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New York Post
A satirical blast at America's gun culture. But it's so entertaining that even a die-hard NRA member might be impressed.
Lars Von Trier's silly script about a group of pistol packing misfits gets better treatment than it deserves, thanks to a fine young cast and the game direction of Thomas Vinterberg.
The Hollywood Reporter
Part parable, part wild west shoot-out, yet totally original, Dear Wendy is a powerful indictment of American gun culture.
It may sound like a Peter Pan spinoff, and Dear Wendy does involve lost boys in a stagey setting, but the film is closer to "A Clockwork Orange" than a tale of lasting youth.
Taking wobbly aim at our country's complicated love affair with guns, the movie's the very definition of a cheap shot.
New York Daily News
Dear Wendy is absurd to the point of comic parody. Bloody as it is, it has no access to viewers' emotions, and its message - play with fire and you get burned - is too obvious to be provocative.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
One part satire, two parts allegory, and several parts dreary sermon on the pernicious effects of America's gun culture.
A tedious exercise in style, intended as a meditation on guns and violence in America but more of a meditation on itself, the kind of meditation that invites the mind to stray.
Wall Street Journal
The movie's smugness is insufferable.
Annoyingly simplistic.

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