Joyeux Noel (2005) Poster


Dany Boon: Ponchel



  • Le Major : Everyone to their posts!

    Gordon : [a moment of indecision]  Every man to his post!

    Le Major : Quickly!

    [the Scottish soldiers get in position along the trench wall] 

    German Soldiers : [Someone in the German trench stands up and walks into No Man's Land]  No, stay here! What're you doing? Come back!

    Le Major : Well, what the hell are you doing! Shoot the bloody Kraut!

    [the Scottish soldiers look at each other; they don't fire] 

    Le Major : What are you waiting for? Shoot him, God damn it! Holidays are over!

    [the soldiers shoot in the air to warn the man in No Man's Land, who begins to run toward the French trench] 

    Le Major : What the hell do you think you're playing at? Shoot him!

    [Again the soldiers look at each other, shake their heads, and don't fire] 

    Le Major : Shoot him!

    [Jonathan shoots the man, who falls midway between the French and German trenches] 

    Le Major : Stand down from your posts.

    [They do] 

    Le Major : Shame on you, Gordon. Shame on you.

    [Ponchel's alarm clock rings in No Man's Land. Gordon looks out to see Lieutenant Audebert running to help the man Jonathan shot - Ponchel in a German uniform] 

    Ponchel : Be silly to die disguised as a German, eh?

    Lieutenant Audebert : What the devil were you doing?

    Ponchel : I had a German help me. I saw my mother. We drank a coffee, just like before... You have a son.

    [Lieutenant Audebert can no longer keep from crying] 

    Ponchel : His name is Henri.

    [Ponchel dies, and Lieutenant Audebert sobs even harder. Gordon and the Major look on from their trench, Gordon grave, the Major baffled] 

  • [a cat walks in between the group of soldiers] 

    Jörg : [speasks in German]  Felix! Where have you been? Felix.

    Ponchel : [speaks in French]  No, his name is not Felix. It's Nestor.

    Jörg : It's Felix.

    Ponchel : No. Nestor. It's the cat from the Delsaux farm. No, I know better than you.

    Jörg : [picking up the cat]  Felix.

    Ponchel : [taking the cat back]  No, it's Nestor. It's Nestor.

    Jörg : Felix.

    Ponchel : [calls to cat]  See? Nestor. It's Nestor. See? It's Nestor.

    Jörg : Felix.

    Ponchel : [the cat walks away]  Nestor's heading for the French side.

  • Ponchel : [watching Horstmayer and Gordon shake hands]  A summit meeting, and we're not even invited.