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Lynch filmed about 5 hours of total footage for Fire Walk With Me. However, none of the extra footage was ever released in any way shape or form. Some of it may resurface as additional material on an upcoming DVD release.
The scenes that David Lynch deleted from Fire Walk With Me's theatrical release include:
  • Harry Truman singing to Josie Packard
  • A phone call from Doctor Jacoby to Laura Palmer
  • Johnny Horne's birthday party
  • A fight between Agent Chet Desmond and Sheriff Cable
  • A conversation between Ed and Norma inside a truck
  • Bobby's parents reading from the bible
  • A conversation between Agent Cooper and Sam Stanley in Stanley's apartment
  • Phillip Jeffries in Buenos Aires
  • An additional dinner at the Palmer house where Leland sings happily
  • Lucy in the sheriff station discussing racoons with Sheriff Truman And some scenes from the theatrical version were extended, with more dialogues.
In Spain, there are two different dubbed versions: one of them, pretty rare and seen only on the TV channel Canal +, features almost all the same dubbed voices than the Spanish version of the series Twin Peaks (1990) , while the other, easier to find (but not much, being that in Spain the movie is hard to find any way), has no common dubbed voices with the series. None of these dubbed versions feature dubbing or subtitles for the Red Room and nightclub scenes.
In the original US theatrical release, the scene where Agent Desmond disappears concludes by fading to white. The director altered the video release so it fades to black.

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