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Season 2

11 Apr. 2003
Flowers of Blood
Kuwabara struggles to finish the fight against Rinku's Serpent Yo-yo attacks. Later it's Kurama turn to deal with Roto, a cruel demon who employs a very dirty tactic to gain an unfair advantage.
14 Apr. 2003
Dragon of the Darkness Flame
Hiei takes on Zeru, leader of Team Rokuyukai. Brandishing incendiary techniques - heat energy vs Dragon of the Darkness Flame - it doesn't seem either one will accept victory short of making the other toast. Through it all Yusuke remains asleep - till Chu, the real leader of Team Rokuyukai, staggers forth for the next match.
15 Apr. 2003
Stumbling Warrior
Yusuke versus Chu, the loud-mouth, drunken leader of Team Rokuyukai. Both love a good brawl, and as they confront each other's personal power, a mutual respect develops. Too bad this good, clean fight is pretty much to the death.
16 Apr. 2003
Knife Edge Death-Match
With their spirit energies depleted, Yusuke and Chu agree to settle things in a knife-edge death match, an in-your-face, bare-knuckled slugfest where a naked back heel is kept poised before a knife planted in the ground. The first one to lose ground and step back - gets cut.
17 Apr. 2003
A Day in Waiting
As the tournament moves on with other fighters, Team Urameshi gets a break and separates - Yusuke to wonder why his spirit gun hasn't returned, Hiei to work through the disuse of one burned out arm, Kurama to scope out the other fighters, and Kuwabara to wonder who their masked fifth team member is. Meanwhile Younger Toguro gets to impress the crowd.
18 Apr. 2003
Percentage of Victory
The two demon fighters of Team Ichigaki keep Hiei and Kurama busy beyond the arena, leaving their human counterparts to handle Yusuke, Kuwabara and the Masked Fighter after the team owner strikes an odd bargain with Yusuke for his body.
21 Apr. 2003
Glimpse Beneath the Mask
Yusuke and Kuwabara feel sorry for the three human Team Ichigaki fighters, who're totally controlled against their will, but sympathies for the opponents' plight may get Team Urameshi killed. Meanwhile, a disguise rips open and everyone gets a glimpse of the mysterious masked fighter for the first time, which ends up only deepening the mystery.
17 Apr. 1993
Toguro Returns
A figure from Yusuke's recent past extends him and Kuwabara a special invite to attend an upcoming dark martial arts tournament where combatants, almost all demons and all in teams of five, fight to the death. Attached consequences make it an invitation Yusuke can't refuse.
9 Apr. 2003
The Dark Tournament Begins
Bound for the tournament on Hanging Neck Island with a masked fifth teammate, Team Urameshi discovers unstructured preliminary rounds conducted aboard ship. Despite the surrounding violence, Yusuke remains persistently asleep throughout. Keiko and Shizuru, meanwhile, corner Botan and insist on knowing what's going on.
10 Apr. 2003
First Fight
The Dark Tournament begins. First up: Team Urameshi vs Team Rokuyukai, with Kuwabara facing Rinku, a boy with surprising talent, unabashed ruthless and smirking pre-pubescent confidence.

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