | Sci-Fi

The story of a war between men and women in the 23rd century.

Director: Philip Jackson | Stars: David Ferry, Olga Prokhorova, Ken Lemaire, Robert Russell

Votes: 69

46. Telltale (1993– )

60 min | Thriller

An opportunist criminal puts his and his family's lives in danger when he turns supergrass.

Stars: Bernard Hill, Nigel Harrison, Robert Pugh, Rachel Davies

47. The 10 Percenters (1993–1996)

30 min | Comedy

Sitcom set in a London theatrical agency.

Stars: Elizabeth Hickling, Ian Masters, Beatie Edney, Denis Lill

Votes: 12

48. The Advocate (1993)

R | 102 min | Crime, Drama, History

In medieval France, young lawyer Richard Courtois leaves Paris for the simpler life in the country. However, he is soon drawn into amorous and political intrigues. At the same time, he is ... See full summary »

Director: Leslie Megahey | Stars: Colin Firth, Amina Annabi, Jim Carter, Donald Pleasence

Votes: 1,776 | Gross: $0.67M

49. The Baby of Mâcon (1993)

Not Rated | 122 min | Drama, History

A movie about the corruption in all levels of society. A baby is born from a supposed-to-be virgin woman, so a chain of hysteria about divine intervention in the birth takes place.

Director: Peter Greenaway | Stars: Julia Ormond, Ralph Fiennes, Philip Stone, Jonathan Lacey

Votes: 3,727

50. The Big Freeze (1993 TV Movie)

Not Rated | 45 min | Comedy