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David Patrick Kelly (Actor, Twin Peaks (2017))
David Kelly (I) (Actor, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005))
Holly Davidson (III) (Actress, Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj (2006))
Kelly David (Miscellaneous, Forgetting the Girl (2012))
Kelly Davis (XI) (Actress, The Gallows (2015))
Kelly Davis (XXX) (Production Designer, .generation (2016))
Kelly Davis (XIII) (Costume Department, From a Whisper to a Scream (1987))
Kelly Davis (V) (Producer, Lost Boys of Sudan (2003))
Kelly Davis (XIV)
Kelly Davis (VII) (Miscellaneous, Late Night with Conan O'Brien: 10th Anniversary Special (2003))
Kelly Davis (XXXII) (Actress, Pokemon: The Legend of Thunder (2001))
Kelly Davis (XXXI) (Director, A Craftsman's Legacy (2014))
Kelly Davis (IX)
Kelly Davis (I) (Editor, Eye Candy (2002))
Kelly Davis (XVII) (Production Manager, Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School (2007))
Kelly Davie (Camera Department, Hamlet's Ghost (2015))
Kelly Davis (XXII) (Transportation Department, Terminal Error (2002))
Kelly Davis (IV) (Actress, Battling Beauties (1983))
Kelly Davis (XXIII) (Art Department, Killing Winston Jones (2018))
Kelly Davis (XII) (Miscellaneous, The Einstein Factor (2004))
Kelly Davis (XXIX) (Actress, Parked (2016))
C. Kelly Davis (Sound Department, Head Above Water (1993))
Kelly Davis (VIII) (Assistant Director, My Yacht (2006))
Kelly Davis (XXXIV) (Art Director, Death in a Dumpster: The Musical (2015))
Kelly Davis (XXIV) (Actress, New in November 2011 (2012))
Kelly Davis (XXI) (Miscellaneous, Boone Style (2005))
Kelly Davis (XV) (Actor, Bahid (2002))
Kelly Davis (XX) (Costume Department, The Hunger Games (2012))
Kelly Davis (XXXIII) (Editorial Department, The Universe (2007))
Kelly Davis (VI) (Editorial Department, My Fair Brady (2005))
Kelly Davis (XIX) (Actor, Philter (2012))
Kelly Davies (I) (Production Manager, Sports Jobs with Junior Seau (2009))
Kelly Davis (III) (Actress, Halifax f.p. (1994))
Kelly Davis (XVI) (Producer, The Universe (2007))
Kelly Davis (XXVI) (Actress, Vineland (2016))
Kelly Davis (XXVIII)
Kelly Davis (X) (Miscellaneous, Tales of Symphonia (2003))
Kelly Davis (II) (Actress, The Christmas Angel: A Story on Ice (1998))
Kelly Davies (II) (Animation Department, Raven Steals the Light (2016))
Kelly Davis (XVIII) (Producer, Down to the Wood (2009))
Kelly Davis (XXV) (Actor, Stranded Blown and Tied Together (2013))
David O'Kelly (Actor, The Illusionist (2006))
David Hallyday (Actor, Hallyday par Johnny (2000))
Helen Kelly Davis (Writer, EW/Road to Ether (2015))
Molly David (Actress, Monkey Trouble (1994))
David P. Kelly (Producer, De dominee (2004))
David Skelly (Director, Splash and Bubbles (2016))
Kelly Davidson (I) (Music Department, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (2010))
Kelly Davidson (V) (Miscellaneous, 2nd Generation (2016))
Kelly Davidson (II) (Cinematographer, Magnetic (2015))
Helen Kelly David (Writer, EW/Road to Ether (2015))
Kelly David Parker
Kelly Davidson (IV) (Miscellaneous, Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th (2013))
Kelly Davidson (III) (Make Up Department, The Scarehouse (2014))
Kelly Davey (Miscellaneous, The Saddle Club (2001))
Milly David (Miscellaneous, Power of the Sea Aka Navy Hardam Tayyar (2002))
Olly Davidson (Art Department, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016))
Billy David (Actor, Ang panggagahasa kay Fe (2009))
Holly Davidson (II)
Shelly Davis (III) (Actress, The Legend (2004))
Shelly Davis (IV) (Actress, The Persistence of Memory (2014))
A. Shelly Davis (Self, Mark My Words (2010))
Shelly Davis (II) (Actress, Review with Myles Barlow (2008))
Shelly Davis (I) (Actress, The Love God? (1969))
David James Kelly (I) (Writer, The Deep Blue Good-By (in development))
Kelly Davis Wilson (Producer, Closing (2016))
Kelly Davis Wilson (Actress, Closing (2016))
Annmarie Kelly Davis (Actress, Evangeline: The Musical in Concert (2000))
David Kelly (XIII) (Cinematographer, Doom House (2005))
Aralelly Davidson (Actress, Mister Lonely (2007))
Shelly Davidov
Shelly David Wright (Actor, The Jack of Spades (2010))
Davida Kelly (Actress, Freakonomics (2010))
David Kelly (XXVI) (Actor, La souris du Père Noël (1991))
David Kelly (II) (Actor, The Langoliers (1995))
Billy Davidson (I) (Actor, Pelet kuntilanak (2011))
David Kelly Design (Animation Department, The Abyss (1989))
David O'Kelley (Actor, Zombie Strippers (2008))
Jeffrey David Kelly
David Kelly (XLIII)
David Kelly (XXI) (Sound Department, Shoot the Moon (2009))
David Kelly (XVIII) (Camera Department, Empire (2008))
David Kelly (XXXVI) (Actor, Wild Eyes: The Abby Sunderland Story (2011))
David Kelly (LXII) (Visual Effects, The Mermaid (2016))
David Kelly (IV) (Self, Late Show with David Letterman (1993))
David Kelly (XLIV) (Art Department, Les Misérables (2012))
David Kelly (LXVIII) (Actor, Shoot to Kill (2017))
David Kelly (XLII) (Actor, Young Blood: Evil Intentions (2012))
David A. Kelly (II) (Self, THS Investigates: Cults, Religion & Mind Control (2008))
David Kelly (LV) (Editor, Au P'tit Bonheur (2012))
David.C. Kelly (Composer, King Jeff (2009))
David Kelly (XLV) (Actor, Run Stinky Run (2013))
David Kelly (XL) (Director, Platform 3 (2011))
David Kelly (V) (Actor, The Beggar's Opera (1963))
Kelly McDavid (III) (Actress, Charleston Legal: Laws of Nature (2016))
David B. Kelly
David Kelly (XLIX) (Self, On the Money (2005))
David Kelly (XXXVII) (Soundtrack, Hidden Figures (2016))
David Kelly (XII)
David Kelly (LX) (Sound Department, Crab Orchard (2005))
David Kelly (XVI) (Assistant Director, The A-Team (1983))
Kelly McDavid (I) (Actress, Fractured Minds (2011))
David Kelly (XXVIII) (Cinematographer, Hearts & Minds (2009))
David Kelly (XLVI) (Actor, The Angel Inn (2013))
David Kelly (LXI) (Actor, Space People (2016))
David Kelly (XXXIV) (Producer, Old Man Flying Machine (2009))
Kelly McDavid (II) (Self, 60 Minutes Sports (2013))
David Kelly (X) (Actor, Birds of Prey (1985))
David Kelly (XLI) (Self, Crossing Bhutan (2016))
David Kelly (XLVIII) (Composer, Shepard's County (2013))
David Kelly (LXIX) (Sound Department, Tomb Raider: Fan Film (2017))
David Kelly (XLVII) (Editor, At This Moment (2009))
David Kelly (XXX) (Actor, Animated Stories from the Bible (1987))
David M. Kelly (I) (Producer, Loves Me Loves Me Not (1999))
David Kelly (LXVI) (Camera Department, Sucks Less with Kevin Smith (2006))
David Kelly (LI) (Actor, Batman's Day Off (2011))
David Kelly (XVII)
David Kelly (VI) (Location Management, Diamond's Edge (1988))
David Kelly (XXXVIII) (Composer, Haley (2011))
David Kelly (XI) (Miscellaneous, In Blood (2002))
David Kelly (III) (Camera Department, John Q (2002))
David Kelly (LXIII) (Miscellaneous, Out of This World (1987))
David Kelly (LIX) (Actor, A Printshop Spectacular (2015))
David Kelly (XXIX) (Production Designer, The Jenny McCarthy Show (1997))
David Kelly (IX) (Editor, Pros and Ex-Cons (2005))
David Kelly (XXXIX) (Soundtrack, Waterloo Road (2006))
David Kelly (XXVII) (Sound Department, Tag (2009))
David Kelly (VIII) (Miscellaneous, Saving Private Ryan (1998))
David Kelly (XXII) (Sound Department, Loaded (2007))
David Kelly (LVI) (Sound Department, Arcadia (2012))
David Kelly (XXIII) (Miscellaneous, Diamond Stud (1970))
David Kelly (XXXII) (Actor, How to Be (2008))
David A. Kelly (I) (Actor, Naked Campus (1982))
David Kelly (XIX) (Sound Department, Diner: On the Flip Side (2000))
David Kelly (XXIV) (Actor, Laughing Stock (2005))
David Kelly (XV) (Actor, The Battle of Marks' Mill (2005))
David Kelly (LVIII) (Self, 60 Minutes (1968))
David Kelly (XXXI) (Sound Department, Women of Desire (1967))
David Kelly (L) (Actor, LEGO Lord of the Rings: Two Towers in Two Minutes (2012))
David Kelly (LII) (Actor, Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door (2015))
David Kelly (XXXV) (Composer, The Wave (2011))
David Kelly (LIV) (Actor, The Office Picnic (1972))
David Kelly (XIV)
David Kelly (XXV) (Art Department, The Walker (2007))
David Kelly (VII) (Miscellaneous, Flick (2000))
David McKelly (Actor, Disconnected (2006))
David Kelly (LIII) (Composer, LIGO: A Passion for Understanding (2014))
David Kelly (XXXIII) (Self, Stage 5 (2009))
David Kelly (XX) (Actor, Deep Jaws (1976))
David M. Kelly (II) (Production Manager, Allen True's West (2009))
David Kelly (LXVII)
David Kelly (LVII) (Actor, The Bag Lady (2016))
Polly Davidson (Miscellaneous, Doctor Who (1963))
Molly Davidson (Self, Ripley's Believe It or Not! (1999))
Sally Davidson (Actress, Police Crop: The Winchester Conspiracy (1990))
Holly Davidson (IV) (Producer, The House of Divas )
Billy Davidson (II) (Director, Donna (2013))
Billy David Sosa (Cinematographer, It's Just Business (2012))
Tully Davidson (Composer, [Insert Words Here] (2014))
David Michael Kelly (Camera Department, Ranam (2017))
William 'Telly' Davis (Transportation Department, Perfect Stranger (2007))
David 'SillyDave; Scarcella (Actor, Lucky - or Not? (2005))
David Ned Kelly (Art Department, Guardians of the Galaxy (2014))
David Blake Kelly (Actor, Treasure Island (1950))
David Brian Kelly (Composer, Total Drama (2007))
Tim David Kelly (Music Department, Overhaulin' (2004))
Malcolm David Kelly
Sean David Kelly (Producer, Lego Friends (2014))
David Miskelly (Transportation Department, Game of Thrones (2011))
David John Kelly (Actor, Sacrament (2011))
David R. Kelly Jr.
David Kelly Crow (Camera Department, Breezin' with Bierman: Winter Solstice Special II (2013))
David Dorman-Kelly (Camera Department, I Am Gangster (2015))
Tom Davidson Kelly (Self, Time Team (1994))
John David Kelly (Actor, Little Monsters (2014))
David James Kelly (IV) (Editorial Department, Sunshine Cleaning (2008))
David Morris Kelly (Producer, The Cake Eaters (2007))
David Custer Kelly (Actor, MacArthur (1977))
David Ryan Kelly Jr. (Camera Department, The Trio of Minuet (2003))
David Orace Kelly (Actor, Class Dismissed (2014))
David Christopher Kelly (Self, Anthrax War (2009))
Kirsteen Davidson-Kelly (Self, Candlebird (2016))