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A decent thriller/heist movie. Full of the usual plot-holes though!
MosHr4 January 2012
As you'd expect, "Man on a Ledge" is a Swiss-cheese plotted heist and "prove his innocence" movie but taken as just that, it's quite an enjoyable movie. I suppose after having seen enough of these kinds of movies, I shouldn't expect perfection in how every plot thread is tied up since very few movies manage it. However, what the movie does excellently is setup the plot and build up the situation perfectly. Just starting as a literal man on a ledge, we see subtle layers added until we get this full on crescendo of diamond heists, negotiators, cops, convicts, bad guys, good guys all happening on in a single block in New York. So, given that you're willing to suppress your tingling plot-hole sense, it can be an enjoyable movie.

The cast is quite good and the acting and tension is par for the course. The leads Sam Worthington and Elizabeth Banks do a great job. Seeing Worthington as an ex-NY cop, ex-convict and Banks as a negotiator/psychologist with a past is surprising on paper but they manage to pull it off very well. However, Jamie Bell is one of the heist-team but his opposite who plays Angie make for some cringe-worthy comedy, like some Sofia Vergara slapstick in the middle of a tense situation. Ed Harris looks emaciated but equally sinister as the villain and there are a host other minor NY characters.

I can hear the Hollywood pitch for the movie in my head, "it's like The Negotiator combined with The Italian Job but happens in NY and instead of a hostage situation we have a jumper." And, essentially it's just that – a movie that heavily recalls other movies from the past except perhaps for the man on ledge. On a side note, it seems that every NY movie nowadays has a reference to the OWS movement and what a typical OWS protester might look like.

The movie is at its best when it clamors for our hero who desperate and is fighting all odds to clear his name as he shouts from his ledge, "I am innocent and this is my retrial." The movie is at its worst when it's ungainly roping in all the plot threads it cast out but can't seem to put it together. Overall, it's a good enough movie for people who like these kinds of movies. If you've caught yourself bitterly berating the many plot holes in heist movies, maybe this isn't for you.
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Disregard the Bad Reviews and Enjoy this Entertaining Action-Thriller
Claudio Carvalho17 June 2012
In Sing Sing Correctional Facility, the ex-cop Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington) is informed that his appeal was denied by the court. When his father dies, Nick has authorization to go to the funeral escorted by two policemen. However, he has a fight with his estranged brother Joey Cassidy (Jamie Bell) and Nick subdues the police officers and escape.

Nick lodges at the 21st floor of the Roosevelt Hotel in New York and he goes to the ledge through the window and threatens to jump on the floor, attracting a crowd on the street. The negotiator Lydia Mercer (Elizabeth Banks) is assigned to convince the unknown jumper to give up of his intention. Meanwhile Joey and his girlfriend Angela Maria 'Angie' Lopez (Genesis Rodriguez) breaks in the jewelry owned by the powerful David Englander (Ed Harris). Nick claims innocence to Lydia and asks her to give more time to him since he will prove that he is innocent. Lydia believes that Nick is honest or lunatic and decides to investigate his information.

"Man on a Ledge" is an entertaining action-thriller with a great cast. The story has the usual plot holes and unrealistic situations, but that is the funniest part of this type of movie. The unknown Genesis Rodriguez is a very beautiful actress and my advice to the readers is to disregard the bad reviews and enjoy this good film. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "À Beira do Abismo" ("On the Edge of the Abyss")
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Not fabulous but better than I expected
Keryl Cryer4 January 2012
I had seen one preview for this film, and it didn't appeal to me at all. Even the title seemed completely unimaginative, like it was a shortened elevator pitch. However, I had a chance to see it as a sneak preview, and I thought, "Well, you can't go terribly wrong with Jamie Bell, Anthony Mackie, and Ed Harris, and I haven't seen Ed Burns in anything for awhile. Besides, it's free. What the heck?"

Well, the movie was, on occasion, kind of ridiculous, and it had a typically predictable ending. Also, Sam Worthington couldn't maintain his American accent; whenever he started yelling, he sounded very Australian. Still, the movie has more strengths than weaknesses, and I even had a couple of gasps and then relieved relaxes. Certainly not the best action movie I've seen, but far from the worst either. It's a decent popcorn flick, a good option if you want a movie that isn't completely mindless but doesn't make your brain hurt either.
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Entertaining action/thriller
Paul Budde4 January 2012
This movie was a fun, entertaining action movie. From the previews I had a good idea of what was going to happen. A guy is on a ledge, threatening to jump, and he is trying to prove his innocence. I don't want to give any details away so I won't get too much into the plot. There are a few twists towards the end that are nice. I would have to say that the plot wasn't incredibly original. It is similar to other action, cop movies that we've seen before. Reminded me of 'The Fugitive' and 'Phone Booth' which were both movies I liked. (No where near as good as The Fugitive though!) There were good shots from the 'ledge' and some good action scenes that were nice at the theater. Overall I would definitely recommend this film. Go see it if you like action/thriller movies!
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Man Climbs out to the Ledge for a Second Chance
wilson trivino3 January 2012
A distinguish gentleman checks into a hotel with a view, has a nice meal and before dessert arrives climbs out on the ledge. But why? The thriller Man on the Ledge takes you on a journey into a man who seeks to capture his innocence in crime he did not commit. We learn the jumper is a former cop and ex-con, Nick Cassidy (Sam, Worthington) who takes a leap of faith to clear his name fortunately police psychologist Lydia Mercer (Elizabeth Banks) sweeps in to unlock a forgotten past. Man on the Ledge is a suspense filled thriller that will keep you on edge for the truth of this twisted tale.

This movie has a good story with not too much violence or profanity. It kept my interest and has some good special effects.
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Man on ledge = viewer on edge
MrGoodMovie22 June 2012
Don't be put off by the rather boring title, this is a quirky little movie that works quite well and will give acrophobics a dizzying run for their money.

I have to say that I figured a movie in which the plot revolves around some guy on a ledge would be relatively slow paced. However the film is in fact surprisingly fast-paced with the viewer largely unaware of the underlying plot even as our man steps out on to his ledge.

The characters and their parts in the plot are revealed as we go, with plenty to keep the viewer on the edge of their seat as our disgraced ex-cop dangles precariously on his ledge.

The revelations come thick and fast, and at one point you may well be asking yourself whether there are actually any good cops in this movie (luckily for our "jumper", there are!).

There is one really good action scene/stunt in the movie which is difficult to describe without ticking the "spoiler" box so I will leave you to discover what was for me the best jaw-dropping moment of the film.

And just in case anyone reading this review has already watched the movie and was wondering, Genesis Rodriguez stripping down to her underwear was my second best jaw-dropper scene (sad, I know!)

Not an epic but a nevertheless entertaining movie that is well worth watching, and there is even a nice little twist towards the end.
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The only thing bad about this movie is the critics off opinions
h_verse28 January 2012
I'm not going to dance around and avoid spoiling so I'll keep it short. It was a good movie. It apparently has flaws in the plot line, but while you're enjoying the movie, IT WON'T MATTER. Sam Worthington (Terminator: Salvation, Avatar, Clash Of The Titans) is a bonafide action star (and better actor than Channing Tatum). The supporting cast was refreshing! I haven't seen Burnsy (Edward Burns) play a likable character in a while. Jamie Bell(Jumper, The Eagle) plays the scrawny little brother with perfection. Elizabeth Banks (Zack and Miri Makes A Porno) seems to be cut from the cloth of a Tea Leone sans the raspy voice. Playing the down trodden detective who reluctantly has the task of talking down the jumper. And Ed Harris (The Rock, A History Of Violence) as the bad guy. What else do I need to say? Enjoy the movie!
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An interesting premise but the film does little with it.
Hellmant15 May 2012
'MAN ON A LEDGE': Three Stars (Out of Five)

Sam Worthington stars in this action thriller about an ex-cop turned escaped con threatening to commit suicide by jumping from a Manhattan hotel room while a diamond heist is going on in the building next door. The film costars Elizabeth Banks, Jamie Bell, Ed Harris, Edward Burns, Anthony Mackie, Kyra Sedgwick and the gorgeous Genesis Rodriguez (also seen recently in the Will Ferrell comedy 'CASA DE MI PADRE'). It was directed by Asger Leth and written by Pablo F. Fenjves. Despite a good cast the film is just mediocre entertainment; it has an interesting premise but does little with it.

Worthington plays Nick Cassidy, an ex-cop framed for a crime he didn't commit; stealing a diamond from David Englander (Harris). He breaks out of prison and flees to a Manhattan hotel where he threatens to commit suicide. Cassidy requests Detective Lydia Mercer (Banks), a police psychologist, to negotiate with. As Mercer tries to talk Cassidy down a diamond heist is being conducted in the building next door by Nick's brother Joey Cassidy (Bell).

The movie is interesting at first but how it plays out is a little less than thrilling. The directing is adequate at best and the screenplay is lacking involvement. Worthington, Banks, Bell and the rest do the best with their parts though and it's nice to see Worthington continue to branch out a little. The film is forgettable but a little more than mildly entertaining.

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I expected seeing a good movie ending seeing a great movie
atinder22 February 2013
was looking forward to see this movie since i saw the trailers and now that I have seen.

I thought it even better then it thought t be.

This movie had me on edge of seat thought the movie, I had no idea what going to happen next.

There was some very good tense scenes in this movie that really got me of seat and shouting at the TV.

There were some really good twist and turns in this movie that I didn't see coming at all.

I Thought the acting was really good from the whole cast and Extras too.

I expected a good movie but ended up seeing a great movie

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Man on the Ledge - 2012
alexis17-920-7910945 January 2012
The trailer doesn't give away too much - I thought yeah, maybe. However, I won free tickets so there I was at preview night. And guess what? The movie turned out to be a pleasant surprise. It manages to hold you on the edge of your seat. There are several turns and twists. Plus it's the guy from Avatar, Sam Worthington who plays a former cop, now fugitive,Ex-con Nick Cassidy. Never seen him in anything else, just Avatar 3 times. He's sexy and believable. His Australian accent did come out a few times, but on the whole it was endearing. The only thing he takes off is his jacket and "the ledge". Most of the movie takes place entirely on a N.Y. Manhattan 21st floor hotel ledge. The crowd notices, and YEs we have a JUMPER. I loved the crowd scenes, I wished there were more close ups on some of the screaming dialogues. There were great characters in the crowd, News team and your typical good/bad cops, Swat and Tactical teams. Oh, yes the fire department. The cast was well chosen. Ed Harris, played the sinister millionaire perfectly. God he's good. Jamie Bell, plays our leads' brother...Joey Cassidy-he's awesome too. He tricks and worries us several times throughout the film. His partner in crime, Kyra Sedgwick, plays Suzie Morales, his girlfriend with a past, is beautiful, (for all you straight men- especially when she's in her undies) and their dialogue is total comedy slapstick. I loved them, I totally laughed and wanted to see more. Elizabeth Banks, the police psychologist, was perfect also in every way. The movie does not have any major violence or profanity but the heist is exciting. I liked it and would see it again.
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Yeah, not bad actually
bowmanblue18 May 2014
Okay, I didn't know what to expect when I watched this. And, after about fifteen minutes, the jury was still out. A man, played by Sam Worthington, climbs out onto a hotel ledge and threatens to jump. We don't know why yet. Hopefully we will. So I watched on.

I guess the closest film like this was probably Phone Booth, i.e. it's primarily set in one, very public, location. However, Man on a Ledge is definitely different. Without giving too much away, the 'man' is on a mission and there are enough different locations in and around the building to hopefully not bore the viewer. There's action, conspiracies, baddies and everything you'd probably expect.

Basically, it's a thriller and not a bad one at that. I didn't expect to like it. I'm not a fan of Sam Worthington generally and I thought the 'on a ledge' idea was a bit gimmicky and couldn't see where they were going to go with it.

Now, on reflection, I'm glad I didn't know too much about the plot. I was pleasantly surprised.

Not a classic, but certainly good enough to entertain (although you may have to suspend your disbelief to fully appreciate it - there were parts that may not quite have happened that way in real life - the heroes were pretty lucky in places, but isn't that why we watch films?).
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I wish I was on the ledge
Nebiki12 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I am amazed at the generosity of human kind. Somebody funded, created and distributed this movie, which I can only assume was a charitable gesture to the actors involved. It certainly wasn't to the cinema-goers.

We won't detain you with the plot, because to be honest, the director didn't. The acting was almost uniformly two dimensional. The plot line - an exercise in scripting by numbers. In the theatre we watched it in, it was clear people were voting with their feet by leaving. They were the lucky ones. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, the finale includes a proposal scene in an Irish police pub.

I didn't actually check, but I assume they had secured the ledges in the building we were watching it in.

Move on, nothing to see here.
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Exciting movie, worth the watch
benjamin-petrinec23 June 2012
Man on a Ledge is a very exciting and refreshing movie.

It is set in a very good scene, and has a really interesting story. Some things could have gone deeper, and other things could have been more developed.

I gave it 7 out of 10, because it is not a movie that will be known throughout time, it has it qualities but in some ways it is not original enough for people to cherish it on a higher level.

If you've been watching bad movies recently, you would love this one since it is a good addition to any movie collection, even though it could have been better.
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A Real Thriller
Josh Broudy10 January 2012
Ultimately, he's just a man on a ledge. He's a man with a decision to make. Go back to prison for 25 years for a crime he didn't commit, or perform the crime he committed to prove he didn't commit the crime in the first place.

Hopefully, that wasn't too confusing.Nick Cassidy (Worthington) is a convicted convict serving 25 years for stealing and breaking into a thousand pieces, Dave Englander's (Harris) prized diamond. After breaking out of federal prison, Cassidy steps out onto the ledge of the hotel, and requests a certain negotiator (Banks) to talk to him.

That is about as far as I'll go into the plot. But know, that this was a real thriller. The music set this thriller apart from others. It was fit in exactly the write places. The cinematography was also a real plus for the film. As the audience, we were constantly reminded how high up Cassidy was from the rest of the crowd.

There were some negatives, however. Banks, by no means, was terrible in this movie. But they could've done a better job casting for the part. I actually think Worthington's Avatar cast mate Michelle Rodriguez would've been perfect for the role. Other than that, this wasn't the most original script. There were a fair share of cheesy barbs between Joey (Bell) and Angie (Rodriguez).

Speaking of Genesis Rodriguez, wow. I mean, damn, she's hot. No disrespect for Bell, but he, like all of us, are out of her league.

Overall, it was a good success by the relatively new feature film director-screenwriter combination.
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Jump already!
www.ramascreen.com29 January 2012
-- --

There really is no other way to describe MAN ON A LEDGE than to simply call it Phone Booth meets The Negotiator. It's a mildly entertaining thriller that throws originality out the window. I think it's cute that it badly wants to be taken as a smart, edgy, heist action with unexpected twists and turns but once that juice runs out, as soon as the creativity hits the wall, everything about this movie falls apart..

Somebody needs to tell Sam Worthington to either get an acting coach or fire the one he already has because not only does his terrible American accent keeps going on and off, the man practically has the same expression and presence in all his movies, at least since Avatar, which is probably the first time that general American audiences were exposed to Worthington. Elizabeth Banks is as dull as dull can be, talking to a negotiator like that makes you want to jump off the ledge instead. Other better-staged heist films would see MAN ON A LEDGE and laugh their ass off.

MAN ON A LEDGE is essentially is a man who tries to prove his innocence, there's a plot within a plot, he makes the world think one situation while another related situation is happening at the same time. The interaction between the negotiator Lydia Mercer (Banks) and Nick Cassidy (Worthington) is underdeveloped. The only great performance in this film is by Ed Harris and even he couldn't save this ship from sinking. The way the film plays all sides is uneven and it's so obvious about it. The whole thing does feel like a it's handled by inexperienced filmmakers and screenwriters who bite off more than they can chew and so the results are consistent plot holes, surprises that don't make any sense and easy way outs.

-- --
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Who wrote this piece of garbage... a high school kid?
kwfnewyork22 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The only reason I give it as high as a 3 is because it does have some excitement in it. Other than that, this whole concept is pure garbage. The plot line is so full of holes you could drive a truck through them. I am willing to suspend belief when it comes to action/thrillers (such as the Mission Impossible or Die Hard franchises) but you would have to be deaf, dumb and blind to believe the storyline in this movie. For example, he takes a flying leap off a 21 story building and lands on an air-bag that is not even on his side of the building and walks away like nothing happened? Or, the brother and girlfriend (who just broke into a building and held a man at gunpoint) get to walk away Scot-free? How about the fact that the guy broke out of prison and now they are letting him go the same day? The negotiator shot a cop on the rooftop and she's not even questioned about it? REALLY???
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Do not expect anything from this movie...
Nibbler00715 April 2012
I expected more, much more from this film, but it didn't deliver.

I don't write bad reviews, because I'm a cinema-lover and I tend to catch the spirit of a fact it's my very first bad review ever... but I need to say something about Man on a Ledge.

It has a good cast, but someway the actors played their roles in such a foolish way... like they were attached to the script so much, there's no originality in their actings.. it's kind of weird, because I've seen other movies with Edward Burns, Elizabeth Banks, Jamie Bell, Sam Worthington, that made me relie on their capabilities, but on "Man on a ledge", the acting is a complete flaw.

I hated the argument, that plot never goes in a known direction (you got SWAT, idyllic Hollywood style witnesses of the "suicidal" event, lawyers and negotiators going around with no clear intentions and poor plot development)

I hated the directing so much, that I'd better stop watching this boring, little clichéed stuff.

In fact, you'll never compromise with this film. That's its worst flaw; you never feel attached to any of the characters. The "humour touches" are a bit naive and dull, it's really boring sometimes.

We have no real entertaining, it's a big deception overall... for those who go for thrillers, avoid this crap.

There are no memorable moments, it really sucked all the time. Flat actors, poor plot lines, incredible and deeply arguable wasting of acting talents and plot holes that will make you think if is it really necessary to write a critique about this awful film.

Sadly, someone has to say it, Man on a Ledge is a BLUFF.
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This is worth a watch or two
daggersineyes28 September 2013
The "scathing" reviews of this movie are amusing. I don't know what they were expecting but I think this movie does what it says on the package. While it's no great Academy Award winning effort, it most certainly isn't "awful" or "garbage".

Ledge is a nice, interesting thriller with a good plot and some great action sequences (and a silly name). The acting is fine. I always enjoy Sam Worthington's under-stated acting and his co-stars were okay, apart from Ed Harris who (as he often does) hammed it up too much and under- mined the suspense a little when he was on screen. The direction is OK but I can't help thinking that in a more experienced director's hands this would have been a lot more suspenseful & thrilling. Nevertheless it's still got enough suspense, interesting characters, thrills, occasional giggles etc to make it a worthwhile watch and an entertaining evening's viewing.

Ledge doesn't pretend to be the next best Oscar-winning, deep & meaningful blockbuster. It's a solid basic suspense story with a few twists, lots of clichés (but they work in movies like this!), the inevitable forgivable plot-holes and a happy ending for most of the characters. (NB Incidentally, some of the "plot holes" I've seen people complaining about are not actually "plot holes" at all. They're just bits that are not explained or shown in the movie. For example, there may well have been an internal investigation into the events of the day. But that's not relevant to this story so of course they didn't go into it. No-one cares :))

Ledge is not a movie to "make you think" or an exploration of any serious, burning issue in life. It's quite simply a fun flick with lots of pretty to look at, twists to intrigue you and action to entertain. If you watch movies to be entertained rather than to pick them apart then you'll have a great time with this one! :)
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Almost Unwatchable!
Design735 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I knew when I sat down to watch this movie, I wasn't going to see something like Dog Day Afternoon or The Bank Job, but I at least hoped for something that would entertain me rather than insult my intelligence. Unfortunately it was not to be.

The movie is about a cop, Nick (Sam Worthington) who is wrongly convicted of stealing a diamond and framed by crooked cops and an evil multimillionaire played by Ed Harris. To set the record straight, he breaks out of prison, gets new clothes from a safe house, goes to Manhattan and checks into a hotel and then goes out onto the ledge of the hotel so that everyone below will think he's trying to kill himself. This of course is just a diversion so that his brother and his brother's girlfriend, can quietly slip into the building across the street to find the diamond he was accused of stealing. Simple right?

Now, here are just a couple of plot holes that I noticed. First are we to believe that a cop just happens to have a younger brother who has a girlfriend who are both seasoned cat burglars who know how to cut the right wire to deactivate the high tech alarm, shimmy through elevator shafts and foil a high tech heat sensor? Wow that is awfully convenient. Second, at the end when he jumps off the building (without looking below mind you) onto an inflatable mattress he walks away without a scratch? Really? Third, when he finally confronts Ed Harris at the end, after surviving his fall, he simply knocks Ed Harris down and takes out the diamond and waves it in the air. And this is supposed to bring the cops that have been chasing him all day to a halt? And then because of this, they swarm on Ed Harris. What does that prove. He waves a diamond in the air so he must be innocent? That can't be another diamond. Of course not. All the cops on the ground know is that he's broken out of prison and has attempted suicide and now has attacked a big shot millionaire. What does waving a diamond in the air prove? By the way Ed Harris' character is a Trump-like figure, wouldn't he have more security around him? Also why would they take the time to frame Sam Worthington's character by cooking up the whole stolen diamond thing? Wouldn't it be easier to just kill his character rather than frame him?

Of course these are only a few plot holes that I have shared here. I'm sure I'm leaving out a ton more, for example the dad popping up at the end. What was that? And whose funeral were they at? And how was that planned? So do yourself a favor and avoid this one at all costs.
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Not too bad.
deatman922 November 2012
I remember when this movie first came out. My friends and I were watching T.V and we see a preview for a movie with a guy standing on a ledge of a building. Then the title reads "Man on a ledge" and naturally we all start howling with laughter. The ridiculous name for this movie was the first speed bump then second was Sam Worthingtons atrocious attempt at doing an American accent. I never knew if his character was Australian or American. The story line was alright it kept you interested but there is more then its share of silly moments.

This movie is about a man who one day crawls out on the ledge of a building and threatens to jump while a hoard on onlookers eagerly await seeing him splat. Unknowing to the crowd all this is a ruse to keep everyone attention away from a robbery thats really going on around the block.

This movie was OK but it definitely had its problems. Acting was a major one Sam Worthington is awful. The plot was a nice take on a heist movie but the dialouge and writing left me disappointed as I did not care about any of the characters or what happened. Good for one time watch.
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A Simple Movie that Keeps You Entertain
Five! Well, since the five early minutes, thiz movie has already set up the sharp action pace. It doesn't waste your time any longer. It takes you directly to the center of the story. How a desperate man steps out on a ledge of Manhattan Hotel to commit suicide. Why, what and who are told by flashback story-telling. Four! There are four key characters. First, Sam Worthington is the man on a ledge himself. Yes, we still hear his Australian accent, but it doesn't matter. He delivers a good and believable presence. We will be sweating along every time he moves around on the thin edge of the building. Elizabeth Banks is the police negotiator who interferes in thiz circumstance. Jamie "Tintin" Bell is the brother who conducts a heist on next building, with his sexy girlfriend Angie (Genesis Rodriguez). And Ed Harris is a powerful multi-billionaire who has a secret intention. It reminds me of those simple movies that keep you entertain until the last minute, just like in "Phone Booth" (2002), "Cellular" (2004), "Red Eye" (2005), you name it! I always love thiz kind of movie. Three! Yeah, there are three possibilities to end thiz situation. First, finally he doesn't jump and the end. Second, he jump and the end, or there will be unthinkable surprise for the ending, one way or another. And yes, you know in your heart it won't end so easily, there are lots of twists and turns waiting for you. You bet! The mystery will keep you guessing until the end. The movie is presented by first time Director Asger Leth. Two! There are two reasons to watch thiz movie. First is Sam Worthington. Two years ago, I told everyone that someday thiz man will be a great iconic star. And hey look now. It is the future! He sells the movie only by his name! People will easily cherish him, "Woo hoo, the man from 'Avatar' (2009)". Second, if you have watched the trailer before, I'm sure it would tickle your curiosity about what will happen next. One! Jump! Jump to thiz movie immediately, thiz movie is the one that you want to see.

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What the heck? This is Way better than a 6.6!
nottoman3 January 2013
The trailer doesn't do this movie justice - and certainly the IMDb rating is way off. I don't consider myself to be some sort of film critic, but I love the arts and have been involved in music and stage a bit in my day -- so I find it perplexing when the IMDb rating seems to be off by a couple of points. Ledge is really an engaging film, with some twists and turns that you couldn't second guess. A really strong cast keeps it tight and all corners square. Loved the fact that the ah-ha moment wasn't just at the end - constantly you had to flip back a page and realize what was really going on. As a cherry on top, I think everyone enjoys a flick with a flavor of justice at the end :) Enjoy! And keep the names straight as the story unfolds.
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Elizabeth Banks rules
dtucker863 February 2012
Sam Worthington is the star of this movie buts its Elizabeth Banks who steals the show in my humble opinion. The theme of the convicted innocent man fighting to clear his name is one of the oldest in movies, it was a favorite theme of Alfred Hitchcock as a matter of fact so this isn't highly original material here. A great deal of the movie is just him on a ledge looking down at the crowd below. I have a fear of heights so that part wasn't enjoyable for me. However, Elizabeth Banks made this film for me. You usually don't expect to see fine acting in "action" movies but she gives a great performance as a tough, ballsy woman in a man's job who is tormented by a tragedy she couldn't prevent. There are genuine moments of tension and thrills in the movie and Ed Harris is great as the scummy bad guy you love to hate.
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hang/stand in there
Lee Eisenberg29 July 2012
If you only hear about "Man on a Ledge", it might sound like a typical action flick. However, it's nothing of the sort. There is limited action but a lot of suspense. Sam Worthington plays a man standing on the ledge of a New York hotel. It turns out that this action is related to his past, and that in another building, there is something equally important going on.

The absence of explosions certainly strengthens the movie. Some of the neatest scenes are those in the ducts, many of them as tense as what's happening on the ledge. Overall, Ed Harris's character is the perfect representation of the sorts of people who crashed the economy four years ago. A really interesting movie. And if I may say so, Génesis Rodríguez is a REAL looker! Also starring Kyra Sedgwick, Elizabeth Banks and Jamie Bell (Tintin in "The Adventures of Tintin").
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" If you're so intent on jumping to your death, at least tell us your name "
thinker16913 July 2012
Director Asger Leth relates an usual story called " Man on a Ledge" written by Pablo F. Fenjues of a man called Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington) who takes a room in a high rise hotel to have supper and then threatens to commit suicide. Just before he jumps, the audience discovers is was once a Police Officer who has a strange request. He tells the arriving SWAT team, he would like to talk with J. Smith-Cameron, a police Psychiatrist. From there on, the situation becomes bizarre as the audience learns the man on the ledge is secretly talking with some companions in a nearby high rise, who are in progress of robbing a special safe containing a valuable jewel worth $30 million dollars. Ed Harris plays the millionaire financier who is the target of the man on the ledge. The question remains, who is the cop on the ledge and why is he threatening to kill himself? The movie is a dramatic story of revenge with both cops and criminals each trying to stay ahead of the other, before the day is over. The film is packed with excitement, thrills and elemental twists so much so it's difficult to remember which is the most important aspect of the movie. Audience members remain aghast as speeding trains, repelling Swat team members and roof top cops blazing away at each other making for utter confusion. Still, who will survive the eventual drama. Good movie. ****
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