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Another good show bit the dust...
Aldo Renato18 February 2010
I remember watching this show every day it was on! Apparently, I was one of a small group watching as it was quickly put on hiatus and then subsequently cancelled! Pat Bullard defended his hosting a talk/variety show by saying he'd been a standup comedian and then worked as a writer and producer on "Roseanne" and "Grace under Fire" (regarded as two of the biggest war zones on television.) The show started off like the "Mike Douglas Show" with Pat and his guests sitting in a circle of chairs. Early guests included Jerry Springer and Sally Jessy Raphael (whose shows were produced by the same company) and had the same features as any other talk/variety show. Then the show went on hiatus. When it came back Pat was sitting behind a desk, had a painted-on smile, guests were interviewed one-on-one, and the show lost its initial edge. The show limped along to its 106th and final episode and, as a final exit, footage was shown of no less than Ed McMahon telling Pat he "had the same personality as (Johnny) Carson!" What a sendoff! Pat moved fact he went back to "Grace under Fire" and then on to other things. This is the type of show daytime TV needs...we had it for a while with Bonnie Hunt, Tony Danza and Megan executives never know a good thing when it's there.
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