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Poll: Creepiest "Creepy Child"

Child characters who are in some way really "off", or downright scary, in movies. Discuss here

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    Alia Atreides

    They just have images of the adult Alia from the Children of Dune miniseries here. The Alia that I have in mind is the child one from the original Dune movie, pictured in this link: As played by Alicia Witt
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    Grady Daughter

    The creepy twin girls
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    Danny Torrance

    'Redrum, redrum'
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    Regan MacNeil

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    Henry Evans

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    Cole Sear

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    Carrie White

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    Carol Anne Freeling

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    Adrienne Forrester

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    Rhoda Penmark

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    Emily Callaway

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    Gage Creed

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    Charlene "Charlie" McGee

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    Adam Duncan

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    Lilith Sullivan

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    Alice Spages

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    Mary Tilford

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    Jack Merridew

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    Sam Barrett

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    Gogo Yubari

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    Young Sean