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Cady McClain (Actress, All My Children (1970))
Woody McClain (Actor, The New Edition Story (2017))
Jenny McClain (I) (Actress, Dysfunctional (in development))
Judy McClain (Visual Effects, Life of Pi (2012))
Karen Y. McClain (Actress, But Now I See (2013))
Kelly McClain (I) (Actress, MacGyver (1985))
Cody McClain (Actor, Susanne and the Man )
Leroy McClain (Actor, The Adjustment Bureau (2011))
Ebony McClain (Producer, The Real (2013))
Billy McClain (Actor, Undercurrent (1946))
Troy McClain (I) (Self, Miss World 2004 (2004))
Wendy McClay (Set Decorator, Faith (1997))
Kenny McClain (Actor, Big Bag of $ (2009))
Casey McClain (Visual Effects, Snitch (2013))
Charly McClain (Self, Johnny Cash and the Country Girls (1981))
Jerry McClain (II) (Miscellaneous, Sisters of Death (1976))
Peggy McClain (II) (Producer, The Inspector, the Lady & the Thief (2014))
Amy McClain (Actress, Bandwagon (1996))
Troy McClain (II) (Self, WWE NXT (2010))
Danny McClain (Soundtrack, Watsky: Tiny Glowing Screens Part 3 (2016))
Kelly McClain (II) (Make Up Department, The Hoodwink (2006))
Gary McClain (Transportation Department, Battle Los Angeles (2011))
Larry McClain (Camera Department, Farm Aid 2014 (2014))
Kelly McClain (III) (Producer, The Inspector, the Lady & the Thief (2014))
Peggy McClain (I) (Costume Designer, The Cabin (1998))
Mary McClain (Self, Free Show Tonite (1984))
Stacy McClain (Producer, Del Taco: New Handcrafted Ensaladas (2015))
Lexy McClain (Special Effects, The Town in the Middle of Nowhere )
Jay McClain (Transportation Department, Day One (2015))
Ray McClain
Antsy McClain (Writer, Antsy McClain and Joe Craven Live (2014))
Cathy McClain (Self, The Critical Hour: Shock Trauma (2004))
Robby McClain (Camera Department, Trucker's Woman (1975))
Jerry McClain (I) (Soundtrack, Happy Days (1974))
Holly McClain (Production Manager, Island Life (2015))
Katy McClain (Actress, Q.L.U.E: The Forgotten Man Part One (2013))
Randy McClairen Jr. (Actor, Remember Me (2017))
Stacey McClain (I) (Miscellaneous, The Parkers (1999))
Johnny McClain (Actor, In the House (1995))
Tracey McClain (Writer, Martini Man (2017))
Courtney McClain (I) (Costume Department, The Wolf of Wall Street (2013))
Jeremy McClain (II) (Actor, Wasteland (2015))
Timothy McClain (Actor, Yeller (2011))
Rodney McClain
Chauncey McClain (Self, Buckle Brothers (2005))
Geoffrey McClain (Actor, Rough Cut (2014))
Courtney McClain (II) (Actress, Caleb a Living Miracle (2017))
Anthony McClain
Lindsay McClain (Actress, Q.L.U.E: The Forgotten Man Part Two (2014))
Jeffery McClain (Actor, Slumber Party (2005))
Erica Shelby McClain (I) (Director, Miles Farley Trailer (2014))
Stacey McClain (II) (Self, Soul Train (1971))
Erica Shelby McClain (II) (Writer, Miles Farley Trailer (2014))
Jeremy McClain (I) (Transportation Department, My Blueberry Nights (2007))
'T.J.' Jimmy McClaine (Actor, Certain Fury (1985))
Gregory McClain (Producer, Driving Humanity (2016))
Madison McClain
Gary McClain Gannaway (Producer, Virgin Cheerleaders in Chains )
Casey McClain Porbran