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Poll: What's with the patch?

All of these characters have one thing in common, they are all sporting an eye-patch, but which of them is the most bad-ass? Discuss here

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    Nick Fury

    What's with the patch? While fighting in the war, a piece of shrapnel hit him in the eye.
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    Elle Driver

    What's with the patch? When dealing with the strictest of martial arts masters (who not only hates Americans but hates women too) she failed to take his abuse calling him an "old fool", so he took her eye out with two fingers and a thumb... As you do.
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    Number Two

    What's with the patch? Whilst he has his sight he uses his patch to give him x-ray vision - Now available in a store near you!
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    The Governor

    What's with the patch? He had his eye stabbed out at the hands of Michonne.
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    Claus von Stauffenberg

    What's with the patch? His staff car ran into a mine, and was then attacked by an enemy aircraft, not only did he lose his eye but he lost two fingers on his left hand and his right forearm.
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    Reuben J. 'Rooster' Cogburn

    What's with the patch? He sustained the injury during the civil war.
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    Snake Plissken

    What's with the patch? Snake and his squadron fly in over a Russian Supply point, however they are not told by Captain Berrigan that this is a suicide mission. During the battle, Plissken's left goggle cracks and gas begins damage to his eye.
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    What's with the patch? He traded his eye to take a drink from the 'well of knowledge' let's hope it was worth it. Interestingly he has an armoured patch, used for battle.
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    What's with the patch? Wears the eye patch to simply make himself appear more sinister.
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    Xander Harris

    What's with the patch? The evil Caleb dug his thumb into his eye and gouged it out. (No patch in the picture, use your imagination). - credit - john-hitchcock.
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    What's with the patch? Loses his eye during battle against the Persian 'immortals'.
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    Colonel Saul Tigh

    What's with the patch? After planning an attack that could be dangerous to patients at a hospital, Tigh is reported to Cylon authorities, they imprison him and tear his eye out. - credit - dan_dassow.
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    What's with the patch? We do not know how he loses his real eye, however after misplacing his wooden eye on several occasions through-out the franchise he decides to experiment with the eye-patch. - credit - dan_dassow.
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    Beric Dondarrion

    What's with the patch? He lost his eye and died in combat, however came back to life through magic - credit - emadel79.
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    What's with the patch? He had two eyepatches... because one wasn't enough! - credit - Rafael_M.
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    What's with the patch? She accepts a ride from a man, who makes her a heroin addict, and then becomes her pimp. At one point, she is stabbed in the eye for refusing a client. Added April 2014.
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    Dr. Serizawa

    What's with the patch? During active combat in WWII he lost his right eye Added April 2014.
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    Slade Wilson

    What's with the patch? In a battle (in the comics) Oliver Queen - 'Green Arrow' stabbed Slade Wilson - 'Deathstroke' with an arrow in his right eye. Added May 2014.
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    General Chang

    What's with the patch? Chang attacked and crippled Kalnor's ship, but he did not destroy it. Instead, he beamed himself aboard the enemy vessel and challenged Kalnor to single combat in front of his men. Chang killed Kalnor but lost his left eye in the fight. This resulted in the eye patch that he wore for the rest of his life. Added May 2014.
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    What's with the patch? Stillman accuses her of orchestrating the assassination and tells her that he believes in an eye for an eye. He shoots Luz in the face and leaves. Added August 2014.