British Films 1930 Not Yet Released On Blu Ray / DVD Region 2

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1. A Sister to Assist 'Er (1930)

64 min | Comedy

A poor woman poses as her rich twin to fool a mean landlady.

Director: George Dewhurst | Stars: Barbara Gott, Polly Emery, Donald Stuart, Alec Hunter

2. Almost a Honeymoon (1930)

85 min | Comedy

Misunderstandings abound when a penniless young man lets his flat to an engaged couple.

Director: Monty Banks | Stars: Clifford Mollison, Dodo Watts, Lamont Dickson, Donald Calthrop

4. Bed and Breakfast (1930)

68 min | Comedy

A newlywed couple have a fight, and in order to get even with one another, each decides to take up with a lover but without actually going through with "the deed". Complications ensue.

Director: Walter Forde | Stars: Jane Baxter, Richard Cooper, Sari Maritza, Alf Goddard

7. Mystery at the Villa Rose (1930)

99 min | Crime, Mystery

Jewel thieves kill a rich widow and frame a fake medium.

Director: Leslie S. Hiscott | Stars: Norah Baring, Austin Trevor, Richard Cooper, Barbara Gott

8. Canaries Sometimes Sing (1930)

80 min | Comedy

The Canaries of the title is an allusion to the protagonists, caged by marriage. There are two unhappy, incompatible couples, one is a simple-living playwright and his sophisticated, ... See full summary »

Director: Tom Walls | Stars: Tom Walls, Yvonne Arnaud, Cathleen Nesbitt, Athole Stewart

12. French Leave (I) (1930)

Passed | 66 min | Comedy

The pretty young wife of an English captain, in World War One, visits him in his billet in a little town in France, behind the front lines. She poses as the daughter of the French woman who... See full summary »

Director: Jack Raymond | Stars: Madeleine Carroll, Sydney Howard, Arthur Chesney, Haddon Mason

13. Journey's End (1930)

Passed | 120 min | Drama, War

In France, 1917, an alcoholic captain is afraid that his new replacement, his sweetheart's brother, will betray his downfall.

Director: James Whale | Stars: Colin Clive, Ian Maclaren, David Manners, Billy Bevan

Votes: 198

14. Latin Love (1930)

85 min | Musical, Romance

A Soho restaurateur's protégé becomes a star.

Director: Sinclair Hill | Stars: Sari Maritza, William Freshman, Martin Lewis, Bert Coote

Votes: 7

16. Knowing Men (1930)

95 min | Comedy, Romance

An heiress poses as a marquise's companion to avoid fortune hunters.

Director: Elinor Glyn | Stars: Carl Brisson, Elissa Landi, Helen Haye, C.M. Hallard

18. Loose Ends (1930)

95 min | Crime, Drama

A girl reporter is blackmailed for learning that a man is a freed murderer.

Director: Norman Walker | Stars: Edna Best, Owen Nares, Miles Mander, Adrianne Allen

19. No Exit (1930)

69 min | Comedy, Romance

A publisher's daughter mistakes a poor author for a rich novelist.

Director: Charles Saunders | Stars: John Stuart, Muriel Angelus, James Fenton, Janet Alexander

20. One Family (1930)

70 min | Adventure, Family, Fantasy

A young boy dreams he's on a guided tour of Buckingham Palace and various countries in the British Empire.

Director: Walter Creighton | Stars: Douglas Beaumont, Sam Livesey, Michael Hogan, Joan Maude

Votes: 12

21. Painted Pictures (1930)


An artist reforms weak friends by painting their portraits.

Director: Charles Bennett | Stars: Haddon Mason, Winifred Evans, Evelyn Spillsbury

22. Piccadilly Nights (1930)

90 min | Musical

A girl singer makes good when the star is too drunk to appear.

Director: Albert H. Arch | Stars: Billie Rutherford, Elsie Bower, Julian Hamilton, June Grey

23. Raise the Roof (1930)

77 min | Musical

An actor is bribed by a rich man to ruin his son's touring review.

Director: Walter Summers | Stars: Betty Balfour, Maurice Evans, Jack Raine, Sam Livesey

24. One Embarrassing Night (1930)

90 min | Comedy

A husband tries to hide a runaway girl from his wife and mother-on-law.

Director: Tom Walls | Stars: Ralph Lynn, Tom Walls, Winifred Shotter, Mary Brough

Votes: 9

26. Sleeping Partners (1930)

71 min | Comedy

A neglected wife spends the night with a roué after drinking a sleeping draught.

Director: Seymour Hicks | Stars: Seymour Hicks, Edna Best, Lyn Harding, Herbert Waring

27. Song of Soho (1930)

96 min | Musical

A foreign legionnaire becomes a café singer in Soho and is framed for murder.

Director: Harry Lachman | Stars: Carl Brisson, Edna Davies, Donald Calthrop, Henry Victor

30. Suspense (1930)

75 min | Drama, War

The First World War; a British Army platoon are delighted to be assigned to a quiet area of the trenches..front line, but quiet. Their first indication of a problem is when they meet the ... See full summary »

Director: Walter Summers | Stars: Mickey Brantford, Cyril McLaglen, Jack Raine, Hay Petrie

31. Symphony in Two Flats (1930)

86 min | Drama

A young composer goes blind, and shortly afterward enters his most recent work in a competition. He believes he's won, but doesn't know that his wife couldn't bear to tell him that he didn't. Complications ensue.

Director: Gareth Gundrey | Stars: Ivor Novello, Benita Hume, Jacqueline Logan, Cyril Ritchard

Votes: 9

32. The Chinese Bungalow (1930)

74 min | Drama

A wealthy Chinese banker marries a British singer and takes her back to his estate in the Malayan jungle. But his frequent absences on business make her feel abandoned and she has an affair... See full summary »

Directors: Arthur Barnes, J.B. Williams | Stars: Matheson Lang, Jill Esmond, Anna Neagle, Ballard Berkeley

33. The Compulsory Husband (1929)

100 min | Comedy

A recently engaged girl invites her parents to meet her fiance. They learn that he also loves another woman.

Directors: Monty Banks, Harry Lachman | Stars: Monty Banks, Lillian Manton, Clifford Heatherley, Gladys Frazin

34. The Dizzy Limit (1930)


A jewel thief kidnaps a conjurer's assistant to win a prize for a box trick.

Director: Edward Dryhurst | Stars: Jasper Maskelyne, Joy Windsor, Wallace Bosco, Dino Galvani

35. The Great Game (1930)

79 min | Comedy, Sport

Dicky Brown (John Batten) is a young, aspiring footballer who plays for a struggling side, the fictional Manningford Football Club, a team in the midst of a successful cup run. He manages ... See full summary »

Director: Jack Raymond | Stars: John Batten, Renee Clama, Jack Cock, Randle Ayrton

Votes: 18

36. The House of the Arrow (1930)

76 min | Crime, Mystery

In France, an inspector solves the poisoning of his rich aunt.

Director: Leslie S. Hiscott | Stars: Dennis Neilson-Terry, Benita Hume, Richard Cooper, Stella Freeman

37. The Loves of Robert Burns (1930)

96 min | Biography, Musical

Biography of the ploughboy poet.

Director: Herbert Wilcox | Stars: Joseph Hislop, Dorothy Seacombe, Eve Gray, Nancy Price

40. The Night Porter (1930)

55 min | Comedy

A hotel porter mistakes honeymooners for jewel thieves.

Director: Sewell Collins | Stars: Donald Calthrop, Trilby Clark, Gerald Rawlinson, Barbara Gott

Votes: 17

41. The Brat (1930)

81 min | Musical

A producer makes a star of the cockney waif who tried to rob him.

Director: Louis Mercanton | Stars: Betty Balfour, John Stuart, Anne Grey, Alf Goddard

42. The Price of Things (1930)

84 min | Drama, Crime

A Duke's twin takes his place at his wedding when he is drugged by spies.

Director: Elinor Glyn | Stars: Elissa Landi, Stewart Rome, Walter Tennyson, Mona Goya

44. The Squeaker (1930)

90 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

A detective poses as an ex-convict to expose the head of a benevolent society as a fence.

Director: Edgar Wallace | Stars: Percy Marmont, Anne Grey, Gordon Harker, Trilby Clark

Votes: 21

47. Two Worlds (1930)

95 min | War, Drama

An old Jew is forced to hied the Austrian lieutenant who killed his son and loves his daughter.

Director: Ewald André Dupont | Stars: Norah Baring, John Longden, Donald Calthrop, Randle Ayrton