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Poll: Which of these brilliant minds from TV would you rely on to save the Earth?

This is part one of a two part question:

Which of these brilliant minds (female humans only) from a television series would you rely on in a crisis to save the world from a global catastrophe?

Recruit your brains-over-brawn heroine here!

This poll is part one of two. The second part will be about smartest male fictional characters from television.

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    Chloe Armstrong

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    Kelly Bailey

    Misfits (2009), Lauren Socha. Easily the most immature person in the group, you can't count her out when she has that rocket scientist superpower. That being the superpower that literally gives her the brainpower of a rocket scientist.
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    Raven Baxter

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    Temperance Brennan

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    Major Samantha Carter

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    Doctor Beverly Crusher

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    Jadzia Dax

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    Olivia Dunham

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    Kaylee Frye

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    Piper Halliwell

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    Patty Hewes

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    Molly Hooper

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    Clair Huxtable

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    Motoko Kusanagi

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    Turanga Leela

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    Liz Lemon

    30 Rock (2006), Tina Fey. If the global catastrophe involves really rambunctious celebrity aliens, she might be the best bet to shepard their invasion force.
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    Alex Mack

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    Dr. Helen Magnus

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    Veronica Mars

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    Carrie Mathison

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    Chloe O'Brian

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    Peggy Olson

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    Olivia Pope

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    Willow Rosenberg

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    Laura Roslin

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    Bernadette Rostenkowski

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    Dr. Camille Saroyan

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    Dana Scully

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    Daisy Johnson

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    Lisa Simpson

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    Felicity Smoak

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    Sookie Stackhouse

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    River Tam

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    Oprah Winfrey

    Oprah Winfrey Show (and plays herself on shows like 30 Rock), Oprah Winfrey. She's always prepared. Whatever disaster comes bearing down on Earth, the solution will always be underneath the seats of her show's audience members.
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