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San Francisco Chronicle
All the actors are good, but it's Farnsworth's brilliantly simple performance that brings The Straight Story so close to greatness.
USA Today
The best news the G rating has had since the ratings system was instituted in 1968.
Philadelphia Inquirer
A beautiful, appropriately loping little gem about growing older, daring to take risks and follow your heart. That probably sounds corny, and The Straight Story is.
A great, haunting film; it affects us in ways we're not used is capable of both lifting our hearts and chilling us to the bone.
Miami Herald
The Straight Story truly is one from the heart, and it is wonderful.
San Francisco Examiner
A momentously, shockingly moving fit of shape-shifting by a filmmaker grown tired of the macabre.
Farnsworth's embodiment of old American values, with their combination of delicacy, reserve, and stand-alone independence, is a one-of-a-kind treasure.
Entertainment Weekly
Lynch's first movie since ''Blue Velvet'' that truly envelops you in its spell. It's a piece of celestial Americana -- his journey to the light side of the moon.
Rolling Stone
Lynch takes us on a journey of shattering understatement -- a remarkable accomplishment.
New York Daily News
If there is any justice in the world, Farnsworth will be remembered at Oscar time.
Mr. Showbiz
Lynch's faith in the kindness of human nature has been renewed, yet thankfully he's never maudlin. Instead, he wins over our emotions with the film's understated beauty.
Too mannered and weird around the edges to be convincing.

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