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Poll: Which Movie Characters Do You Feel Most Sorry For ?

Which movie character do you feel most sorry for ?

Tell us why you feel sorry for them here

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    From "The Hunt" (Jagten).
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    Fredo Corleone

    From "The Godfather"
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    Charlie Fineman

    From "Reign Over Me"
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    From "In America"
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    James Cole

    From "Twelve Monkeys" (Movie)
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    Cole Sear

    From "The Sixth Sense"
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    Greg Focker

    From "Meet The Parents"
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    Monty Brogan

    From "25th Hour"
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    Vada Sultenfuss

    From "My Girl"
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    Edward Scissorhands

    From "Edward Scissorhands"
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    Cristina Peck

    From "21 Grams"
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    Jack Twist

    From "Brokeback Mountain"
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    Norma Desmond

    From "Sunset Blvd"
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    Harry Lime

    & Marv Merchants from "Home Alone"
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    Cameron Frye

    From "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"
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    Wilson Joel

    From "Love Liza"
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    Joe Buck

    From "Midnight Cowboy"
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    Jack Torrance

    From "The Shining"
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    From "Irréversible"
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    Jim Levenstein

    From "American Pie"
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    Henry Spencer

    From "Eraserhead"
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    From "The Dresser" (1983)
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    Carrie White

    From "Carrie" (1986)
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    Abel Turner

    From "Lakeview Terrace" (2008)
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    Fantine Thénardier

    From "Les Misérables"
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    Charles Shaughnessy

    From "Ryan's Daughter" (1970)
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    Julie Vignon

    From "Three Colors: Blue"
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    Finbar McBride

    From "The Station Agent"
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    Rosemary Woodhouse

    From "Rosemary Baby"
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    From "Blue Jasmine"
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    From the various "Hunchback of Notre Dame" adaptations
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    Sam Bell

    From "Moon" (2009)
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    Sara Goldfarb

    From "Requiem for a Dream"
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    Pvt. Leonard 'Gomer Pyle' Lawrence

    From "Full Metal Jacket" (1987)
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    Llewyn Davis

    From "Inside Llewyn Davis"