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Poll: Who Is The Most Memorable Slasher Victim?

Slasher movies are known for their "final girls". Here are some scene stealing girls and women who didn't make it to the end. Who do you think is the most memorable?

Spoilers galore.

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    Sasha Thomas

    This blonde is the host of a sex-talk radio show, and is killed during a live broadcast after a lengthy chase through the dark halls of a radio station.
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    Tatum Riley

    Sidney's bubbly best friend meets her end in an iconic scene involving a garage door.
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    Wendy Richards

    Prom Night's climax involves an 8 minute chase scene with Wendy through the dark hallways of the school.
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    Casey Becker

    She's the centerpiece of a classic opening scene. "What's your favorite scary movie?"
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    Freddy's first victim, and an example of just how creative and horrifying his powers were.
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    Helen Shivers

    The beauty queen's prolonged chase scene is a late 90s slasher highlight.
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    Paige Edwards

    More memorable perhaps for the actress playing her, but Paige's final scenes are still well-done.
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    Marion Crane

    The original slasher victim. Everyone knows the shower scene.
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    Lynda Van Der Klok

    Lynda paved the way for sexually active characters becoming slasher victims.
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    A slasher "blonde" that is offered up as a sacrifice to the horror movie gods.
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    She's the mastermind behind a prank that doesn't go too well, to say the least.
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    Perpetually drunk and the life of the party.
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    An example of Leatherface's quick and blunt brutality
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    The mean girl who gets everything coming her way.