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Filmmakers who have all been interview subjects on the superb podcast Directors Notes.

3. Fede Alvarez

Director | Don't Breathe

Fede Alvarez was born on February 9, 1978 in Montevideo, Uruguay. He is a director and writer, known for Don't Breathe (2016), Evil Dead (2013) and The Girl in the Spider's Web (2018).

4. Keith Bearden

Director | The Raftman's Razor

Keith Bearden was born in Connecticut, USA. He is a director and writer, known for The Raftman's Razor (2005), Train Town (2007) and Meet Monica Velour (2010).

5. A.J. Bond

Producer | Hirsute

A.J. Bond is an actor and producer, known for Hirsute (2007), Stress Position (2013) and Wisteria.

6. Brad Bores

Producer | When the Bell Rings

Born and raised in Monroeville, Oh. Moved to Los Angeles and directed several short independent films. Worked as an assistant editor at Fancy Film Post Production and began to switch his focus to documentary filmmaking. His first documentary feature film is titled "When The Bell Rings" and follows ...

7. Rob Gordon Bralver

Director | Moby Doc

Rob Gordon Bralver is a director and producer, known for Moby Doc, Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton: This Is Stones Throw Records (2013) and Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia (2013).

8. Emily Branham

Charlotte's Web

Emily Branham is a producer and director, known for Charlotte's Web (2006), A Day in Milan (2013) and Legend: A Film About Greg Garing (2010).

9. Ben Briand

Director | Blood Pulls a Gun

Ben Briand was born in 1980 in Australia. He is a director and writer, known for Blood Pulls a Gun (2014), Armour (2018) and Apricot (2009).

11. Douglas James Burgdorff

Cinematographer | The Chemical King

Douglas James Burgdorff is a cinematographer and director, known for The Chemical King (2009), A Lovely Lady (2009) and Prick (2008).

14. Mike Ahern

Director | Extra Ordinary

Mike Ahern is a director and writer, known for Extra Ordinary (2019), Mr. Foley (2009) and The Hatch (2011).

15. Joey Daoud

Producer | Riding with Coca-Cola

Joey Daoud is a documentary producer, director, and cinematographer based in Miami Beach, FL. His short documentary Strike: The Greatest Bowling Story of Ever Told was the inaugural film on The New York Times' brand new Made with Kickstarter documentary series. He is also the co-creator of the ...

16. Hasraf Dulull

Visual_effects | The Beyond

Writer-director-producer HaZ Dulull started as a Visual Effects Artist on feature films such as The Dark Knight and Hellboy 2. He quickly progressed to a VFX Supervisor role and was nominated for several VES awards on shows like Planet Dinosaur(BBC) and America: The Story of US (Discovery).

His ...

17. Nash Edgerton

Stunts | Mr Inbetween

Nash Edgerton was born on January 19, 1973 in Australia. He is known for his work on Mr Inbetween (2018), Gringo (2018) and The Square (2008).

18. Mike Flanagan

Editor | Doctor Sleep

Mike Flanagan was born in Salem, Massachusetts in 1978 to Timothy and Laura Flanagan. The family relocated frequently, as Timothy was in the U.S. Coast Guard, and finally settled in Bowie, Maryland. As a child, he would shoot and edit short movies on VHS. This continued as he attended Archbishop ...

19. Revel Fox

Director | The Flyer

Revel Fox is a director and editor, known for The Flyer (2005), Long Street (2009) and Practice Piece in Four Movements (1980).

20. Joon Goh

Editorial_department | The Killer Inside Me

21. Brent Green

Writer | Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then

Brent Green is a writer and director, known for Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then (2010), All the Old Bells (2020) and A Brief Spark Bookended by Darkness (2018).

22. Brent Hoff

Writer | Fathers and Prophets

Brent Hoff is a writer and producer, known for Fathers and Prophets, The Love Competition (2012) and Pranksta (2005).

23. Andrew Thomas Huang

Director | Rift

Andrew Thomas Huang is a director and writer, known for Rift (2009), Kitchen Katastrophe (2002) and Doll Face (2005).

24. Conrad Jackson

Writer | Falling Overnight

Conrad Jackson is a writer and producer, known for Falling Overnight (2011), LA Noir (2007) and Freddie (2005).

25. Andrew W. Jones

Director | Doctor Glamour

Andrew W. Jones is known for his work on Doctor Glamour (2012), Frank DanCoolo: Paranormal Drug Dealer (2010) and Buccaneer Galaxy (2018).

26. Doug Karr

Director | Ten for Grandpa

Doug Karr has been creating original independent films since 1997. Karr credits include narrative shorts Anniversary Present, The Straitjacket Lottery and the award winning documentaries LSD25, The June Bug Symphony, Lifecycles: a story of AIDS in Malawi, and The Face of AIDS. The writer of six ...

27. Lee Kern

Writer | Who Is America?

Lee Kern is a writer and comedian who wrote on and co-produced Who Is America? a seven part series for Showtime starring Sacha Baron Cohen. Prior to this he is most famous for his TV series, Celebrity Bedlam, a high concept prank show that, among other things, convinced people they had been cloned ...

28. Robin King

Editor | Ten Thousand Pictures of You

Robin King is an actor and editor, known for Ten Thousand Pictures of You (2006), Unpossible (2007) and Mnemophrenia (2019).

29. Andrea Kreuzhage

Producer | 1000 Journals

Andrea Kreuzhage is a producer, known for 1000 Journals (2007), SLC Punk! (1998) and Bookies (2003).

31. Jossie Malis

Director | Bendito Machine V: Pull the Trigger

Jossie Malis is a director and writer, known for Bendito Machine V: Pull the Trigger (2014), Bendito Machine IV (2012) and I Am Not Sleepy (2003).

33. Robert Morgan

Director | Bobby Yeah

Robert Morgan was born in 1974. He is a director and writer, known for Bobby Yeah (2011), The Cat with Hands (2001) and ABCs of Death 2 (2014).

34. Eddie O'Keefe

Writer | Shangri-La Suite

Eddie O'Keefe is a writer and direction from Elmhurst, Illinois. He graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2010 and is currently living in Los Angeles, California studying directing at American Film Institute. His inspiration comes from Rushmore, Pulp Fiction, Midnight Cowboy, American Graffiti...

35. Ruben Östlund

Director | Turist

Ruben Östlund was born on April 13, 1974 in Styrsö, Västra Götalands län, Sweden as Claes Olle Ruben Östlund. He is a director and writer, known for Force Majeure (2014), The Square (2017) and Involuntary (2008). He was previously married to Andrea Östlund.

36. Mike Ott

Director | Littlerock

Mike Ott studied under Thom Andersen at Cal Arts where he received his MFA degree in Film/Video. His latest film, California Dreams (2017), premiered at Berlin Critics Week and in the US at SXSW. Mike's films have won numerous awards including, an Audience Award at AFI Fest, a Gotham Award and an ...

37. Kire Paputts

Director | The Rainbow Kid

Kire Paputts is a director and producer, known for The Rainbow Kid (2015), Animal Control (2011) and The Last Porno Show (2019).

38. Tim Plester

Actor | After Life

Tim Plester was born on September 10, 1970 in Banbury, Oxfordshire, England. He is an actor and director, known for After Life (2019), Game of Thrones (2011) and Bohemian Rhapsody (2018).

39. Bryan Poyser

Writer | Dear Pillow

Bryan Poyser is an editor and writer, known for Dear Pillow (2004), Lovers of Hate (2010) and Pleasureland (2001). He has been married to Kim LeBlanc since October 7, 2012. They have one child.

40. Bill Ross IV

Editor | 45365

Bill Ross IV is an editor and director, known for 45365 (2009), Tchoupitoulas (2012) and Western (2015).

41. Rosto

Director | Splintertime

Director/artist Rosto, and his Studio Rosto A.D, are well known for their independent short films, online graphic novel, music videos and TV work. His first shorts "(the rise and fall of the legendary) Anglobilly Feverson" (2002) and "Jona/Tomberry" (winner of the Grand Prix Canal+ at the Cannes ...

42. Christian Schlaeffer

Animation_department | The Dewberry Empire

Christian Schlaeffer is known for his work on The Dewberry Empire (2013), The Return of John Frum (2010) and The Birds Are Not Singing (2011).

44. Chris Shimojima

Editor | JT vs. the Good Guys

Graduated from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Dramatic Writing. He works as a film writer/director, commercial director, and editor. He was an AICP award nominee for his Arena Water Instinct commercial spot. His ancestry is Japanese and Chinese. He is an avid swimmer and a former ...

45. Luke Snellin

Director | Let It Snow

Luke Snellin was born in Romford, Essex. He studied screenwriting at Bournemouth University and has since written and directed work that has been broadcast on TV and cinema screens across the globe. He has been featured in Shots, The Telegraph and V Magazine among others and was named one of Screen...

48. Steve Tanner

Director | Field of Fish

Steve Tanner is a director and cinematographer, known for Field of Fish (2000), The Lark (2007) and The Midnight Drives (2007).

49. Brek Taylor

Producer | Island

Brek Taylor has directed and produced for over fifteen years in theatre, television and film. She has worked for the BBC, C4, National Geographic and European Capital of Culture and now works as a freelance film director and creative producer.

Brek originally trained as a ballet dancer before moving...

50. Ben Thomas

Visual_effects | Ant-Man

51. Jamie Travis

Director | For a Good Time, Call...

Jamie Travis is a Canadian filmmaker who has directed award-winning films, music videos and television commercials. He received international recognition for his two short film trilogies: The Patterns Trilogy and the Saddest Children in the World trilogy. His six shorts, all of which premiered at ...

53. Zach Weintraub

Actor | The International Sign for Choking

Zach Weintraub is an actor and writer, known for The International Sign for Choking (2011), Bummer Summer (2010) and Fresh Starts 4 Stale People (2011).

54. Eddie White

Writer | The Cat Piano

Eddie White is a writer and director, known for The Cat Piano (2009), Carnivore Reflux (2006) and Wolf Creek (2005).

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