British TV & Films 1957 Not Yet Released On DVD Region 2

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1. Action of the Tiger (1957)

Approved | 93 min | Action, Crime, Drama

Carson is an American contraband runner approached by Tracy, a French woman who wants him to help rescue her brother from Albania where he is being held as a political prisoner.

Director: Terence Young | Stars: Van Johnson, Martine Carol, Herbert Lom, Gustavo Rojo

Votes: 269

2. Adventures of a Jungle Boy (1957– )

30 min | Adventure, Family

African adventures of a boy who grows up in the wilds as an orphan when the rest of his family is killed in an airplane crash. He is assisted by a medical researcher, and his pet cheetah.

Stars: Michael Carr Hartley, Ronald Adam, Patrick Holt, Monica Stevenson

3. African Patrol (1957– )

30 min | Crime

Inspector Paul Derek is based in Nairobi, Kenya but travels throughout the colonial territory solving crimes. The nature of the bad behavior is often unique to the African locale. The phone number at the office is 1356.

Stars: John Bentley, Alan Tarlton, Glynn Davies, Tony Blane

Votes: 11

4. After the Ball (1957)

89 min | Biography, Musical

The life and loves of Music hall singer Vesta Tilley, who married into the nobility.

Director: Compton Bennett | Stars: Pat Kirkwood, Laurence Harvey, Jerry Stovin, Jerry Verno

Votes: 47

5. At the Stroke of Nine (1957)

71 min | Crime, Drama

A prominent journalist is kidnapped by a lunatic who threatens to kill her unless she writes flattering articles about him.

Director: Lance Comfort | Stars: Patricia Dainton, Stephen Murray, Patrick Barr, Dermot Walsh

Votes: 8

8. Count Five and Die (1957)

Approved | 92 min | Drama, History, Thriller

American and British counter-espionage combine to convince the Germans the cross-channel invasion will be in the Netherlands instead of France.

Director: Victor Vicas | Stars: Jeffrey Hunter, Annemarie Düringer, Nigel Patrick, David Kossoff

Votes: 140

9. Dick and the Duchess (1957–1958)

30 min | Comedy

Dick Starrett is insurance investigator in London and married to the upper class Jane. Her family disapproves of his being an American or background. Dick's co-worker is Peter Jamison and he collaborates with Inspector Starke on his cases.

Stars: Patrick O'Neal, Hazel Court, Richard Wattis, Roddy Hughes

Votes: 7

11. Menace in the Night (1957)

78 min | Crime, Drama

A woman witnesses the theft of soiled banknotes from a mail delivery truck, then is threatened by the perpetrators of the crime.

Director: Lance Comfort | Stars: Griffith Jones, Lisa Gastoni, Vincent Ball, Eddie Byrne

Votes: 5

12. Fire Down Below (1957)

Not Rated | 116 min | Adventure, Drama

The friendship between two tramp boat owners is threatened by the arrival of a beautiful and seductive passenger.

Director: Robert Parrish | Stars: Rita Hayworth, Robert Mitchum, Jack Lemmon, Herbert Lom

Votes: 1,309

13. Five Clues to Fortune (1957)

129 min | Crime, Drama

A treasure has been hidden at Woburn Abbey at the time of the Dissolution of the Monasteries. When the sale of the present-day estate is threatened three children find this treasure by ... See full synopsis »

Director: Joe Mendoza | Stars: John Rogers, Roberta Paterson, Peter Godsell, David Hemmings

Votes: 16

15. She Played with Fire (1957)

Approved | 95 min | Crime, Drama

An insurance investigator runs into an ex-girlfriend, who is still as beautiful as he remembered her, but is now married. He soon finds himself involved in arson, blackmail, and murder.

Director: Sidney Gilliat | Stars: Jack Hawkins, Arlene Dahl, Dennis Price, Violet Farebrother

Votes: 350

16. High Flight (1957)

Approved | 89 min | Drama, War

The Commanding Officer of an RAF Training School must deal with a difficult cadet, but the cadet reminds the C.O. of himself when young.

Director: John Gilling | Stars: Ray Milland, Bernard Lee, Kenneth Haigh, Anthony Newley

Votes: 215

17. Hour of Mystery (1957– )

60 min | Mystery

Hour of Mystery is an hour-long UK mystery anthology television series. Donald Wolfit introduced each of the episodes, which aired on the ITV (TV Network) in 1957.

Stars: Donald Wolfit, Gladys Henson, Kevin Stoney, Ronald Lewis

18. How to Murder a Rich Uncle (1957)

79 min | Crime, Comedy

The impoverished Clitterburn family live on a grand English estate but times are hard and the head of the household, Sir Henry, seizes upon news of the impending arrival of their rich ... See full summary »

Director: Nigel Patrick | Stars: Nigel Patrick, Charles Coburn, Wendy Hiller, Katie Johnson

Votes: 163

19. Pickup Alley (1957)

92 min | Action, Crime, Drama

International narcotics smuggler Frank McNally is trailed through various European countries by U.S. drug enforcement agent Charles Sturgis.

Director: John Gilling | Stars: Victor Mature, Anita Ekberg, Trevor Howard, Bonar Colleano

Votes: 285

20. It Could Be You (1957)

46 min | Drama

Two London models on their journey through Germany as their prize for winning a newspaper competition.

Director: Edwin J. Fancey | Stars: Adrienne Scott, Phillip Baird, Jackie Collins, Diana Chesney

Votes: 13

22. Kill Her Gently (1957)

Approved | 75 min | Thriller

Two convicts who have just escaped from prison are picked up by a motorist. He recognizes the men from descriptions given of them on the radio, but instead of turning them over to the ... See full summary »

Director: Charles Saunders | Stars: Marc Lawrence, George Mikell, Griffith Jones, John Gayford

Votes: 134

23. Lady of Vengeance (1957)

Approved | 73 min | Drama

A man hires a killer to avenge an innocent girl's death.

Director: Burt Balaban | Stars: Dennis O'Keefe, Ann Sears, Anton Diffring, Patrick Barr

Votes: 83

24. Light Fingers (1957)

86 min | Comedy

Humphrey assigns a "watchdog" to keep an eye on his wife Rose, whom he thinks is a thief. She isn't - but the watchdog is.

Director: Terry Bishop | Stars: Roland Culver, Eunice Gayson, Guy Rolfe, Ronald Howard

26. Violent Stranger (II) (1957)

83 min | Crime, Drama

A woman's husband has been convicted of murder. Knowing he is innocent, she sets out to find the real killer.

Director: Montgomery Tully | Stars: Zachary Scott, Faith Domergue, Peter Illing, Faith Brook

Votes: 13

27. Man-Eater (1957)

61 min | Adventure, Romance

Feature length film derived from editing together episodes of the television series "White Hunter"(1958).

Director: Compton Bennett | Stars: Rhodes Reason, Magda Miller, Lee Patterson, Patrick Holt

28. Matty (1957)

85 min | Drama

Long way home for a Finnish war orphan.

Directors: Bertil Haglund, Lars V. Werner | Stars: Ulf Strömberg, Olof Thunberg, Erik Ivar Kallok, Olli Keskitalo

Votes: 14

33. No Road Back (1957)

83 min | Crime

A blind and deaf woman dedicates her life and sacrifices all she has for her son, a good-for-nothing troublemaker who gets mixed up with a criminal gang that tries to frame him for a robbery.

Director: Montgomery Tully | Stars: Skip Homeier, Paul Carpenter, Patricia Dainton, Norman Wooland

Votes: 70

35. O.S.S. (1957–1958)

30 min | Drama, War

Frank Hawthorne is an agent in World War II's Office of Strategic Services (O.S.S.), the U.S.'s spy agency. He operates behind German lines in France with the assistance of the French ... See full summary »

Stars: Ron Randell, Lionel Murton, Robert Gallico, Max Faulkner

Votes: 17

36. Operation Murder (1957)

66 min | Drama

Dr. Wayne is a brilliant surgeon. He is jealous of his friend Bowen, who may be paying too much attention to Pat, the surgeon's seductive spouse. When Wayne must perform an emergency ... See full summary »

Director: Ernest Morris | Stars: Tom Conway, Sandra Dorne, Patrick Holt, Rosamund John

Votes: 11

39. Saint Joan (1957)

Not Rated | 110 min | Biography, Drama, History

In 1456, French King Charles VII recalls the story of how he met the seventeen-year-old peasant girl Joan of Arc, entrusted her with the command of the French Army, and ultimately burned her at the stake as a heretic.

Director: Otto Preminger | Stars: Richard Widmark, Richard Todd, Anton Walbrook, John Gielgud

Votes: 1,007

40. Seven Days from Now (1957)

100 min | Adventure, Drama, Thriller

Ship's officer finds himself in command of a lifeboat full of survivors of a sunken luxury liner.

Director: Richard Sale | Stars: Tyrone Power, Mai Zetterling, Lloyd Nolan, Stephen Boyd

Votes: 1,366

42. Son of a Stranger (1957)

Not Rated | 68 min | Crime

A young man searches for the father he never knew, who he believes to be a millionaire.

Director: Ernest Morris | Stars: James Kenney, Ann Stephens, Victor Maddern, Basil Dignam

46. Suspended Alibi (1957)

65 min | Crime, Drama

A married editor who is having an affair pretends that he is visiting an army friend, to keep his wife from suspecting him of infidelity. But while he is with the girlfriend, his friend is ... See full summary »

Director: Alfred Shaughnessy | Stars: Patrick Holt, Honor Blackman, Valentine Dyall, Naomi Chance

Votes: 85

47. Tarzan and the Lost Safari (1957)

Not Rated | 86 min | Action, Adventure

Tarzan leads five passengers from a downed airplane out of the jungle. En route white hunter Hawkins tries to sell them to the Oparian chief. Captured by the Oparians and nearly sacrificed ... See full summary »

Director: H. Bruce Humberstone | Stars: Gordon Scott, Robert Beatty, Yolande Donlan, Betta St. John

Votes: 532 | Gross: $1.99M

48. The Adventures of Twizzle (1957– )

15 min | Family

The adventures of a male doll who is able to extend his legs and arms.

Stars: Nancy Nevinson, Denise Bryer

Votes: 21

49. The Betrayal (1957)

Not Rated | 82 min | Crime, War

An Allied pilot is captured by the Germans during the war. During his imprisonment, he is blinded by his captors. Realizing that one of his fellow officers betrayed him to the enemy, after ... See full summary »

Director: Ernest Morris | Stars: Philip Friend, Diana Decker, Philip Saville, Peter Bathurst

Votes: 48

50. East of Kilimanjaro (1957)

75 min | Adventure, Drama