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by dan_dassow | created - 11 Apr 2011 | updated - 21 Nov 2011 | Public

As of the time of the creation of this list, these films are not on any other IMDb list.

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3. Miss Jerry (1894)

45 min | Romance

The adventures of a female reporter in the 1890s.

Director: Alexander Black | Stars: Blanche Bayliss, William Courtenay, Chauncey Depew

Votes: 81

4. Akrobatisches Potpourri (1895)

1 min | Documentary, Short

Eight circus performers known as the Grunato family perform their famous balancing act.

Director: Max Skladanowsky | Star: Grunato

Votes: 238

5. Autour d'une cabine (1894)

2 min | Animation, Short

Pre-cinematograph colour animation of a woman and man at the beach.

Director: Émile Reynaud

Votes: 749

6. Barque sortant du port (1895)

1 min | Documentary, Short

A rowboat with three men is leaving a little harbor. Two of them are rowing the boat, while the third is sitting in the stern. All of them wear hats. They are passing the outer end of a ... See full summary »

Director: Louis Lumière | Stars: Mrs. Auguste Lumiere, Jeanne-Joséphine Lumière

Votes: 1,093

7. Das boxende Känguruh (1895)

1 min | Short

A man and a kangaroo stand up in front of each other with boxing gloves, and simulate a boxing match on a theatre stage.

Director: Max Skladanowsky | Star: Delaware

Votes: 451

8. The Clown Barber (1898)

Short, Comedy

Clown cuts off customer's head and replaces it.

Director: James Williamson

Votes: 17

9. The Derby 1895 (1895)

1 min | Documentary, Short, Sport

A stationary camera, looking diagonally across a racetrack toward the infield, records the horses as they race past. Once they are out of view and the race is over, police officers run onto... See full summary »

Director: Birt Acres

Votes: 252

10. The Sea (1895)

1 min | Documentary, Short

Several little boys run along a pier, then jump into the ocean.

Director: Louis Lumière

Votes: 1,033

12. The Oxford and Cambridge University Boat Race (1895)

Short, News, Sport

Although the content of this film is primitive in the extreme - a shot of the traditional Oxford versus Cambridge University Boat Race, filmed on March 30 1895 - this film is of immense ... See full summary »

Director: Birt Acres

Votes: 24

13. Cordeliers' Square in Lyon (1895)

1 min | Documentary, Short

A stationary camera looks across the boulevard at a diagonal toward one corner of Lyon's Cordeliers' Square. It's a long shot, with a great deal of depth of focus. We can see the sky and ... See full summary »

Director: Louis Lumière

Votes: 854

14. Fishing for Goldfish (1895)

1 min | Documentary, Short

A baby held by his father dips his little hands into a water jug and he can' t catch the goldfish .

Director: Louis Lumière | Stars: Andrée Lumière, Auguste Lumière

Votes: 783

15. Jumping the Blanket (1895)

1 min | Documentary, Short

Outdoors, with a nondescript building in the background, four men stand, each holding the corner of a blanket stretched parallel to the ground. They wear the clothes of laborers. By the ... See full summary »

Director: Louis Lumière

Votes: 757

16. Trick Riding (1895)

1 min | Documentary, Short, Comedy

A man tries to get on a horse , but he climbs to one side and falls from the other, until he manages to stay in balance.

Director: Louis Lumière

Votes: 795

17. Arrivée d'un train gare de Vincennes (1896)

1 min | Documentary, Short

This lost film presumably features a train arriving at Vincennes station.

Director: Georges Méliès

Votes: 118

18. Watering the Flowers (1896)

1 min | Short, Comedy

This lost film presumably features a person watering flowers to comedic effect. This film is believed to have imitated the Louis and Auguste Lumière film "L'arroseur arrose", which survives.

Director: Georges Méliès

Votes: 52

22. Batteuse à vapeur (1896)

Documentary, Short

Little is known of this lost film; presumably it featured one or more threshing machines.

Director: Georges Méliès

Votes: 12

23. Le bivouac (1896)

1 min | Short

This lost film, among the earliest by Georges Méliès, presumably featured the use of a bivouac sack for a soldier encampment.

Director: Georges Méliès

Votes: 26

24. Les blanchisseuses (1896)


This lost film presumably features women washing clothing.

Director: Georges Méliès

Votes: 16

27. Boxing Match; or, Glove Contest (1896)

Short, Sport

Stage boxing match between Sergeant-Instructor Barrett and Sergeant Pope, with a round, interval, and knockout.

Director: Birt Acres

Votes: 24

28. Bébé et fillettes (1896)

Documentary, Short

Little is known about this lost film, which presumably features young baby girls.

Director: Georges Méliès | Star: Georgette Méliès

Votes: 14

29. The Bohemian Encampment (1896)

Documentary, Short

Very little is known of this lost film; according to the title it featured a gypsy camp.

Director: Georges Méliès

Votes: 13

30. Carga de rurales (1896)

1 min | Documentary, Short

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Director: Gabriel Veyre

Votes: 51

32. A Merry-Go-Round (1896)


Very little is known of this lost Georges Melies film, but the title indicates it may have featured children riding a merry-go-round.

Director: Georges Méliès

Votes: 18