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Out of Nowhere

The doctors must get creative to treat patients after a hacker shuts down the hospital's computer system.


29 Jan. 2015
Where Do We Go From Here?
Meredith keeps herself busy while Derek prepares for his move; Jackson and April get difficult news; Arizona and Amelia talk about how best to approach Dr. Herman.
5 Feb. 2015
The Bed's Too Big Without You
April stays positive as tests are run on her baby; Dr. Herman plans a crash course in fetal surgery; Callie and Owen encourage each other to return to the dating scene; Bailey, Meredith and Maggie try to learn more about a patient's tumor.
12 Feb. 2015
All I Could Do Was Cry
Meredith tries to find a sitter so she can go visit Derek, Amelia and Stephanie work together on a case.
19 Feb. 2015
The Great Pretender
Maggie gets upset when Meredith dodges her questions about DC; Bailey and Ben become concerned about Ben's brother after he is admitted to the hospital, and Dr. Herman starts to warm up to Arizona. Meanwhile, Richard feels manipulated by Catherine.
26 Feb. 2015
Staring at the End
The hospital doctors become fascinated with Dr. Herman's case when Amelia gives a lecture detailing the intricacies of the surgery. Arizona and Herman continue to bond over the amount of cases they are trying to complete before the big surgery. Meanwhile, Bailey brings them a case of a pregnant woman who is close to her heart.
5 Mar. 2015
The Distance
The moment of truth has arrived. Amelia begins the daunting surgery to remove Dr. Herman's tumor. Meanwhile, Arizona takes the lead on a case that means a lot to Dr. Bailey.
12 Mar. 2015
I Feel the Earth Move
An earthquake leaves Maggie trapped in an elevator and threatens Meredith's streak of successful surgeries; Owen gives medical advice over the phone; Ben opens up Jackson.
19 Mar. 2015
Don't Dream It's Over
A man with Alzheimer's crashes into a pregnant woman; Meredith worries about Derek cheating on her and the state of their marriage.
26 Mar. 2015
With or Without You
Rattled by recent events, Meredith tries to decide what to do about Derek; Owen is stunned when his mother is admitted to the hospital.
2 Apr. 2015
When I Grow Up
A group of children visit the hospital on a field trip and observe two injured cops rushed into the emergency room. Meanwhile, Stephanie develops a crush on one of the chaperones, and Amelia's forced to confront her feelings about Owen.
9 Apr. 2015
Crazy Love
Upon realizing that Owen and Amelia have been seeing each other behind her back, Meredith comes down hard on her sister-in-law causing Amelia to rethink things. Meanwhile, Catherine springs into action when a man is brought into the hospital after his wife seeks revenge on his cheating ways.
16 Apr. 2015
One Flight Down
A small plane crash results in multiple casualties, bringing back terrible memories.
23 Apr. 2015
How to Save a Life
Derek witnesses a horrible car crash and jumps in to save lives.
30 Apr. 2015
She's Leaving Home: Part 1
Jackson struggles to understand April's decision; Ben & Bailey discuss their future; a patient revisits Callie; Amelia tries to deal with her past.
30 Apr. 2015
She's Leaving Home: Part 2
Months after Derek's funeral, Amelia struggles with her emotions; April plans on returning; and a part of Derek continues to grow in Meredith's life.
7 May 2015
Time Stops
The doctors must set their emotions aside and focus on a catastrophe.
14 May 2015
You're My Home
As the doctors continue to tackle an unfathomable crisis, they are reminded of what is important and brought closer together.
24 Sep. 2015
The doctors from Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital spring into action to save the lives of two girls with a powerful story. Meanwhile, Meredith tries to cope with the fact that Amelia is now living with her and Jackson prepares for April's return back to Seattle.
1 Oct. 2015
Walking Tall
The pressure is on as a determined Bailey tackles her first day as Chief; meanwhile, April's marriage is in jeopardy and she finds herself unable to address her problems; Meredith struggles to juggle all her responsibilities and Amelia works to define her relationship with Owen.
8 Oct. 2015
I Choose You
When Maggie gets an invitation to her ex-boyfriend's wedding, she starts to reevaluate her choices.
15 Oct. 2015
Old Time Rock and Roll
Owen suggests the interns learn about breaking bad news to patients' families.
22 Oct. 2015
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
Maggie leaves her dinner party and races to the hospital, so April takes over the cooking duties in an attempt to avoid Jackson. Meanwhile, Arizona is extremely anxious about meeting Callie's new girlfriend, who happens to be a familiar face in Meredith's life.
5 Nov. 2015
The Me Nobody Knows
A transfer resident arrives at the hospital. Meanwhile, Richard wants his relationship with Maggie to evolve; gossip follows a patient who mistakenly sent his sex tape to his congregation; and April presents a case involving a boy from the Middle East.
12 Nov. 2015
Something Against You
A high-stakes case is tackled by a team of doctors, and the atmosphere grows tense. Meanwhile, Bailey pressures Ben to evict their roommate; and Arizona enthusiastically reenters the dating scene with a new wingman.
19 Nov. 2015
Things We Lost in the Fire
As the rumor mill around the hospital continues to spiral out of control, Grey Sloan Memorial is flooded with injured firefighters from a nearby wildfire. Maggie struggles to keep things with Andrew professional at work; meanwhile, Jo questions Alex's priorities. Also, Alex decides to make a big step in his life.

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