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During the rehearsals for their new play, Robert Jürgensen (Will Quadflieg) and his wife Gisela Ahrens (Heidemarie Hatheyer) recognize their former theater manager Conrad Schroeter (Heinrich George) in the prompt box as the new prompter. Jürgensen once ruthlessly seduced Schroeter's only daughter Inge, even though he already was bound to Gisela, who yet was pregnant at that time. In great desperation Inge committed suicide. In the midst of a performance with Jürgensen, Schroeter was informed about the death of his child. Horrified, he attacked Jürgensen and accused him for murder. Schroeter then was committed into a mental clinic. Now, Robert and Gisela are afraid, if Schroeter can handle the new re-encounter.

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