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Sex & Nudity

  • At the beginning of season five, it is revealed that men were raping women at a compound. In a very brief scene, they are shown choosing a girl to rape, where she begs, "not again," and they drag her off screaming.
  • Across the entire series, there is limited sex and nudity. There are rare occasions of brief sexual situation), but no actual nudity.
  • Condoms have been discussed.

Violence & Gore

  • Season 8: Halfway Finished and somewhat Violent. the first few episodes consisted of gunfire and brawls..They often end up with lots of bloodshed some of which include a girl getting her neck eaten by a Walker and a man getting shot with blood dripping everywhere...the most violent part was when a characters army is wiped out by a 50.caliber machine gun leaving the battle-field with dismembered limbs and organs, A character later gets sliced clean in half with a battle axe
  • Almost all episodes of this series contain moderate to strong depictions of violence, with frequent shootings and/or slashing scenes of zombies attacking humans and the latter shooting, impaling, driving into or over, and using various weapons on the former, with extremely bloody, gory and, at times, graphic results.
  • A variety of weapons are used to kill zombies, from guns to axes, and have bloody results. Throughout the show many zombies are seen in various states of decay, sometimes with bone or internal organs are exposed.
  • The series has a focus on what humanity is left in a world after humanity is extinct. As the series progresses violent conflicts between people begin to arise.
  • Most of the fighting and killing of zombies takes place within the context of self-defense, rather than with any sadistic intent or relish, and within a firmly established fantasy context.
  • Season 1: Contains lots of graphic and gory scenes
  • Season 2: Contains lots of graphic and gory scenes One of the strongest of such scenes is where a man is seen being dragged by a large group of zombies. His flesh is seen being torn apart with some blood spurting visible. The man is seen screaming hysterically but his friend continues to walk away.
  • Season 3: In keeping with the previous season there are lots of scenes of graphic gore. One particular instance of this is where a zombie is seen biting the leg of a man. It tears the flesh slightly before being shot in the head. Close-up shots of wound are shown before another man uses an axe to cut the mans leg off to prevent the latter from being infected. In this scene, there are intermittent shots of his leg being cut off with some blood.
  • Season 4: All sixteen episode contain moderate to strong violence, with many humans and zombies dying in various ways. Some of the worst violence show multiple characters being beaten, stabbed, shot, beheaded by a sword a and an small girl is bitten by a walker - we later see her mother carrying her dead, limb body.
  • Season 5: Probably the most violent season to date, with the usual levels of human and zombie gore in every episode. Some notable examples include; cannibals slice people's necks and let them drain into a trough. A zombie corpse tied to a tree with its chest having been opened and guts falling out.
  • Season 6: Continues to be extremely violent across all episodes. For example in a woman gets macheted by a man and her bludgeoned face is visibly shown in a later scene. A woman's abdomen is visibly gutted and then stabbed in the head.
  • Season 7: Super Violent season. The first episode contains such graphic gore that there were many reports of people being sick while watching it. There is a scene where characters have their heads bashed in by a baseball wrapped in barbed wire while the man doing it laughs and makes jokes. We see close-ups of eyes popping out and the heads completely smashed in with large amounts of organs, intestines, brain and other various gore completely noticeable. Other main characters are forced to watch. We hear and see them screaming and crying throughout.


  • Profanity is used sparingly, with the word "shit" being the strongest said a few times every episode. "Bitch", "asshole", "dick", "prick", "pussy", and "jerk-off" are infrequently used. Other than that the only regular profanity is quite mild (such as "ass", "hell", "piss", and "damn").
  • There are also limited instances of religious profanity such as "Oh my God," "Jesus!" or "Christ!"
  • Most of the potentially offensive language comes from a bigoted character who's portrayed negatively. As such, other slurs used in his presence include "nigger", "rug-muncher", and "taco-bender".
  • The middle finger is seen on a few occasions.
  • The word "fuck" is used in multiple episodes (censored on AMC and DVD, but uncensored on Blu-Ray releases).

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Alcohol is consumed in some episodes.
  • Some characters smoke cigarettes.
  • References to hard drugs are made rarely and are not depicted in use.
  • Bob is an alcoholic.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Though most of the episodes are scary, some of the episodes aren't scary at all. This show isn't recommended for anyone under 18 years of age.
  • Children and animals are often seen getting killed in gruesome ways...This may upset some viewers
  • The overall tone of the series is quite bleak, long drawn out and miserable.

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