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Julie Christie (I) (Actress, Doctor Zhivago (1965))
Julianne Christie (Actress, The Nutty Professor (1996))
Julie Christiansen (II) (Actress, Borgen (2010))
Christophe Julien (Composer, 9 mois ferme (2013))
Julie Christie Carlson (Casting Department, The Trouble with Dee Dee (2005))
Julie Christie (II) (Producer, The Tattooist (2007))
Christine Julien (Actress, Mylène Farmer: Pourvu qu'elles soient douces (Libertine II) (1989))
Julie Christine (Actress, Activate (2017))
Julie-Christie Neal (Self, Without Prejudice? (2007))
Julie Christie (V) (Miscellaneous, The Great Food Race (2014))
Julie Christie (VI) (Actress, Some Days Are Bad (2009))
Julie Christie (III) (Writer, Red Hook (2012))
Julie Christie (IV) (Actress, Veludo e Cacos-de-Vidro (2004))
Julie Christy (II) (Actress, Centrespread (1981))
Julie Christine Hill (Actress, Fear Factor (2001))
Julia Christie (Miscellaneous, The Armor of Light (2015))
Julie Christie T. Cantos (Make Up Department, Survivor Philippines (2008))
Julie Christina (Actress, Always Say Goodbye (1997))
Christian Julien (III) (Composer, Le Resistant Inconnu (1996))
Christian Julien (II) (Art Department, Navarro (1989))
Christian Julien (I) (Actor, D'amour et d'eau fraîche (2010))
Julie Christianson (Composer, Raw Tunes (1985))
Julie Christiansen (I) (Miscellaneous, Strong Medicine (2000))
Julie Christy (I) (Actress, Faraway Hill (1946))
Julie-Christian Young (Actress, Hi-de-Hi! (1980))
Julia Christie Othmer (Actress, C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America (2004))
Julien-Christian Docin (Writer, Crime d'amour (1997))
Julie-Christine Parent (Sound Department, TS: Travailleur social (2010))
Julie Christina Ortiz (Actor, John and Mary (2010))
Julie Christin Larsen (Editor, Du kan beholde Zhang Li (2017))
Julie Christine Snell
Julie Christine Castle (Actress, Bloodlines (2015))
Julie Christina Grant
Julie Overgaard Christiensen (I) (Art Department, Sjit Happens (2012))
Julie Overgaard Christiensen (II) (Art Department, Sjit Happens (2012))
Julie Christy Murray (Actress, Mausoleum (1983))