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Vanessa Branch (I) (Actress, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003))
Vanessa Branch (II)
Vanessa Bran (Costume Designer, Choices (2004))
Vanessa Bravo (Actress, Ángeles S.A. (2007))
Vanessa Braun (III) (Make Up Department, Crowbar (2010))
Vanessa Bray (Actress, Tommy Tough (2001))
Vanessa Braly (Editor, The Hottest Women on Earth (2006))
Vanessa Braun (I) (Camera Department, Groupe flag (2002))
Vanessa Brancato (Actor, Ombre (2016))
Vanessa Branson (Actress, We Are Many (2014))
Vanessa Brandestini (Actress, Operation Adios (2003))
Vanessa Braxton
Vanessa Bradley (Writer, Out of Order (1987))
Vanessa Bracmonte (Actress, Santo Paseo (2005))
Vanessa Bradchulis (Actress, Radio (2009))
Vanessa Brahms (Editorial Department, Candyman (1992))
Vanessa Braddock (Actress, The Formula (2014))
Vanessa Bianchini (Make Up Department, I Melt with You (2011))
Vanessa Blanchard (Actress, Uphill All the Way (1986))
Shannah Vanessa Braxton
Vanessa Blanchard Lee (Make Up Department, You Can't Say No (2017))