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Poll: Most Inspirational Disney Princess

All of these Disney princesses had things to overcome, but which is the most inspirational? Discuss here

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    Battles through terrible snowy and icy conditions to find her sister, and to put a stop to an eternal winter.
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    Against her fathers wishes Ariel - longing for life above water - makes a deal with Ursula the sea witch, needless to say everything isn't as it seems and she faces a race against time to receive a kiss from her true love if not, she'd lose her legs.
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    Sleeping Beauty

    Cursed as a child, she must spend her childhood in hiding, after this fails to beat the curse - she is put to sleep for eternity - where only one can awaken her.
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    She offers herself as a replacement for her imprisoned father, and sets about trying to get the bottom of her prisoners reasons for solitude and his past.
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    Enslaved by her evil stepmother, but with some help from her magical friend, she is able to free herself, through the misplacing of a glass slipper.
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    Princess Jasmine

    She is forced to remain in the palace, on escaping she falls in love with a street urchin, however with the evil Jafar and the law standing in her way, she must overturn her destiny.
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    A princess who's life is controlled by her mother, tries to change her fate by making a wish, her life is changed (not entirely for the better) and in order to restore it she must mend a broken relationship with her mother.
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    Posed as a man to prevent her injured father from returning to war, fought on the front line becoming one of China's greatest ever heroes in the process.
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    In an attempt to try and prevent war between the English and her people, she winds up falling for the English captain - although when war spirals out of control, she cannot decide who to place her allegiances with.
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    She is stolen as a child and is forced to stay in a tower, however once she is out, she goes about discovering the world and in the process discovers some disturbing things about her past.
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    Snow White

    Is pursued by the jealous queen and the huntsman, so seeks refuge with the seven dwarfs, but when she is fed a poisonous apple she defies the odds, to be brought back to life.
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    Princess Tiana

    Trying to live her fathers dream of opening a restaurant she trades a kiss with frog who offers her money, to her horror she too turns into a frog - she now has to change herself back into human form.