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  • A BMX rider's remains are discovered on the roof of a warehouse after a failed bike stunt. While Booth and Brennan interrogate the victim's fellow riders, Hodgins and newly mellowed "squint" Fisher identify the numerous fractures in the victim's skeletal structure, and Angela recreates the series of events that led to the fatal accident. Meanwhile, Sweets turns to Booth for advice about his relationship with Daisy, and Booth makes a decision about his relationship with Hannah.

  • A navy yard warehouse owner finds a body with multiple fractures on his roof - the roof only accessible from the inside. The mold on his bones harbors a bug and leads to to daredevil 'wheelies'. They identify his reconstructed face as Dustin 'D-rott' Rottenberg. Possible motives include rivalry, especially given sponsorship ambitions, and his missing $2,000 BMX, which Booth gets found by weird Noel Liftin. Meanwhile he and Lance decide, getting drunk, it's time to by diamond rings, but neither actually gets engaged.


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  • Booth (David Boreanaz) and Sweets (John Francis Daley) sit at the bar down shots of booze. Both are pretty obviously intoxicated. "I love Daisy! I just love her!" Sweets proclaims in a slightly slurred voice. "I can't imagine my life without her ... I want to get married." Sweets then explains he doesn't want to end up like Booth: old and unmarried. Booth is taken aback by the remark. "Well, you know what? I'm going to propose to Hannah," Booth says. They laugh, cheer and have another round. The next morning, Booth is suffering from a hangover as he arrives on a building rooftop to find a body almost completely devoured by mold. Bones (Emily Deschanel) declares the victim a male in his 20s. It appears the body was dropped (seemingly from the sky) before being dragged to its final resting place. Odd.

    Back at the Jeffersonian, Fisher (Joel David Moore) listens to soothing records of ocean waves while examing the body. "Please turn it off," Bones asks. Fisher the shows x-rays of the bones -- almost all of them have fractures. Some of the fractures are older. Others are fresh. "So who was our victim?" Hodgins asks. "A moldy crash-test dummy?" Later, Hodgins reveals (T.J. Thyne) the source of the mold as dog vomit (gross) and the victim also had the exoskeleton of a bed bug on him (gross again). And there's more: an area hotel recently threw out bed-bug infested mattresses -- only to have them stolen by a gang of BMX bike riders. "Maybe they wanted something softer than concrete to land on," Camille (Tamara Taylor) says.

    Bones, Booth and Angela (Michaela Conlin) then head to the skate park, where BMX riders are busy risking their lives on steep ramps. Angela shows the proprietor, who has a broken foot, a reconstructed photo of the victim, but he doesn't recognize the face. Bones then steps onto a ramp, causing a young rider to crash. "What the hell lady?" he asks through pain. Bones shows the boy a photo of the victim -- and the injured rider identifies the face as belonging to "D-Rot." A female rider then explains the victim, Dustin, was taping himself on the top of buildings. "He wanted to get a shot of himself jumping from roof to roof," says the young lady, Stacey (Elizabeth Ho), an engineering student who confesses to designing the ramp. She then asks if they found Dustin's bike. The answer is no. "Some bastard probably killed him for his bike," she says. B&B hadn't considered such a motive.

    Later, Booth brings in glassy-eyed Noel (Scoot McNairy) to "sniff out" the stolen bike. "It was last seen in the Navy yard," Booth says. The paranoid Noel agrees to watch the streets. Fisher, meanwhile, explains the cause of death to Bones. "The victim died from internal decapitation," Fisher explains. He was hit in the chin, which snapped his neck. Yikes. Later, Noel calls Booth with news: he has found the bike. In fact, it is currently being ridden by a young man. The kid, noticing Booth, makes a run for it. Booth chases the kid, catches him and cuffs him. Turns out the kid, Orlando, has eight fake IDs. "I sell these things for $100 a piece, but murder? That's not me," he tells Booth. Bones then explains the owner of the stolen bike is dead. "I found the bike between two buildings ... just lying there all beat up on the ground," Orlando says. Booth believes the boy.

    Bones then suggests Angela "recreate" the damaged bike while she and Camille recreate the damaged body. Why? "We can see whether the internal decapitation was an accident or murder," Camille explains. Later, Angela determines no matter how the bike landed, it could not have caused the victim's internal decapitation. "So our victim wasn't killed in the bicycle crash," Bones deduces. "After he fell, someone struck him." The plot thickens. Fisher then finds a tooth in the body -- a tooth which does not belong to the victim. The tooth also has remnants of a material used to treat acne. "We're looking for a pock-marked 23-year-old with a missing tooth," Fisher says. Sounds familiar.

    Sure enough, Booth brings in the boy from the skate park. Skate-park boy explains he did get in a fight with Dustin -- and had his tooth knocked out. But the pair made up afterwards. "He kept the tooth as a souvenir," says skate-park boys. "It was a joke." It's just stupid enough to be true. In fact, skate-park boy even has one of the victim's teeth. Back at the lab, Fisher finds a tiny piece of glass in the fatal wound. Sweets and Booth, meanwhile, go ring shopping together. Sweets is clearly unsure. "I can't do it!" Sweets announces. "I'm not ready. I'm years away from being in your situation." In response, Booth chooses the biggest ring he can see. "Wonderful man," says the impressed clerk (Judy Kain).

    Later, Angela interviews Stacey, who realizes Dustin used the wrong design of ramp. Stacey then theorizes Dustin didn't attempt to jump from rooftop to rooftop, but launched himself from the ground to the roof -- or tried to. She draws up the ramp design making it possible -- and notes the rider would have to approach the ramp at great speed. "Someone had to tow him to get a launch like that," Stacey says. Angela notes whoever towed the victim would also be the last person to see him alive.

    Back at the lab, Angela shows a computer reconstruction of the jump: Dustin was dragged behind a truck at a speed of 40 miles per hour before using the ramp to propel himself onto the roof, where he crashed. The bike skidded off and fell between the building next door (corroborating Orlando's claim). Hodgins then announces the glass fragments found in the neck break contain the same fiberglass used in casts. The problem: everybody at the skate park seemed to have a cast. Angela suggests they look for broken legs as the fatal blow is consistent with a kick. Before you can say "case closed," Booth has the skate-park proprietor in custody. The proprietor admits to towing Dustin -- and then said Dustin was so angry at having botched the stunt that the two got in a fight. The proprietor kicked the victim because Dustin had grabbed his "plums."

    Case closed, but not the episode. Booth meets Hannah (Katheryn Winnick) in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Booth then professes his love -- and produces the ring. "Marry me," he says. Hannah hesitates. "I love you -- really do," she says. "But I can't. I'm just not the marrying type ... I'm so sorry." Booth is CRUSHED. Hannah is CRUSHED, too. It quickly becomes clear the two will be breaking up. Hannah agrees to move her stuff out of his apartment. "I do love you ... I don't think we're done," Hannah says. We'll see. Booth heads straight to the bar and starts drinking. After a few shots, Bones arrives. "What is it with women who don't want what I'm offering here?" he asks. "I'm just mad at all of you." Booth then rather forcefully explains B&B will just continue to be partners. No love. No confusion. It's too painful. Bones decides to share a drink with her partner.

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