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Poll: Creepiest Character in a David Lynch Work

Some love David Lynch. Others cringe at the mention of his name. It can't be denied that the guy has some pretty disturbing figures in his movies, but what is the most terrifying of all?

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    Mystery Man

    As played by Robert Blake
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    As played by Bonnie Aarons
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    Frank Booth

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    Lady in the Radiator

    As played by Laurel Near
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    Bobby Peru

    As played by Willem Dafoe
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    Marietta Fortune

    As played by Diane Ladd
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    Night Porter

    As played by Michael Elphick
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    Man From Another Place

    As played by Michael J. Anderson
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    Man in the Planet

    As played by Jack Fisk
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    Baron Vladimir Harkonnen

    As played by Kenneth McMillan