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Sliff 2015 Interview: Alex Winter – Actor and Director of Deep Web

Director Alex Winter’s Deep Web screens at The St. Louis International Film Festival Thursday, November 5th at 7:30. Winter will be in attendance and will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award. Ticket information for that event can be found Here. Alex Winter will also attend a screening of Bill And Ted’S Excellent Adventure, the 1989 comedy which he co-starred in along with Keanu Reeves and George Carlin at The Tivoli Theater Friday, November 6th at 9:30. Ticket information for that event can be found Here. Finally, Winter will attend a screening of his 2013 documentary Downloaded Saturday November 7th at 4:30 pm at The Tivoli Theater. Ticket information for that event can be found Here.

Winter is coming to St. Louis! The St. Louis International Film Festival honors former St. Louisan Alex Winter, whose varied career includes acting on stage and in film, and directing both narratives and documentaries. Winter’s new film Deep Web,
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The Lion In Winter Producer Martin Poll Dead

Peter O'Toole, Katharine Hepburn, The Lion in Winter Martin Poll, best known for producing Anthony Harvey's 1968 Best Picture Oscar nominee The Lion in Winter, starring Katharine Hepburn as Eleanor of Aquitaine and Peter O'Toole as King Henry II, died of "natural causes" on April 14 according to various online sources. Poll was 89. An Avco Embassy release, The Lion in Winter was considered the favorite for the Best Picture and Best Director Oscars. The film had won the Best Film Award from the New York Film Critics Circle, while Harvey was the year's Directors Guild Award winner. However, Carol Reed's Columbia-distributed musical Oliver! turned out to be the winner in both categories. (Curiously, the previous year another Embassy release, Mike Nichols' The Graduate, unexpectedly lost the Best Picture Oscar to Norman Jewison's United Artists-distributed In the Heat of the Night. But at least Nichols came out victorious.
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DVD Review: Haunted Summer

DVD Review: Haunted Summer
Title: Haunted Summer Directed by: Ivan Passer Starring: Eric Stoltz, Laura Dern, Alice Kridge and Alex Winter Running time: 106 Minutes/Full Screen, Rated R Part of MGM’s Limited Edition Collection, they have released a manufacture-on-demand of the 1988 film Haunted Summer. The story takes place in the year 1815 where poets Percy Bysshe Shelley and Lord Byron, along with Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin (soon to be Mrs. Shelley) and Mary’s stepsister Claire spend the summer in opium and sexual bliss which is when Mary found her inspiration to write Frankenstein. Stoltz, whom young girls from the ’80′s adored his lovesick character in Some Kind of Wonderful released the year before, makes...
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Haunted Summer DVD Review!

It's alive! The Movie Pool freaks out with Haunted Summer on DVD!

This DVD is offered as part of MGM's "Limited Edition Collection," which is available from select online retailers and manufactured only when the DVD is ordered. The DVD features a simple menu with no menu for chapters or scenes. Manufacture-On-Demand (Mod) DVDs are made to play in DVD playback units only and may not play in DVD recorders or PC drives. This DVD did not play in our laptop DVD drive but did play in our Toshiba DVD recorder.

DVD Specs

Aspect Ratio: Full screen

Running Time: 106 minutes

Rating: R

Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0

Subtitles: None  

Special Features: None

The Set-up

The true story of the summer that inspired Mary Shelley to write the novel Frankenstein. Alice Krige plays Mary Shelley, Laura Dern plays her stepsister Claire, Eric Stolz plays Percy Shelley, and Phillip Anglim plays Lord Byron.  

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MGM Limited Edition Collection Titles for June 2011

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment’s manufacturing-on-demand program continues during the month of June with 29 films being released as part of MGM’s Limited Edition Collection. Unfortunately only one qualifies as real horror, but there's another that should appeal to genre fans so we're including some info on both for your perusal.

First up is 1958's Curse of the Faceless Man - A stone figure is unearthed in Pompeii followed by a series of skull crushing murders. Stars Richard Anderson, Elaine Edwards, Adele Mara; irected by Edward L. Cahn.

Next is the mash-up entitled Haunted Summer from 1988 - Romantic poets Lord Byron and Percy Bysshe Shelley, along with Shelly's future wife, Mary, and her beautiful stepsister, Claire, travel blissfully through Switzerland one summer. Both women share Shelley's bed, while the tortured Lord Byron flounders in a secret relationship with his physician. They experiment with opium, "free love", and the nature of good and evil.
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Alex Winter Fails To Cheer Sad Keanu :(

BeHOLD. Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter, Reunited. All is how it should be. I am so into this dude. Alex Winter, that is. Keanu, well, yes. Obviously. You can’t Not be into Keanu, at least a little. At least in a Point Break sense. But, back in 1989 when Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure came out, my friend and I argued over who would be Bill and who would be Ted for Halloween. We both wanted to be Bill, because he was the cooler one. I don’t know where that logic came from, but children know these things. And they are always right, like that old saying from the 1500′s goes, “Children and fools tell the truth, and should dominate pop culture and politics.” You probably have that embroidered on a pillow somewhere. But back to Alex Winter. He was so good in the Bill and Ted’s
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