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Lisa Darr (Actress, This Is 40 (2012))
Lisa Darrough (Music Department, Twirl (2012))
Lisa Darrow
Lisa Davis (I) (Actress, 101 Dalmatians (1961))
Lisa Datz (Actress, Time Out of Mind (2014))
Lisa Day (I) (Editor, White Fang (1991))
Lisa Dare (Editorial Department, Bad Brains: A Band in DC (2012))
Lisa D'Amato (Self, America's Next Top Model (2003))
Lisa Danielle (Actress, Spider-Man (2002))
Lisa Daniely (Actress, The Invisible Man (1958))
Lisa Dapolito (Actress, Goodfellas (1990))
Lisa Dalton (Stunts, Splash (1984))
Lisa Darcy (Costume Department, Grindstone Road (2008))
Lisa D'Arcy (Costume Department, Schitt's Creek (2015))
Lisa Daniels (I) (Actress, 101 Dalmatians (1961))
Isadar (Composer, ISADAR - Video Collection: Volume 1, Disc 1 (2008))
Lisa Dapprich (Actress, Dealing (2014))
Lisa Davis (XXIII)
Lisa Davidson (VII) (Art Director, Almost Married (2014))
Lisa Davis (XXX)
Melisa Darga (Miscellaneous, Chevelle: Any Last Words (2011))
Lisa Darden (I) (Actress, For da Love of Money (2002))
Lisa Darlene (Make Up Department, Wasted (2005))
Lisa Darden (II) (Actress, Stella's Last Weekend (2018))
Lisa Day (II) (Miscellaneous, The Core (2003))
Lisa Dahl (Actress, Blodsbånd (1998))
Lisa Davis (VI) (Costume Department, Anomalisa (2015))
Melissa d'Arabian (Self, Ten Dollar Dinners (2009))
Lisa Dane (Casting Department, The Blair Witch Project (1999))
Lisa Dawn Miller (Soundtrack, When Comedy Went to School (2013))
Melissa Darman
Lisa David (I) (Actress, Supply & Demand (1997))
Lisa Davidson (I) (Miscellaneous, I Am Legend (2007))
Lisa Danne (Actress, Deathmaster - Der blutige Schatten (2005))
Lisa Daly (I) (Visual Effects, Crazy Love (2007))
Alisa Dane (Make Up Department, Vampire-Killing Prostitute (2015))
Elisa Díaz (II) (Actress, Museo Coconut (2010))
Lisa Davey (II) (Self, Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two (2004))
Lisa Davis (XXXIV) (Self, The Steve Katsos Show (2009))
Lisa Davis (XIV) (Actress, Flesh Pit (2004))
Malisa Day
Lisa Davis (XVI) (Actress, Playboy Video Centerfold: Playmate of the Year Karen McDougal (1998))
Lisa Davis (XV) (Miscellaneous, Mother, Mother (1989))
Lisa Daily (II) (Make Up Department, Kate Plus 8 (2010))
Lisa Davis (XX) (Actress, Dallas (1978))
Lisa Davis (V) (Stunts, Amistad (1997))
Elisa Díaz (I) (Miscellaneous, Cuestion de suerte (1988))
Lisa David (IV) (Miscellaneous, Two Toledos (2006))
Lisa Dayan (Art Department, The Immigrant (2013))
Lisa Davis (XXVII) (Actress, Fever Dreams (2012))
Lisa Davis (XXI) (Casting Department, Rosa Peligrosa (2003))
Lisa Davis (XI) (Art Department, Get Well Soon (2001))
Lisa Daly (III) (Actress, Happy Birthday, Dear Universe (2012))
Lisa Davin
Lisa Davis (VIII) (Art Department, Blue's Clues (1996))
Lisa Davie (Actress, Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager (2006))
Lisa Davis (VII) (Miscellaneous, The Three Musketeers (1993))
Lisa Daily (I) (Self, 'Hitch': The Dating Experts (2005))
Lisa Danz (Costume Designer, Friends of the Bride (2012))
Lisa Davey (I) (Miscellaneous, Jack's Birthday (2009))
Lisa Davis (XVII) (Actress, Blue's Clues (1996))
Lisa Dante (Actress, The Marvelous Land of Oz (1981))
Lisa Daum
Lisa David (V) (Writer, Diana (1973))
Lisa Daly (IV) (Editorial Department, It Happened Here (2014))
Lisa Davis (XXXII) (Make Up Department, The Rangers (2016))
Lisa Davis (XXXV) (Self, Extra (1994))
Lisa Davis (XXXVIII) (Actor, Now We Kill (2016))
Lisa Davis (XXXVI) (Art Department, The Adventures of Pete & Pete (1992))
Lisa Dang (Actor, Zombie Beach (2010))
Lisa Davis (XXVI) (Self, Fastwalkers (2006))
Lisa David (VI) (Actress, Hoop@Home (2015))
Lisa Davis (II) (Actress, Edge of Sanity (1989))
Lisa Davis (XXXI) (Composer, Cookies for Callie (2004))
Lis Adams (Actress, Unspoken (2004))
Lisa Davis (XXVIII)
Lisa Davis (XXV) (Miscellaneous, Highpoint (1982))
Lisa Davis (IX) (Miscellaneous, Nursie (2004))
Elisa Daus (I) (Make Up Department, The Contract (2016))
Lisa Davis (XXXVII) (Actress, The Bounty Killers Part 1 (in development))
Lisa Davis (IV) (Editorial Department, Fantasia 2000 (1999))
Lisa Davis (XXII) (Transportation Department, The 10th Annual Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards (2005))
Lisa Davis (XXXIII) (Self, A Healthy You & Carol Alt (2013))
Lisa Davis (XVIII) (Miscellaneous, Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde (2003))
Elisa Daus (II) (Make Up Department, The Double Cross (2017))
Lisa David (II) (Miscellaneous, The Arrival (1996))
Lisa Davis (XIX) (Miscellaneous, Ascension (2008))
Lisa Dank (Self, Evergreen: The Road to Legalization (2013))
Lisa Dacis (Editorial Department, Ticker (2001))
Lisa Daly (II) (Make Up Department, Trick or Treat (2012))
Lisa David (III) (Miscellaneous, The Chicken Chronicles (1977))
Ali Sadan (Actor, Seyyit Han: Topragin Gelini (1968))
Elisa Díaz (III) (Casting Department, Ocho apellidos vascos (2014))
Lisa Dalin (Actress, Calle Schewens vals (1987))
Lisa Dabao (Producer, Volkswagen Golf VII: One Thing (2012))
Lisa Davis (XIII) (Miscellaneous, Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers (2006))
Lisa Davis (XXIX)
Lisa Davis (XXIV) (Actress, Ungreetable (2008))
Lisa Danna (Miscellaneous, Whisper (2007))
Lisa Dampt (Actress, Tonnerre (2013))
Lisa Davis (X) (Camera Department, Murdered Innocence (1996))
Lisa Davis (III) (Actress, Roommates (1995))
Louisa D'Arcy (Art Department, The Windsors (2016))
Lisa Dalbello (Actress, Melanie (1982))
Lisa Dahling (Actress, Snow Dogs (2002))
Lisa Daniels (VI) (Actress, Deep in the Valley (2009))
Lisa Dawn Tynes (Visual Effects, Titanic (1997))
Lisa Daniel (Miscellaneous, Tatsumi (2011))
Elisa Davis (I) (Actress, Four Mists (2008))
Phyllis Adair (Actress, Billy the Kid's Fighting Pals (1941))
Lisa Daintry (Actress, Staff Room (2014))
Sadarias Harrell (Actor, Geostorm (2017))
Lisa Darsonval (Writer, Push Play (2009))
Lisa Dareen Taylor (Actress, Fever (2002))
Isadora Darke (Costume Department, Heart of Nowhere (2013))
Marisa Darabi (Actress, D for Docs (2017))
Alexis Adara
Lisa Daniels (III) (Actress, MSNBC Live (1996))
Lisa Damato (Costume Department, SpongeBob SquarePants (1999))
Lisa Dascoli (Actor, Pioneers and Heroes: A Documentary on the History of the Medical Profession in New Jersey (2012))
Melissa Darch (I) (Actress, Click to Play (2011))
Melissa Darby (Visual Effects, Titanic (1997))
Melissa Darch (II) (Actor, Space Town (2015))
Melissa D'Arcy (Actress, Jack Said (2009))
Lisa Daftari (Self, Fox and Friends (1998))
Elissa D'Arrigo (Actress, Ms .45 (1981))
Lisa Davidson (IV) (Miscellaneous, The Way We Were: Looking Back (1999))
Mellisa Davis (II) (Actress, Blood on the Highway (2008))
Lisa Davies (VII) (Sound Department, Crossing the Line (2005))
Lisa Daurio (Producer, Leaving Vogue Moran (2016))
Lisa Dahlgren
Lisa Da Boit (Actress, Round the Moons Between Earth and Sea (1997))
Lisa Davoodi (Producer, Ellie (2016))
Lisa Davies (III) (Actress, Broken Vessels (1998))
Lisa Davies (VIII)
Lisa Davies (XIII) (Actor, Good Luck Marc (2017))
Lisa Damerell (Editorial Department, Death and Jane (2010))
Phyllis Adams (I) (Miscellaneous, Bloodhounds of Broadway (1989))
Vangelis Adam (Actor, Apousies (1987))
Lisa Dallos (Miscellaneous, The Campaign Trail to the Road to the White House: Storytellers (2000))
Lisa D'Antonio (Stunts, Refuge (2010))
Alisa Danley (Miscellaneous, PEI Kids: Generation Change (2017))
Lisa Dalhouse (Self, Project Runway All Stars (2012))
Delisa Dabney (I)
Lisa Dawson (II)
Lisa D'Abrosca (Actress, Silent Times (2018))
Melisa Dahl (Self, Trekkies (1997))
Elisa Daniel (II) (Assistant Director, My Lonely Christmas in Berlin (2017))
Lisa Daniels (VII) (Actress, Bloody Mary (2011))
Alisa Daglio (Director, Cookie Cutter Killer: Head Over Heels (2013))
Dlisa Davies (Self, Burn Motherfucker, Burn! (2017))
Lisa Davies (XI) (Producer, Off-Trac (2015))
Lisa Danell (Make Up Department, Se mig (2015))
Elisa Davies (Costume Department, Gabriel (2007))
Lisa D. Austin (Actress, The Chilling (1989))
D'Lisa Davis (Self, Unsung (2008))
Mihalis Adam (Producer, Poios ti zoi mou... (2014))
Willis Adams (Self, The NFL on NBC (1965))
Lisa & David Ulm
Jalisa Davis (Actress, Ghost Image (2007))
Elisa da Costa (Art Director, Ipso facto (2003))
Lisa Davidson (V) (Producer, Ivory Wars (2013))
Lisa Davies (II) (Miscellaneous, Prey of the Chameleon (1992))
Lisa Davidson (III) (Assistant Director, James and the Giant Peach (1996))
Lisa Dawson (III)
Phyllis Adams (II) (Writer, Home (1954))
Elisa Da Prato (Editor, Keep Dancing (2009))
Lisa D'Addieco (Actress, Here the Vulture Waits (2014))
Elisa Daniels (I) (Producer, It's a Boy! (2016))
Elisa D'Agati (Actress, Embassy (1985))
Lisa Davanzo
Lisa Daniele
Elisa Davis (II) (Make Up Department, Doctors (2000))
Elisa D'Angelo (II) (Editor, Sign Here (2007))
Saïd Aït Ali Saïd (Camera Department, Loubia hamra (2013))
Lisa Davila (Miscellaneous, Without a Clue (1988))
Lisa Dalgaard (Thanks, Harley Davidson: The Spirit of America (2005))
Alisa Damaso (Director, Jealous Guys (2012))
Lisa D'Aguilar (Actress, You, Me and the Kids (1998))
Lisa Davies (IV) (Miscellaneous, Independent Lens (1999))
Lisa Davies (IX) (Actress, A Mind to Kill (1994))
Delisa Dabney (II) (Producer, A Million Dead Presidents (2016))
Lisa D'Apolito
Mellisa Davis (I) (Actor, Eighteen (2011))
Lisa Daniels (IX)
Elisa D'Amico (Actress, Imperium: Nerone (2004))
Lisa Damour (Self, CBS This Morning (2012))
Lisa Sadanah (Costume Department, Roar (2014))
Lisa D'Amelio
Lisa Davies (X) (Miscellaneous, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (2000))
Lisa D'Avignon (Actress, Covergirl (1984))
Lisa Dasteel (Miscellaneous, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988))
Elisa David (Art Department, Risk (1993))
Lisa Daniels (VIII) (Actress, Juke Box Hero (2017))
Malisa Davis (Actress, Scratches (2013))
Elisa D'Angelo (I) (Special Effects, Baarìa (2009))
Lisa Dazols (Cinematographer, Out & Around (2015))
Lisa Davies (V) (Actress, Don't Worry About Me (2009))
Elisa Daniel (I) (Actress, Dances with Wolves (1990))
Lisa Davidsen (Actor, Suicide Service (2017))