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Valerie Tian (Actress, Juno (2007))
Valerie Tosi (Actress, Afterglow with Dr. Persephone Morningwood (2015))
Valerie Tisby (Self, 60 Minutes (1968))
Valerie Ting (Actress, Remission Accomplished (2014))
Valerie Tyson (Producer, The Hot Spot (1990))
Valerie Tite (Actress, Dreams That Money Can Buy (1947))
Diana Valerie (Make Up Department, 37 Ghosts (2017))
Valerie Testa (Actress, Death of an Expert Witness (1983))
Valerie Thomas (VI) (Actress, Susah Sinyal (2017))
Valerie Taylor (I) (Actress, Repulsion (1965))
Valerie Tripp (Writer, Kit Kittredge: An American Girl (2008))
Valerie Tandy (Actress, Bob's Your Uncle (1949))
Valerie Trill (Actress, Route 66 (1960))
Valerie Tameu (Actress, Assembling Terpsichore (2015))
Valerie Tory (Actress, We Make Movies (2016))
Valerie Trott (Self, The Swan (2004))
Valerie Tuffy (Art Department, Heist: Who Stole the American Dream? (2011))
Valerie Tom (Actress, NYChapters (2015))
Valerie Teran
Valerie Theriez (Producer, Family Business (2014))
Valerie Tsang (Set Decorator, On the Rocks (2006))
Valerie T. Bart (Costume Designer, A Kiss on the Nose (2004))
Valerie Tuin (Actress, Ciske de Rat - de Musical (2010))
Valerie Tung (Music Department, Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy (2009))
Valerie Tabb (Actress, For Ready Money (2005))
Valerie Thon (Self, Moonlight Becomes You (1942))
Valerie Nieto (Self, Bridezillas (2004))
Valerie Tauss (Actress, Alpensaga (1976))
Valerie Tuner (Miscellaneous, Blake's 7 (1978))
Valerie Tan (II)
Valerie Tudor (Actress, A Bedfast Prophet (1939))
Valerie Tai (Visual Effects, Man of Steel (2013))
Valerie Taller (Actress, Monster Pool: Seven Deadly Sins (2017))
Valerie Tobin (I) (Actress, Dead Awakening (2012))
Valerie Tobin (II) (Miscellaneous, The Big Bad Barn (2013))
Valerie Thile (Actress, MA 2412 - Die Staatsdiener (2003))
Valerie Tandoi (Producer, Arisen (2015))
Valerie Tan (I) (Self, On Call: Serbisyong totoo ngayon (2011))
Valerie Metin (Costume Department, King Kong (2005))
Valerie Tindell (Art Department, Player 5150 (2008))
Valerie Tidwell (I)
Valerie Tibbitt (Miscellaneous, Cartoon Sushi (1997))
Valerie Tifanka (Actress, Magic Hour (2015))
Valerie Tidwell (II) (Animation Department, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993))
Valerie Tillinghast (Actress, The Games We Play (2014))
Valerii Airapetian (Visual Effects, Viy (2014))
Valerie Taylor (II) (Camera Department, Jaws (1975))
Valerie Diane (Make Up Department, Wingman Inc. (2015))
Valerie Thibodeaux (Actress, Tightrope (1984))
Valerie Thery-Hamel (Make Up Department, La cage dorée (2013))
Valerie Terranova (Actress, #buffaloplaid (2016))
Valerie Traxler (Actress, How Could You, Jean? (1918))
Valerie Thompson (VIII) (Actress, Gossip Girl (2007))
Valerie Fanarjian (Producer, Racing Daylight (2007))
Valerie Tulard (Producer, Overkill (2012))
Valerie Troncoso (Actress, Piedra Roja (2017))
Ada Valerie-Tal (Actress, Bar 51 (1986))
Valerie Thurner (I) (Production Manager, Color Separation (2013))
Valerie Tarico (Actress, The Mythicist Milwaukee Show (2015))
Valerie Trevino (Camera Department, The Wrong Girl (2017))
Valerie Taylor (IV) (Self, Untamed & Uncut (2008))
Valerie Tewell (Actress, Rotten Desires (2013))
Valerie Tenning
Valerie Tucker (II) (Miscellaneous, White Chicks (2004))
Valerie Thompson (III)
Valerie Thomas (I) (Miscellaneous, The Silence of the Lambs (1991))
Valerie Temple (Producer, Mind the Gap (2009))
Valerie Sietzky (Actress, Apple on a Tree (2006))
Valerie Torres (I) (Writer, The Send Off (2015))
Valerie Tulier (Actor, Why I Ride: Low and Slow (2010))
Valerie Turner (Actress, Benbow and the Angels (1955))
Valerie Thompson (I) (Actress, I Can Jump Puddles (1981))
Valerie Tavano (Miscellaneous, The Day the Music Died (2010))
Valerie Taylor (VIII) (Actress, Inbetween (2015))
Valerie Trombley (Actress, Priority (2009))
Valerie Taylor (III) (Actress, Nite Tales: The Series (2009))
Valerie Trebeljahr (Composer, We would end the painting (2015))
Valerie Thompson (V) (Composer, Bony Lil's Creation (2007))
Valerie Thompson (VII) (Actress, Plea for Help (2012))
Valerie Taylor (VII) (Miscellaneous, Lost Christmas (2011))
Valerie Thurlow (Actress, The Life and Death of Sir John Falstaff (1959))
Valerie Taryla (Writer, Children of South Africa (2008))
Valerie Twyble (Actress, Making Hearts Beat Again (2014))
Valerie Trabold (Miscellaneous, Death 4 Told (2004))
Valerie Thuret (Camera Department, Le fils préféré (1994))
Valerie Thompson (IV) (Miscellaneous, Broken (2008))
Valerie Traficante (Writer, The Haunted Hand (2018))
Valerie Troccoli (Actress, Titles Are Too Mainstream (2012))
Valerie Trammell (Location Management, Den (2001))
Valerie Tolhurst
Valerie Thurner (II) (Producer, Shnizlpomfrit (2014))
Valerie Thomas (VII) (Writer, From What I Remember (in development))
Valerie Torres (II) (Actress, Sanders Sides (2016))
Valerie Todesco (Make Up Department, The Ballerina (2017))
Valerie Tellier (Producer, Le sel l'or blanc de la Bretagne (2017))
Valerie Thompson (IX) (Self, Rockets and Titans (2018))
Valerie Thomas (II) (Actress, Holy Smoke (1999))
Valerie Taylor (VI) (Camera Department, Amazing Facts Presents (2007))
Valerie Tucker (III) (Editor, Songs of our Success (2009))
Valerie Terzis (Miscellaneous, The Whistleblower (2010))
Valerie Tevere (Director, Memory of a Time Twice Lived (2015))
Valerie Tribujenia (Producer, Rival Threads: Last Class Heroes )
Valerie Taylor (V) (Visual Effects, Blood Ties (2013))
Valerie Thompson (XI) (Actor, Hearse Life (2017))
Valerie Thelisma (Actress, Franklin Charter (2005))
Valerie T. Rochon
Valerie Thomas (III) (Actress, Emo Pill (2006))
Valerie Turcotte (Music Department, Kabadayi (2007))
Valerie Thompson (VI)
Valerie Thomas (VIII) (Production Manager, Tenacious D: The Complete Master Works (1997))
Valerie Thorson (Miscellaneous, Breaker (2015))
Valerie T. O'Brien (Costume Department, Unforgiven (1992))
Valerie Tenequer (Actress, More Than Frybread (2011))
Valerie Tremblay (I) (Actress, El Topo (1970))
Valerie Thompson (X) (Self, Why We Ride (2013))
Valerie Tremblay (II) (Miscellaneous, Bon Cop Bad Cop 2 (2017))
Valerie Thomson (Actress, Deviant Obsession (2002))
Valerie Taraska
Valerie Taylor Brown (Actress, Buddy Hutchins (2015))
Valerie Troisi
Valerie Thomas (V) (Miscellaneous, Chasing the Shadows (2009))
Valerie Touhey (Make Up Department, Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks (1976))
Valerie Tucker (I) (Actress, The Situation (2006))
Valerie Trujillo (II) (Actress, Fortellinger fra Drammen (2014))
Valerie Treuherz (Actress, Proper Manors (2012))
Valerie Thompson (II) (Miscellaneous, It's All Relative (2003))
Valerie Trujillo (I) (Actress, Joe Vampire (2012))
Valerie Theobaldt (Director, Leben auf dem Fluss (2008))
Valerie Trudeau
Valerie Petitjean (Miscellaneous, Love Eternal (2013))
Anne-Valerie Petit (Actress, L'exécutrice (1986))
Valerie Santiago (I)
Valerie Santiago (II) (Actress, The Accidental Wolf (2017))
Valerie Christiansen (Actor, Winter Club Colours (2012))
Cristian Valerio (Actor, Verdad o Reto (2016))
Christian Valerius (Actor, Rosas Welt - 70 neue Filme von Rosa von Praunheim (2012))
Cristian Valeri (Camera Department, Narcissus (2015))
Christian Valery (Actor, Les prédateurs (2007))
Valeriane Friederich (Special Effects, Asterix and Obelix vs. Caesar (1999))
Valerie Chiang (Producer, The Road from Home (2013))
Valerie Diane Vaughn (Actress, The Lucky One (2012))
Valerie Julian (Actress, Caged Hearts (1996))
Valerie Ianniello
Valerie O'Brian (I) (Actress, Ladyhawke (1985))
Valerie Sangiuliano (Actor, Directors on Directing (2014))
Valeri Egikian (Visual Effects, Ogre (2008))
Valerie Fasciano (Actress, Mantis (2005))
Valerie Gostanian (Self, Video Album 5: The Thursday People (1987))
Valerie Hagopian (Self, Untamed & Uncut (2008))
Valerie Ianello (Editor, A Gentle Walk (2009))
Valerie Badalian (Make Up Department, Away We Go (2009))
Valerie O'Brian (II) (Costume Department, Wedlock (1991))
Valerie Templier-Destin (Producer, Take Two (2014))
Anne-Valerie Tremblay (Visual Effects, Slither (2006))
Valerie Thom-Whelpley (Actress, Sled (2010))
Valerie Lenora Portia (Producer, The Bouncer (2012))
Cristiana Cella Valerio (Writer, Vivere (1999))
Valerie Roumiantseva
Valerie 'Top Hat Girl' Syverson (Miscellaneous, Resonance (2010))
Valerie Mickaelian Kucera (Miscellaneous, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989))