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Quentin Tarantino: Mr. Brown



  • Mr. Pink : Hey, why am I Mr. Pink?

    Joe : Because you're a faggot, alright?

    Mr. Pink : Why can't we pick our own colors?

    Joe : No way, no way. Tried it once, it doesn't work. You get four guys all fighting over who's gonna be Mr. Black, but they don't know each other, so nobody wants to back down. No way. I pick. You're Mr. Pink. Be thankful you're not Mr. Yellow.

    Mr. Brown : Yeah, but Mr. Brown, that's a little too close to Mr. Shit.

    Mr. Pink : Mr. Pink sounds like Mr. Pussy. How 'bout if I'm Mr. Purple? That sounds good to me. I'll be Mr. Purple.

    Joe : You're not Mr. Purple. Some guy on some other job is Mr. Purple. Your Mr. PINK.

    Mr. White : Who cares what your name is?

    Mr. Pink : Yeah, that's easy for your to say, you're Mr. White. You have a cool-sounding name. Alright look, if it's no big deal to be Mr. Pink, do you wanna trade?

    Joe : Hey! NOBODY'S trading with ANYBODY. This ain't a goddamn, fucking city council meeting, you know? Now listen up, Mr. Pink. There's two ways you can go on this job: my way or the highway. Now what's it gonna be, Mr. Pink?

    Mr. Pink : Jesus Christ, Joe, fucking forget about it. It's beneath me. I'm Mr. Pink. Let's move on.

    Joe : I'll move on when I feel like it... All you guys got the goddamn message?... I'm so goddamn mad, hollering at you guys I can hardly talk. Pssh. Let's go to work.

  • [first lines] 

    Mr. Brown : Let me tell you what 'Like a Virgin' is about. It's all about a girl who digs a guy with a big dick. The entire song. It's a metaphor for big dicks.

    Mr. Blonde : No, no. It's about a girl who is very vulnerable. She's been fucked over a few times. Then she meets some guy who's really sensitive...

    Mr. Brown : Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa... Time out Greenbay. Tell that fucking bullshit to the tourists.

    Joe : Toby... Who the fuck is Toby? Toby...

    Mr. Brown : 'Like a Virgin' is not about this sensitive girl who meets a nice fella. That's what "True Blue" is about, now, granted, no argument about that.

    Mr. Orange : Which one is 'True Blue'?

    Nice Guy Eddie : 'True Blue' was a big ass hit for Madonna. I don't even follow this Tops In Pops shit, and I've at least heard of "True Blue".

    Mr. Orange : Look, asshole, I didn't say I ain't heard of it. All I asked was how does it go? Excuse me for not being the world's biggest Madonna fan.

    Mr. Blonde : Personally, I can do without her.

    Mr. Blue : I like her early stuff. You know, 'Lucky Star', 'Borderline' - but once she got into her 'Papa Don't Preach' phase, I don't know, I tuned out.

    Mr. Brown : Hey, you guys are making me lose my... train of thought here. I was saying something, what was it?

    Joe : Oh, Toby was this Chinese girl, what was her last name?

    Mr. White : What's that?

    Joe : I found this old address book in a jacket I ain't worn in a coon's age. What was that name?

    Mr. Brown : What the fuck was I talking about?

    Mr. Pink : You said 'True Blue' was about a nice girl, a sensitive girl who meets a nice guy, and that 'Like a Virgin' was a metaphor for big dicks.

    Mr. Brown : Lemme tell you what 'Like a Virgin' is about. It's all about this cooze who's a regular fuck machine, I'm talking morning, day, night, afternoon, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick.

    Mr. Blue : How many dicks is that?

    Mr. White : A lot.

    Mr. Brown : Then one day she meets this John Holmes motherfucker and it's like, whoa baby, I mean this cat is like Charles Bronson in the 'Great Escape', he's digging tunnels. Now, she's gettin' the serious dick action and she's feeling something she ain't felt since forever. Pain. Pain.

    Joe : Chew? Toby Chew?

    Mr. Brown : It hurts her. It shouldn't hurt her, you know, her pussy should be Bubble Yum by now, but when this cat fucks her it hurts. It hurts just like it did the first time. You see the pain is reminding a fuck machine what it once was like to be a virgin. Hence, 'Like a Virgin'.

    Joe : Wong?

  • Mr. Brown : I'm blind, man. I'm fucking blind.

    Mr. Orange : You're not blind, you've just got blood in your eyes.

  • Mr. Brown : [after Joe assigns names]  Yeah, yeah, but "Mr. Brown"? That's little too close to "Mr. Shit".

    Mr. Pink : Yeah, "Mr. Pink" sounds like "Mr. Pussy". Tell you what, let me be Mr. Purple. That sounds good to me. I'm Mr. Purple.

    Joe : You're *not* Mr. Purple. Somebody from another job's Mr. Purple. You're Mr. Pink!

  • Mr. Brown : [after Mr. Pink's tipping conversation]  Jesus Christ!

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