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Season 5

27 Sep. 1984
Mayo, Hold the Pickle
Furillo is furious when his separation from Joyce is mentioned in a newspaper article involving a death row client of hers, Celestine Gray. Stan Jablonski takes over roll call duties from Bates, who returns to patrol with Coffey. Fay takes up a permanent spot in the precinct working for the Victim's Aid pilot program.
4 Oct. 1984
Watt a Way to Go
Goldblume goes after the guy who raped his ex-wife, even though she refuses to press charges. A member of Hunter's SWAT team is put under scrutiny after shouting an obscenity while firing at a hostage taker. Calletano participates in an undercover operation at a hotel. Davenport performs a last ditch effort to save a former client who is scheduled to be executed.
18 Oct. 1984
Rookie Nookie
When Lieutenant Hunter upsets clerk-typist Rhonda Kimmel, she barricades herself in the male toilet LaRue spends the night with Cathleen McConnell, the victim of a car-jacking, but during the night she receives news of the murder of her husband - LaRue wonders if he has been set up as an alibi. An illegal cable TV installer is arrested, and Davenport turns out to be one of his customers; she is unwittingly involved, but Furillo uses the situation to engineer an end to their separation. Rachel Goldblume's rapist is released on bail, murders his girlfriend, and is ...
25 Oct. 1984
Fowl Play
News breaks during Roll Call that patrolman Swan has killed himself following Buttman's rowdy initiation party. The hooker that was involved also turns up dead and Washington leans on officer Garfield to spill the beans on what happened. Calletano, Hunter and Goldblume all have their eyes on a Government study grant to be handed out by Furillo. Renko and Hill find themselves followed by a TV reporter who soon joins Hill for a dinner date. LaRue is tempted to spend another night with Caroline, who became a widow on their first night together and this time, he faces a ...
1 Nov. 1984
Bangladesh Slowly
Renko makes a fool of himself on the morning news but manages to turn things round in time for the evening edition. LaRue is accused of conspiring with Caroline Reynolds to kill her former lover. Washington threatens to quit after all the rookies are suspended in the wake of Buttman's arrest, including Officer Garfield who came forward with the truth. A Bengali restaurant showers the Hill with flyers, but all the cops who go there for lunch end up inspecting the kitchen.
8 Nov. 1984
Ewe and Me, Babe
The search for Rev. Booker Simons' killer is complicated by interference by narcotics inspector Keenan and Faye's attempt to aid the widow. Jesus Martinez has changed his look and become a law student, who's first case is prostitute Lotta Gue. Hill & Renko find a dead man accompanied by a life sheep.
15 Nov. 1984
Blues for Mr. Green
When murderer Floyd Green is released from prison, Furillo assigns Garibaldi & Mayo to keep him in their sights at all time. Belker has to fly to Las Vegas and pick up a prisoner. LaRue wouldn't mind a trip to Vegas himself and gets his chance when he and Washington bust the distribution of stolen airline tickets. Bates is concerned with the fate of a young shoplifter named Fabian.
22 Nov. 1984
Fuched Again
An assassination attempt made on Mayor Cleveland leads to a investigation in police corruption. Belker, LaRue, Coffey, Hunter, Calletano, and Washington embark on a trip to Las Vegas which begins with Belker winning $5,000. Hill and Renko's judgment call puts a store owner's life in jeopardy.
29 Nov. 1984
Low Blow
When the check LaRue used to pay for the Las Vegas plane tickets bounces, their return trip gets canceled. The actor formerly known as the Cisco Kid causes havoc on the streets once more, this time dressed as an American Indian. Furillo takes in the conspirators against Mayor Cleveland despite the Hill being understaffed.
6 Dec. 1984
The Rise and Fall of Paul the Wall
An older lady shoots a burglar and soon becomes apparent that it may have been a set up on her part rather than self defense. Hill & Renko put Paul "The Wall" Srignoli in a cell, only to have trouble getting the obese man out again. Posing as a bum, Belker is knocked out , beaten and robbed by actual street-dwellers.
13 Dec. 1984
Last Chance Salon
A gang war between the Bloods and Shamrocks is brewing. Belker lets the end of his relationship with Tattaglia interfere with his undercover job at a beauty parlor. Garibaldi attempts to get young hooker Carla Walicki into rehab.
10 Jan. 1985
Intestinal Fortitude
Belker, LaRue and Washington go undercover to investigate a garbage removal operation with suspected mafia activity. An elderly woman is raped. After the suspected rapist is let go because his Miranda rights were not read to him in Spanish, Mayo tries to get evidence that he can speak English.
17 Jan. 1985
Of Human Garbage
Faye gets suspicious when she visits her dentist and wakes up from anesthesia with her shirt unbuttoned. Perez goes from hero to suspect after he rescues a family from a fire in which a snitch alleges that Perez orchestrated. LaRue, Washington and Belker continue to investigate a corrupt garbage removal business.
24 Jan. 1985
Dr. Hoof and Mouth
Mayo goes undercover to bust a dentist who is suspected of taking advantage of patients while putting them under. Hill and Renko must arrest a guy who just lost his family in a hit and run crash because he has outstanding warrants. Belker gets evicted. Hunter buys himself an RV.
31 Jan. 1985
Davenport in a Storm
On her first day as Assistant District Attorney, Joyce seeks out the truth behind the assault of a young black athlete by three white teens. Mayo has dinner with Chief Daniels. Belker is looking for a place to stay and Hunter offers him his newly repaired RV.
7 Feb. 1985
Washington Deceased
The hunt is on for the so called 'Melon Felon' who decapitates his female victims. Chief Daniels criticizes Mayo's work the morning after they had dinner together. LaRue tr's attempt to pull a prank on foul mouthed Lt. Tabor misfires.
14 Feb. 1985
Passage to Libya
Operation Dirty Disco sees Goldblume and Coffey posing as waiters and Gina Srignoli wearing a mike to catch Al DiPiano. Belker & Tataglia are back together and suddenly Jablonski is giving them the cold shoulder. Fay's attempts to help a welfare mother all backfire.
21 Feb. 1985
El Capitan
Calletano is in charge of the Hill when Furillo takes part in a precinct captains retreat. Hunter's stolen RV turns into a hostage situation. Garibaldi confronts Goldblume about his new relationship with Gina Srignoli.
21 Mar. 1985
The Life and Time of Dominic Florio Jr.
While demonstrating, a pro-life activist accidentally sends a pregnant woman into premature labor. LaRue and Washington film a home security video but the director is aiming for a more adult audience. Jablonski has a disagreement with the Bowling Federation.
28 Mar. 1985
Hill refuses to work with Renko anymore after the latter hesitated the night before. Coffey and Bates clean up a bum for Davenport so she can use him as a witness. Jablonski is accused of setting fire to the BowlMor Lanes bowling alley.
11 Apr. 1985
Queen for a Day
Hunter buys a tank and blows Renko and Belker's undercover operation on his first outing. Several officers pose as streetwalkers and Coffey is conflicted when he has to arrest his high school football coach. Davenport reminds Furillo it's their anniversary, while Goldblume and Gina go on a double date with Garibaldi and Fay.
9 May 1985
You're in Alice's
Goldblume heads up his own investigation into the death of Gina. Hill uses his broadcast news connections to help a homeless family. With Bates injured, Jablonski is assigned to ride with Coffey. Calletano and Hunter interview for the captain's position. Belker uncovers police corruption while working undercover at a men's clothing store. Washington and Garibaldi get nervous about the station possibly implementing random drug tests.
16 May 1985
Grin and Bear It
Garibaldi's legal efforts to quash the drug test screenings are successful. Belker's undercover investigation nets Detective Phil Dugan and Captain Joe Keenan. Hill and Renko are in charge of escorting a bear around. Furillo's drug screening comes up positive for alcohol. Goldblume attends to Gina's estate. With one captain dead and another likely to fired, Calletano sets his sights on a promotion. Jablonski leaves the hospital without his doctor's permission to return to work.

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