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It's got to go, the sooner the better.
SamRawr30 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Oh boy, I just don't know where to start with this.

The biggest problem is that it tries to associate itself with Star Trek, when it has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Star Trek. Someone has vandalized a classic, dumbed it down so even idiots can follow a story, and then slapped Star Trek intellectual property left and right. The end result is nothing short of an insult to the intelligence of the fans over the past 40-50 years.

The writing and characters are dull and shallow, so very predictable, and everything is a cliché. There is no sense of wondering how an episode might play out as you can see it all coming a lightyear away. To completely retcon the Klingons is absolutely unforgivable. Just who do these people think they are? The writing is abysmal, how can it be possible in this day and age, with this huge budget, and come out with stories like a fan movie? It insists upon itself, has more plot holes than swiss cheese, and leaves a bitter taste in the mouth with the ongoing, never resolved story arcs revolving around very unlikable characters.

Jason Isaacs is a pompous and arrogant actor off-screen and only seems to enjoy destroying the history of the fandom, I can't watch another second of him in this role, and just adds to the collapsing house of cards that is STD. The vitriol from him toward the existing fanbase is doing him, or the show no favors, and if anything is making it even more hated.

By the mid season cliffhanger STD has lost most of the Trek fanbase and is now relying upon a hardcore bunch and unsophisticated newbies who wouldn't know a cerebral story or morality play if it slapped them upside their face. It's star trek made for idiots, by committee, and then shoehorned in to the Trek universe like an obese child trying to fit in to their baby clothes.

The special effects aren't great. Everything is oversaturated, blurry, shaky, obscured and unrefined. It looks like anime a lot of the time, there are fan movies on YouTube with greater finesse and refinement. Where is all the budget going? $8m per episode? It's completely unbelievable.

The end result is unwatchable garbage to Star Trek fans, and an action fantasy show for newbies. There is no science whatsoever, it's harry potter in space thinking it's Game Of Thrones.

They claim a 2nd season has already been commissioned, but I find that hard to believe. It reminds me of the claims by Paramount when Star Trek Beyond was flopping at the box office that the 4th movie script was already underway and to include Chris Hemsworth, then the movie ended up costing Paramount over $50m in net losses. It seems that it's a last ditch attempt at bringing in more viewers by pretending that it's so great you can't afford not to watch it.

The only real saving grace is CBS's decision to place it behind a paywall, so most people won't consider it to be canon in the same way that the novels are not canon because they were never seen in a TV show. STD is not a TV show, it's high budget fan fiction loosely based on the idea of Star Trek, but missing the entire point of it's existence.

It's really getting to a new low when Star Trek Enterprise is no longer the worst one, and in fact is looking like a pretty good option to watch instead right now. By the time we got to the mid season cliff hanger I was skipping through the pedestrian dialog more than I had watched.

I just left thinking that this whole thing had been a nightmare, I still find myself unable to fully comprehend what the hell CBS were thinking when they green lit this, and what the hell Netflix were thinking when funding the entire production budget.

You'll notice on IMDb that the reviews singing STD's praises are generally getting no likes or up-votes, so just who exactly is watching the show at this point? They've killed the inbuilt Trek fanbase from the outset, no one is going to accidentally come across it with a paywall there, so now it's just some hard core fanboys who frequent Star Trek websites to condemn anyone who isn't in love with STD, calling people racist misogynistic homophobes.

Well done CBS on another own goal. It's got to go, for everyone's sake, the sooner the better. CBS are now finding themselves in an international boycott relating to any content or goods with CBS's involvement.
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Poor Writing for any show - but butchers Trek canon as well
tom-297927 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
My words are identical to the long and detailed YouTube review by 'Jeff Holiday' if you'd prefer to see a video review.

In summary - the writers do set-ups and pay-offs within minutes of each other - but go back on them every time.

The plan is to photon torpedo the enemy ship.

Main character: "We can't kill the enemy because that will make him a martyr"

So the 1st officer and the captain beam over to stun him. (Which would never happen in any other Trek show, its against regulation)

They beam over and moments later: Main character assassinates the enemy.
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You can't just rewrite Star Trek history
jaydoo23 November 2017
This series takes place before TOS, yet the tech exceeds TOS. Why not set it in another time period? Star Trek was about contemporary issues wrapped in future wisdom. Discovery is about expensive computer graphics, xenophobic aliens, and "might is right". Unfortunately it misses the mark set by TOS and TNG. I find it strange (funny) how another series about space exploration that was derived as a comedy is currently "out-trekking" Trek. Check out The Orville for some back to TNG style light hearted episodes of Wagon Train in space.

Sadly, I believe that network execs have ruined another great long term TV franchise. If you network suits really want to save this show, hit a Star Trek convention, scrape up some real die-hard trekkers, give them a fair budget to write stories, and then sign cheques and keep your mouths shut. Real fans of Star Trek will deliver the truest Star Trek experience.

If Discovery leaves you unfulfilled, ignore the professional critics and check out The Orville!
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I am pretty sure they payed for every 10 star review
Frank Hohenfels1 December 2017
Here are a lot of reviews including "i am a real star trek fan and i love this show" Really? No real Star Trek fan could like only one single minute of this show.

I watched the first episode in pain and fast forwarded a few times through the second episode till i came to the decision that i will not have any more of that dirt in my memories.

The first minutes of the first episodes go like that. Where are your desert uniforms? Why is the captain and his number one together on an away mission? Why are you firing you phaser in front of a culture which has clearly not invented the warp drive? Why did you break the first directive only for repairing a single fountain? How is your ship not able to detect your life-signs but sees a trace in the sand? Why the hell are they flying with the whole ship into a planets atmosphere only to pick you up??? And in that rhythm it goes on and on. Nothing makes sense, not logically and especially not according to Star Trek physics and canon.

Should have called it "Star Trek WTF? - The series"

So those who write "i am a real fan and i liked it". Half of them are paid to write that and for the other half: You mean you are a big fan of that Sci-Fi show with JarJar and some superhero girls with light sabers and you like this series about superhero girls too? Well sorry, wrong franchise.
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Terrible, terrible show.
Agnetha Icelandica29 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This is NOT Star Trek. I don't know if a review of this rot can 'contain' spoilers when the whole show is spoiled anyway. There is nothing about this mess that could be mistaken for Trek. It is NOT canon, despite what CBS is trying to push. There is nothing canon in this show. There are no Klingons (just some ridiculous weirdos who look like a cross between the Jem'Hadar and Enemy Mine - except the Jem'Hadar were cool, and Enemy Mine was awesome). The behaviour of that dreadful Soniqua creature would never be tolerated in Starfleet - in fact the behaviour of nearly all the characters would never be tolerated in Starfleet. The uniforms are a dead match for the Chilean Soccer team, and the whole presentation is just truly awful. The attitude and behaviour of Jason Isaacs (whom I used to admire) is appalling, and he has lost a fan. NOT Trek. CBS has failed miserably.
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What happened to Star Fleet???
mrglenk26 November 2017
I didn't want to write anything until giving it several episodes, in the hope it would get better, but alas... no luck. Gone are the days when a Star Fleet captain and crew were people to admire. A psychiatrist would have a full time job analyzing the Discovery crew. The show is suppose to be taking place 10 years before the original series, yet the propulsion technology is more advanced than ever seen, the ship design is way out there... and don't get me started on the new look of the Klingons. It would have been better to place the series beyond all the other Star Trek and create a new alien as the enemy. At least slow down the subtitles so a person has time to understand what's being said. The charm of the earlier Star Trek was presenting a future of hope. The creators of Discovery have lost this concept. Better to watch old re-runs of an earlier series.
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To boldly go where no-one really wants to go ...
Mork_the_Borg24 November 2017
Where do I start, or should it be when do I start? So last week I was house-sitting as my daughter and her boyfriend where taking a little deserved break. Of course the cats still need to be fed as does that silly tropical fish that lives a lonely live next to the sink. Makes anyone wonder... what does the fish think when it sees running water coming from the tap. Is it aware of the concept that one day - when its fishy existence has come to an end- it may be flushed through the sinkhole? Anyway - no pets were hurt during the writing of this piece of text! So, having done all the vacuum- cleaning etc. I decided it was time checking out the new Star Trek series on a media that was also somewhat unfamiliar to me: Netflix.

Having grown up with the original Star Trek series, having absolutely loved Star Trek The Next Generation and some of the other series - Star Trek Discovery is just that: discovery of how a great series can be destroyed! It seems the new generation of Trekkies doesn't understand what Star Trek is all about. I so agree with some of the other remarks, that it seems like yet another Transformers nonsense series. No depth, average actors, and all kept alive with nice special effects (hence the 3 out of 10).

Star Trek is and has never been about fighting silly "Star Wars" wars. Star Trek is indeed about discovery and science, about exploring the unknown. And since when does a complete race, like the Klingons change their appearance overnight?

Argh... as a Trekkie I will still watch the new series, but deep down inside I know with 100% certainty that this is not what Gene Roddenberry had in mind.

Live Long and Prosper!
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Roddenberry must be turning in his grave...
AntonEgoCritics19 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not particularly old and not even a hardened Trekkie, but I WAS a fan... And I felt it was my obligation to open an account just to participate in mitigating this show's senseless and overly enthusiastic public reception...

The values Star Trek promoted and illustrated even facing the worse adversity was exemplary and inspiring... To think we might actually be capable of such evolution was goose-bumpy! Now it's just a bunch of egotistical undisciplined brats led by warmongers focused on personal achievement, love affairs, drinking, clubbing and answer back wittingly even to the hierarchy...

But I have to admit it does suit the writing though: In-eloquent and brash, poor vocabulary... Nothing like the perfectly articulated yet concise and efficient arguments of the past. (It really helped in perfecting my English at the time)

Before, each adventures took its time to unravel, taking root in the mind first, then pace-fully building up to smoothly unfold into a positive and meaningful ending... It was so well done, many episodes got me thinking many days after watching them... Where as all Discovery's 45 minutes episodes (except the last 2, maybe...) left an empty/unsatisfied feeling behind, like nothing really happened... I often found asking myself afterwards: "What have I watched?"

On a somewhat more positive detail, I salute the continuities showcasing the qualities of an advanced society with women being Captains and the wide acceptance of same sex relationships... Although, contrary to quite few opinions it seems, nowhere as "groundbreaking" or even as "daring" as it were when TOS or Voyager successfully implemented these same twists... Discovery just likes to over abundantly remind us of its stands on the matters by, for example choosing a confusing first name for the main character, or profusely exposing the viewer to inelegant and unrestrained public displays of affection... Which I doubt to be as tolerated in any actual military organization, let alone The Federation supposed to represent the best in humanity...

So to bring an end to my rant of disappointment, I'll finish by qualifying this show as a disrespectful, poorly written, overly demagogic, unsatisfying human showcase piece of garbage... With nice CGI.

I miss Star Trek...
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The worst Star Trek of all time
johnbaggs27 November 2017
How absolutely dreadful. This series is wrong on so many levels. The characters are so flawed and incompetent, it's sad and pathetic. The first episode has some pansy-ass, snowflake crying during the Klingon attack. "Why are we fighting? We're explorers" boo hoo hoo. Thankfully he dies seconds after. Fraternization between crew members runs rampant, with loads of inappropriate relationships that would destroy any normal ships morale. In episode 9, Ash gets sent to a Klingon ship to assist Michael; he breaks down on the ship and goes into a PTSD coma. Was he not thoroughly examined after his liberation? After being held captive for 7 years, he's good to go to return to the ship he was imprisoned on? Stuuuupid. Admiral Cornwell in conversation with L'Rell, when questioned about Klingon captives held by Star Fleet responds: "They are imprisoned". "They are interrogated...humanely." Seriously? They are politely waterboarded????? No wonder the Klingons want to destroy them. Stuuuupid. This series makes such an effort to be so all-inclusive, politically correct, unoffensive and wishy-washy, that ends up being a lame and plastic storyline with cardboard characters. CPT. Lorca is the only slightly redeemable character but is diminished by the fact that he's nailing Admiral Cornwell, who is supposed to be his boss. That is pretty much illegal in any branch of service or Government. I honestly can't believe I made it to episode 9. But I can guarantee I won't make it past the season 1 vomitorium.
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Kyle Ruggles20 November 2017
Simply horrible.. Long time Trekkie here and ... this series isn't even worth an entire review.. This is a disgrace and Gene Roddenberry must be rolling around in his grave knowing what a travesty this show is. Just.. horrible. read the other reviews, they get it.. The folks who made this show obviously don't. What a waste of money. What the heck are they thinking? The Expanse is my NEW sci-fi show...

This..."Discovery?" where they don't discover and don't Trek anywhere...a damn slap in the face to anyone who's ever loved Star Trek for being.. STAR TREK. This isn't Star Trek, this is some damn soap opera that just follows around Michael. What about the rest of the crew? do they even speak?

Shame...a damn shame.. *sigh*
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