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Julian Glover: Triopas


  • Agamemnon : [approaches king]  Good day for the crows.

    Triopas : Remove your army from my land.

    Agamemnon : Why, I like your land, I think we'll stay. I like your soldiers too.

    Triopas : They won't fight for you.

    Agamemnon : That's what the Messenians said, and the Acardians, and the Opeians, now they all fight for me.

    Triopas : You can't have the whole world, Agamemnon. It's too big, even for you.

    Agamemnon : I don't want to watch another massacre. Let's settle this war in the old manner. Your best fighter against my best.

    Triopas : And if my man wins?

    Agamemnon : We'll leave Thessaly for good.

    Triopas : Boagrius!

    [cheers from Thessalian army. Boagrius comes out from the centre of the army] 

    Agamemnon : Achilles!


    Triopas : Boagrius has this effect on many heroes.

    Agamemnon : Be careful who you insult, old king.

    Greek Soldier : My king, Achilles is not with the army.

    Agamemnon : Where is he?

    Greek Soldier : I sent a boy to look for him.

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